Yamaha R15 V4.0: Lessons learnt after keeping my bike idle for long

Never keep your two-wheeler (especially bikes) completely covered for longer duration. Otherwise, rats will have a good time inside!

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I had recently enquired about the Michelin Road 5 rubbers for R15 v4. Approximated estimate came around 20k, which I thought is not feasible at the moment due to various reasons. If I can arrange the same for around 16k, I can think about it. Will keep everyone updated on this rubber upgrade soon! Currently, planning to live with the stock MRFs which has 5 minor punctures and 1 major mushroom puncture on the rear tire.

Update regarding the rat bite and the events that had followed which I have addressed in the previous post:


I got a call from the SA saying that the new wiring kit that had the 'ABS' error fault previouly has now been replaced with the new one. If complete payment is made from my pocket, they can close the job card and start a new one to begin with the 5th service which will be my first paid service. I had paid the advance of 5000/- initially, and the remaining amount was paid so that 5th service can be taken by them. Meanwhile, the newly fixed wiring kit was inspected by the New India Insurance personnel and I am awaiting for the claim amount to be credited. Invoice of the wiring kit replacement is as below:


Late evening, I got call from the SA, saying that the 5th service is done and if possible I can collect the vehicle the same day after a long parting with R15 for the last 4.5 months! Previous day, SA had asked me whether to change the chain sprocket as it has accumulated a lot of rust, I agreed to change if they had the parts in stock. Later, realised that a good chain clean and lube would have fixed the rusting. Nevermind, my OCD won! Below are the invoice from the 5th (paid) service:

Invoice snap 2

Now, coming to the few learnings and advise to fellow R15 (or any two-wheeler owners for that matter) owners through my experience:

  • Never keep your two-wheeler (especially bikes) completely covered for longer duration. Otherwise, rats will have a good time inside!
  • R15 v4 owners: if you had experienced your R15's battery getting drained when not used for more than 4 days, it is advised to disconnect the bluetooth transmittor located just below the pillion seat. My SA enlightened me saying this is the culprit that can drain the batteries! Unless you frequently use the Yamaha app, bluetooth can be disconnected.
  • If the two-wheeler is stored for long term, make sure the battery terminals are disconnected. Let the bike be parked in a well lit area to avoid rat infestation.
  • Finally, take good care of the bike, it will take good care of you!

After I got the bike from the ASC, I went on a night ride within Kasaragod city limits. Below are my observations:

  • Engine felt more smooth than before. I assume this might be because I got to ride the R15 after 4.5 months.
  • The tires lacked grip, as the R15 hardly clocked any kilometers in past few months. I assume the rubber might have got brittle/hard due to storage. It will be great if any expert can comment whether this is possible?
  • The pickup remained the same as before, no changes whatsoever.

In the first half of December, I have planned a ride to Goa for the India Bike Week 2023 which will be held on 08-09 December 2023. This will be my first solo long ride on the Kasaragod-Mangaluru-Goa Highway altogether and will also be a criteria for my rubber selection: whether to replace the 'aged' stock MRF tires or not.

Will either post the IBW 2023 event updates in this thread or maybe as a new Travelogue thread. Until then...

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