How to sell a *USED* car in India

The process of selling a car is not as complicated as one thinks. Let Team-BHP show you the "definitive" way of selling your car. Be sure to adhere to the following steps and you are guaranteed a smooth sales procedure.

STEP ONE : Before selling your car

  • Sell the car yourself: To fetch the best possible price. Private sales, in nearly all transactions, generate the maximum. Agents charge high brokerage fees (typically 2% of the selling price) while dealers will offer you a low price (only to profit from selling your car at a higher rate later). Use online classifieds such as on Team-BHP - The Definitive Indian Car Community - Home. 
  • In the advertisement: Include as many photographs as possible (atleast 5 – 10) from different angles. And as much information as possible on the car. Don’t exaggerate, yet put forth your car's advantages upfront (e.g. single owner, low mileage, original paint, high fuel efficiency, valid extended warranty cover, accident-free, garaged parking etc.). Preferably, don’t give out your home or office numbers. Best to communicate via cell phone with strangers. 
  • Service history: If you have the entire service history of the car (which you would as a Team-BHPian ), document the same into a neatly organized file. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for well-documented service histories. Include miscellany such as a valid battery warranty cards, the PUC certificate etc. 
  • Preparing your car: The first impression is the one that lasts, and a tidy car always fetches more money than one that's dirty. Clean the car inside out (don’t forget the boot and under the bonnet areas), top up all fluids and throw in an air-freshener. Have your car washed at a petrol pump for 300 bucks or, even better, professionally detailed for 1,000 – 2,000 rupees. Couple of bucks can go a long way, even something as minor as getting new mats for the car (500 bucks). Minor repairs must be taken care of (torn upholstery, broken lights, blown fuses, damaged sunfilm etc.). Remove all your personal belongings from the car and bring it up to "delivery condition". 
  • Asking Price: Set a realistic price to complete the sale quickly. Research the market and gauge the price that similar cars (in model, location, age, trim and mileage) are selling for. Too low is obviously not to your benefit, while too high a price might deter others from even calling you. In the same breath, we might add, leave a little room for bargaining (something that we Indians love!). Tip : Applying the American retail pricing style of a Rs “3,49,000” instead of “3,50,000” or “4,99,000” instead of “5,00,000” has proven results. 
  • Armed with information: Keep a link to your Team-BHP review ready (if uploaded) and email the link across, prior to the buyer seeing the car in person. Also communicate the following to the potential buyer before hand (will save the two of you a lot of time):

    -Year & Month of manufacture / registration
    -State / City of registration
    -Individual / Commercial lifetime tax
    -Number of owners
    -Insurance type (comprehensive / third party) & validity
    -Service history availability
    -Colour (interior & exterior)
    -Variant / Trim level
    -Kms covered
    -Accessories fitted
    -Reason for selling
    -If the price is negotiable (always is in India)

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