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I think many of the people are still living in the after effects of the event. I will start my version of report by today evening. Come on guys . Lets rock this thread. This event demands much more.

PS : In Monsoons this trails will be one hell of a trail. We will have to make it a two day trail with camping the middle ( With many monsters stuck :-) ) . That will be a different ball game together.
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.gif was not working here, so created a collage..

Name:  1.jpg
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Name:  Desktop.jpg
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Name:  Desktop1.jpg
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Name:  Desktop3.jpg
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Name:  IMG_5841.jpg
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Congratulations to the organizers and participants of the Banglore OTR.
A very well organized event, good Jeeps, numbers and terrain.
Amazing world class photo coverage by Mr. Rudra Sen, showing the angles and Jeeps in their best. (just can't expect anything less through his lens).

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Default Observations

Got some nice design cues from vijs vehicle,


OT- Arka sir, where are you, no comments from your side?
Attached Thumbnails
Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-img_5702.jpg  

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Mahindra Thar !!!!

Name:  IMG_5869.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5870.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5871.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5872.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5875.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5877.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5880.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5883.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5887.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5890.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5891.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5896.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5901.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5902.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5905.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5908.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5911.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5914.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5915.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5925.JPG
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Day 2 : Slush

Name:  Desktop.JPG
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Name:  Desktop1.JPG
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Name:  Desktop2.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5927.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5928.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5929.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5933.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5934.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5937.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5939.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5946.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5949.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5950.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5952.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5956.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5958.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5961.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5962.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5966.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5968.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5969.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5970.JPG
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Name:  IMG_5971.JPG
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Hats off to the Organisers for organising this mammoth task without any hitch. Would have loved to join, but had some other commitment. Looking forward to more pics!!
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Final pictures..

Name:  IMG_5999.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6001.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6005.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6006.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6007.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6013.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6014.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6015.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6020.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6024.JPG
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Name:  IMG_6029.JPG
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Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
Vikram, did you take your gypsy ? Can't find any snaps of it.
John, The photographers were looking in the wrong direction .
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Originally Posted by headers View Post
John, The photographers were looking in the wrong direction .
That happens Vikram, happens to all us baldies. It is the glare from our head, bad for eyes, bad for photography. So we are never photographed in any OTR.
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Default Had a good time!

Hi guys,

I have never enjoyed being a co driver so much as much as on this event. I really missed my jeep and it missed this trail too!! I didnt want it to be the 'n'th jeep making the organisers sweat all the more.

Thank you Dwaraka sir, MP srinivasan, Suresh stephen, HB vivek, Vijay, Vinay thomas, khan sultan n all. All those behind the scene also need a big pat on their back to have done a fantastic job. Three cheers to them who did their best to select the best trail and arrangements for all of us. We chennai jeepers enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoyed seeing different kind of vehicles handling the same terrain.

This was a diesel 4x4 terrain and needed crawling mode. careless wheel spin had no place. We all enjoyed the trail. Next year make this banglore event in monsoon to make it RFC kind of trail with limited entries of about 15-20 vehicles.

It was nice to see Mr.Behram driving CJ 340. He was blasting through the trail. He surely knew his stuff. UBS sir's presence was felt at all times.

Special mention about Iron wolf who drove like a 'pro' inspite of this being his first time. He surely has a lot of potential in him.

Thank you for listening to us so carefully and getting under the vehicles couple of times:-) All we need is thar's mechanicals on NGCS Army 550 chassis and suspension. You are doing a great job.

Overall a great event!

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Hi Guys,

The Chennai JEEPers were very excited when, we heard that the Bangalore JEEPers annual event is going to be on one of their toughest trail.

The OTR was fantastic, there were JEEPs, more JEEPs, some more JEEPs and a variety of 4WDs, the entire range.

The organization and arrangement have set a standard for other Trail OTR Events.

1) The Marshals and Spotting through out the Trail made the difference and all the Marshals did a splendid job, I got a chance to meet with Siddu, Swastik Viji, Shahnawaz Khan, they were brilliant.

2) The participants; Hydera-baddies, Chennai JEEPers, Bangalore JEEPers, Mumbai JEEPers, Newbies, Uncles, JEEPThrillers, TeamBHPians and the whole shebang.

3) Mr. MPSrinivasan single handedly setup a Camp. There was an organized campsite, 23kms from Habitation with Lights, Tents and Toiletting facilities, big enough to accomodate 100 people.

4) The recovery was swift; the participants & The M&M Support team did an excellent job, with the service on the CJ3B and the many recoveries.

5) The Bangalore JEEPers - VVT, HBVivek, Giri, Suresh and Dwarka were handling and managing the whole group of 150 people very well.

6) The Food was really good and the CampFire was a good ending to the day.

7) Vehicles - Every one meant business, OTR prepared.
i) The D90 Land Rover with suspension lift and Mudzillas
ii) The GQ Nissan Patrol with Suspension Lift, Diff-Locks and a Winch.
iii) IronWolfs MM540 simple and functional. I was in love with the MM540 all over again
iv) DKG's CJ3B was singing along merrily, lovely JEEP and great driver, a treat to watch.
v) Patrick's 70 series 1994 TLC, was Toyota Tough with the works.
vi) The JONGA from Salem was a real brute.
vii) swastik viji's MM550 with the Maxxis was ready for its task.
viii) The Scorpio Triad was ready to rip open the obstacles.
ix) The M&M Support Team MM550XD, I was purposely driving behind this vehicle and I know this is what I want.
xi) Mhd Ali's black MM540 and Sanjay David's MM540 with the XD3P-2A were growling all over the trail.

