Weird & mysterious beeps in my Thar: Trying to figure out the cause

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They certainly went away after the car was restarted, but I hope this does not become a regular thing.

BHPian Dr.AD recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

While all is well on the Thar, I did have my first real niggle that made me worried for a bit. All of a sudden, when all else was alright, for apparently no reason, my Thar made some weird beeps. And as mysteriously as the beeps came, they disappeared too.

Below are the details.

My wife and I drove to one place in Thar, and it was all fine. We parked the Thar, and were away for about two hours. When we returned and started driving back home, after about 4 to 5 minutes in the drive, all of a sudden some weird beeps started coming from (apparently) the instrument panel. There were no error messages whatsoever in the MID. The beeps were also very different from any other audio alarm or chime I have ever heard in the car.

Here are some relevant points to clarify that no other known issues/possibilities exist:

  1. All doors were properly locked and this was not a door ajar chime.
  2. There was absolutely no error message or any other warning light whatsoever on the MID.
  3. I checked the history of errors using OBD and there is no error logged.
  4. My wife was sitting on the passenger seat and both my wife and I had seatbelts fastened as we always do, without fail! This is anyway not the seatbelt warning chime (that has a different tone).
  5. The handbrake was properly released, and this was not the handbrake on the chime too.
  6. TPMS showed that all tyre pressures were normal and this was not a TPMS error.
  7. The engine temperature was normal (about halfway on the gauge), and the fuel level was about 50% too.
  8. I checked my phone too in case the beeps were from the phone. No, there was nothing on the phone, and the beeps were not from the phone. The phone was connected to the car by Bluetooth (I was NOT using Android Auto at that time), but all was normal on the phone too.
  9. The weird, unidentified beeps lasted for about 20 seconds, went away, and came back again every 4 to 5 minutes, at a very regular interval. This pattern lasted in that drive which was about 20 minutes.
  10. I came home and waited in the parked car (engine running) to check if the beeps came when the car was stationary and in P. They did continue to come every 4 to 5 minutes even when I waited in the parked car. I double-checked all errors/warnings possibilities when I waited there, and still saw nothing else was wrong.
  11. After I switched off the engine, went home, and started the car the next day, all was normal. No beeps. I drove the car a few more times since then, and the beeps never came back. They disappeared mysteriously, just as they appeared mysteriously.
  12. Later I remembered this had happened once in the past too, but that time, this weird beep came only once and went away (it was not this periodic pattern that time). Since it was a one-off beep at that time, I ignored it and did not think much of that later. But this second time, it was a periodic pattern that repeated every few minutes on that specific drive back home.

I do not have a sharable recording of my own of these beeps, but on searching on the net, found that a few other owners have experienced this too.

Here is one YouTube video (note: this is NOT my video. This is of someone else who had the same beeps) showing the exact same beeps that I had.

And on Google search, found someone mentioned this on Reddit too.

One of the replies in this Reddit thread says that these sounds come randomly about once a month, and they go away after the car is restarted. In my case, they certainly went away after the car was restarted, but I hope this does not become a regular thing.

Any idea what this could be? Anyway, since the beeps are gone now, and everything seems fine, I am just using the car and did not go to the service centre. But if the beeps return, then certainly I will go to the service centre and ask them to check everything.

Any tips or ideas about this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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