Why I booked the Mahindra Scorpio-N Z4 Petrol

Almost all the features can be installed aftermarket nowadays, and personally I don't think the warranty claims on electronics are of much use.

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First of all, Thank You Team-BHP for accepting my request for membership

Coming back to Scorpio-N, I have carted in Z4 Petrol Manual (NCR 10 year limit comes into play). Auto was never my choice for the lack of control of the machine. The SUV has many positives as compared to negatives, it is class apart, but not in budget (as of now), you get lackluster engines and/or tin-shell designs from every other auto brand selling in this price bracket, indeed you'll get extra gimmicky features and better mileage, but these things won't help at the time of collision, god forbid if it happens.

Had a thought about the mileage factor among other things and luxuries (read gimmicks) a lot and I found:

1. The mileage issue goes away with the diesel options, with added benefit of power and torque.

2. You always get power at disposal, drive serenely and you can always fetch good mileage too. It can be manipulated by driving style, but power cannot be achieved the other way around.

3. Driving a smaller but feature loaded vehicle can be fun a few days, but driving, owning a big vehicle will always be more practical in terms of space, power, etc until the car's life.

4. Almost all the Features can be installed aftermarket nowadays, and personally I don't think the warranty claim on electronics are of much use.

Did a thorough checkup of the vehicle some days back, here are my Observations (and probable solutions to issues):

1. The Car IS HUGE [period] Feels like an actual D segment car (atleast by size)

2. Doors and Sheet quality is at par just like with any other latest Mahindra (wasn't able to open front passenger door the first time )

3. Bootspace, although not much with the 3 rows up, is not microscopic either, small strollers and shoulder bags can be fitted(fix: installing roof mounted career option will always be available)

4. Checked the tumbled down 3rd row seats, 50-50 split should've been given, the rear wheel well caves into the boot making the floor uneven (fix: a thin wooden board or solid cardboard with included brackets underneath to make it a flat boot. it can be extended till the tumbled 3rd row seats as well by lifting the 3rd row seats height a bit using fastners/washers etc.)

Increasing 3rd row height should make some more legroom for passengers which normally can fit upto 5.5ft person comfortably.

5. Similar issue with "Non-sliding" 2nd Row seats, shows complete ignorance by Mahindra in this field as well after the less-practical storage spaces within the SUV! C'mon Mahindra, at least improve these minor tweaks in your updated vehicles.(fix: I've researched about Universal Seat Channels/Sliders(refer video), this system should easily install atleast for the Captain 2nd Row Seats, and with some tweaks, in bench seats as well).

6. Had Mahindra provided Z4 petrol/diesel manual variant with ESC, Hill Hold as well, it would've been the most seller variant in their stable. Restricting these additional safety features exclusively for Z4 AT means they literally want to cash out the most from this variant in mid-range and will price accordingly. Anyways, Z4 still remains the most VFM variant.

A query though, as the deliveries will start from Aug-end - September, many people will get the vehicle post October(from where it is mandatory to provide 6 Airbags with the vehicle as standard), so persons choosing the variants having 2 airbags at the time of initial bookings, will they get upgraded 6 Airbags or 2?

Final verdict

  • The Practicality (Solid, Famous, Adequately Featured and DIY friendly vehicle),
  • Cost Equation (taking Introductory Price) compared with pseudo SUVs,
  • Growling Power (best in segment, and a segment above as well),
  • Improved Handling (as observed by many members),
  • Trusted Safety (as per recent track records of Indian Brands who really care!)
  • Less Delivery Time (hoping the new technique being pursued this time by Mahindra actually bears fruit)

Most of Mahindra vehicles are more a choice of heart than mind, and you care more the thing which you've decided with your heart, so don't hesitate to DIY/customize as per your taste because this vehicle have that potential. I hope all the members get under 25k limit

Possible Fixes for 2nd Row:

Video 1

Video 2

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