About Scale/ Diecast Models

Model cars catch the fancy of all car lovers. Every man cherishes memories of his childhood craze for dinky cars. Almost every boy owned a guarded and ever expanding collection of toy cars. This Team-BHP article will shed light on all that you wanted to know about model cars and did not know whom to ask. Brace yourself and get ready to be transported into the exciting world of model cars.

Numerous Scale options:
Model cars come in various scales. The most popular ones are 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64, the larger the scale – the higher the level of detail.

1:64 - Dinky Cars – the smallest:
These are well made toys that are not very detailed though at times the boot, hood or doors may open and close. Almost all vehicles are available in this scale. Specialised manufacturers include Majorette, Matchbox, Corgi, Mattel Hotwheels and Tomica.

1:43 and 1:24 cars for the average model collector:
These models are much bigger in size than the 1:64 models and can be classified as collectors’ items. Cars of all brands are available in these scales. The level of detail is much higher with features like opening doors, bonnets, boot and even a workable steering. Specialised manufacturers include Bburago, Maisto, Mattel and Matchbox.

1:18 – the crème de la crème for the serious adult collectors:
These cars are made with the utmost care and precision, and the attention to detail is highest. They are meant for those who have a passion for automotive art. These cars are the closest replica of a real car. The level of detailing extends to the engine components and even seat belts and carpeted flooring. These cars can be made only after obtaining an official license from the respective car manufacturers. The prototype is sent to the manufacturer for approval; once approved, the model is sent for mass producution. Specialised manufacturers include Bburago, Maisto, Mattel, U/T, Minichamps and Autoart.

Availability of scale model cars in India:
Scale models are available in hobby shops and departmental stores across India. They are also available in premiere shopping centres and special "model-car-only" shops e.g. Model Art (InOrbit Mall, Mumbai) that houses scale models from Bburago, Maisto, U/T, Kyosho and Autoart. Model cars can also be bought from over the Internet from websites such as Grand Prix Legends or Die Cast Legends. If you are lucky enough you can get a good deal on rare models on Ebay.

The Cost Factor:
Collecting model cars is an expensive hobby. A 1:18 model car can cost anywhere from INR 1,200 to INR 5,000. Exclusive cars like the Formula 1 models that are signed by the drivers cost as high as INR 10,000. Cars ordered from the Internet may have the additional cost of postage.

Scale Model cars - perfect replicas of the actual car. So real and detailed that you wish the little engine really started up. So what if you can’t afford the real car? You can always own the scale model of your favourite car at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Though a tad expensive its worth the money. Besides, you don’t have to worry about parking!

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