Worth swapping Thar's hardtop to a convertible top, post-purchase?

I wanted a White Thar convertible, but it has been an eternal wait for it to arrive.

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Hey all, It has been an eternal wait for me as I hope for Mahindra to bring in an option of White with a Convertible Top option. However, after contacting Mahindra over mail and social media, I am less hopeful of getting any meaningful reply from them. It has been very frustrating as they didn’t call back even though they confirmed that they would have an answer by the next day.

Anyway, I have decided not to wait for their reply and with Mahindra reducing the colour option for CT from four to three, I don’t think they will introduce CT in White colour (though it will look smashing in that combo).

Now, after all the futile wait, I am thinking of getting a White D AT in the Hard Top and then getting the Hard Top replaced with a Convertible Top. I contacted Bimbra 4X4 Mumbai branch and they say they have the original Convertible Top from Mahindra available.

My query: has anyone swapped their Thar’s Hard Top with a Convertible? How was the fit finish? Is it recommended to get this done or should I go for a factory-fitted CT in a different colour?

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Factory fit is factory fit, nothing comes close.

The Thar's Convertible soft-top is brilliantly engineered. Takes ~10 minutes to open, max 15 to put back. No water leakages in the monsoon. I have opened & closed it 30 times and there is no wear & tear seen on it. The convertible top mechanism still works like a charm. There is flapping at speed, but it is controllable via an aftermarket hack (check my ownership review).

I doubt any aftermarket solution will come close to this. Although I love the many Bimbra parts in my car and am a fan of the brand, when it comes to the Convertible soft-top, they won't be able to match Mahindra's awesome execution.

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