Why I switched from a Toyota Innova to the 2022 Maruti XL6

Reasonably priced MPV with all the safety features and good fuel efficiency.

BHPian drsarao recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I bought XL6 AT Alpha+ Grandeur Gray on 14 Jul 2022 (please note the date! Also billed on 13 Jul). Done mostly city driving till now. My previous vehicle was Innova (manual) which I owned for 15 years and sold recently because of the ban on petrol vehicles older than 15 years in Delhi.

Since I have now become a senior citizen, I do not feel the lack of 'punch' in XL6 acceleration visa vis Innova/other 'turbos'. It is the perfect vehicle for a sedate careful driver - which now I have become!

I plan to go for a road trip in this month and will update the highway experience.

This forum had been immensely helpful to me in deciding on an AT MPV. I switched from Innova to this for 2 main reasons - cost and FE.

The following points decided it for me:

  1. Reasonably priced MPV with all the safety features and good fuel consumption. I was not really impressed with the Smart Hybrid feature but Auto Engine off at signals is very good.
  2. Good height and space for a driver with 6-axis seat adjustments, steering tilt and telescoping. My height is 6 ft 2 inches with long legs.
  3. Vehicle height and stance are pretty good due to 16" wheels making ingress/egress easier.
  4. The door edge height is quite low (absent in Innova) compared to say Carens/Creta - this again makes it comfortable for older people to get in and out. The same goes for the Captain seats in the 2nd row and the really huge 2nd-row doors.
  5. Ventilated seats are heaven-sent for Delhi summers.
  6. All the control sticks, buttons, and cabin designs are almost a replica of Innova. No learning curve for me except graduating to AT from the manual which is a no-brainer after 5 minutes.
  7. Cruise control was something new for me. I used it once only in the city on a really long flyover to keep my speed constant at 60 km/h. There are multiple speed cameras and I had been challenged previously for over-speeding (63 KMPH!). I think this is a good use of cruise control.

Some observations:

  1. I am still getting used to the music system. I am no audiophile and I find the system quality serves my purpose.
  2. Suzuki Connect is a creepy feature. It logs all your trips!
  3. As per the manual, I should be able to get to Android auto using ONLY Bluetooth from an android phone. However, I need to connect thru a USB cable for this feature to work.
  4. Manual mentions the Smartplay Pro Sync app for updating the firmware. But I could not find it in Play Store.

I will raise these issues when I meet some 'engineers' in the workshop during the 1st service. The showroom staff is mostly clueless.This is my first post and I hope to be a reader and sometimes contributor to this vibrant ecosystem.

In my internet search, I in fact stumbled on an undocumented way to switch off the DRLs!

Though it is STRICTLY NOT RECOMMENDED due to safety reasons. But if you want to go in stealth mode for some reason then this might help.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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