8) Safety - with such a big crowd and so many vehicles there was not a single incident, that in itself is the biggest achievement.

I was very happy, thrilled to meet so many OTR Guys, this is what I used to dream of, while watching foreign OTR videos.

I was really looking forward to Day#2 Slush and Water Crossing, but I tore my rear propellor shaft and had to drive to Chickballapur to get it replaced, got it replaced in 15 mins and had to wait 1.5 hrs to get the spring saddles welded again as the Lockers had stressed the welding and rotated the diff e.g Axle Wrapped.

I look forward to more events from the Bangalore JEEPers and similar events all over the country, and I'm pretty sure the Chennai JEEPers will participate and help if whatever way possible.

THANK YOU For such a lovely time.



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After catching up on hours and hours of much need sleep, finally a few snaps from my side below. Most of the pics are overlapping so not posting them again...

I'm again going to echo what everyone said here: the organization was amazing!
I really admire the way the area was scouted and the arrangements were made! The nimbooz were the lifesavers! Also, a big thanks to the group of hikers with srinivasan who guided us all the way!

I finally got to put faces to screen names... It was nice meeting a few owners of the ugly mm5XXs and one ex-santro owner
On a serious note, it was good to meet you guys: jaggu, shahnawaz, dwaraka, vivek, vinay, arka, headers, UBS & Behram, suresh, sandeep, roy, rudra, spike, patrick, deepak (starter and DKG)... sorry if i missed a few names. After coordinating so much with svsantosh, we just couldn't meet each other!!

It was quite a technical terrain and one advantage of not having a jeep was that i could hop, skip and jump into different jeeps and see how the cars behaved with different set ups and also absorbed the driving skills of the respective drivers (specially DKG, suresh stephen, & vivek).

We bombay guys are now motivated!

I was very impressed with the linear torque delivery of some of the petrol engines and they made it look too easy!

Sitting shotgun with UBS and interacting with him was quite an experience altogether as well...
I'm definitely coming during the monsoon and if possible, with my jeep as well.
Attached Thumbnails
Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1240092.jpg  

Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1240094.jpg  

Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1240095.jpg  

Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1240096.jpg  

Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1250137.jpg  

Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1250140.jpg  

Not so Live Report: Bangalore Annual OTR, Avalakondu 24-25 Jan 2010!-p1250143.jpg  

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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
Not really. Behram, Fazal & Cyrus must have done this before.

hmm. but one of the few . Aint it lucky ?
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Default Jeep Thrills - Bangalore Annual Event 2010 - A report


No. of Vehicles – 50 +

No. of People – Close to 150

Accidents – None

Carelessness - Some

Age of People – From 9 month old to 70 year old (Kids, Teens, Men, Women, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters)

Professions of People – Wing Commanders, Pilots, Doctors, Businessmen, IT professionals, Adventure Sport consultants, Public Service, Private Service

Distinguished Guests – Mr. Uday Bhan Singh, Mr. Behram Dhabhar

Vehicles – CJ3B (Petrol & Diesels), MM340, MM540, MM550, Bolero, Scorpio, Jonga, Gypsy, LandCruiser, Land Rover, Nissan, Tata Xenon

Terrain – Mud, Pebbles, Rock, Bushes, Water, River Beds, Inclines, Descends, Pits, Crevices

Service Team – Mahindra Service Teams, Bangalore Mechanics, Chennai Mechanic

Event Management Team – HB.Vivek, Dwaraknath, MP Sreenivasan, Suresh Stephen, Giri Tirumale, Vinay Thomas, Shahnawaz Khan

Marshals – Siddharth, Vijay Swastik, Prithviraj A.C.

Sponsors – Mahindra (Caps), Quench (Sipper Type Packaged Drinking Water), Reehan, Tanzeem, Kaiser, Humayun (Day 1 Lunch)

Attraction – Mahindra Thar

Moods Swings – Jovial, Tense, Aggressive, Calculative, Friendly, Commanding, Scary, Surprised, Inquisitive

Weather – Misty, Hot, Windy, Cold, Pleasant

Hospitality – Mr. MP Sreenivasan & Team (personalized attention to everybody)

Dear all,

The Jeep Thrills Bangalore Annual 2010 had it all. It was a very big event and all I can say is that it will become more bigger in the coming years.

Initial Gathering
I landed up at 5:35 AM on 24th morning at the meeting point. Being the first I took off my Tail gate and just sat at the back of the Jeep for all to arrive. Slowly the crowd started to trickle in. By the time all the participants reached and left it was 7:30 AM. While moving on to the next meeting point we noticed that most had stopped at the hotel where the Hyderabad Jeepers) for a tea. Some of the participants had breakfast there itself b and naturally they had to pay for the say from their pockets.

We reached the breakfast time as scheduled where the Mahindra Thar was on a short display before it left to the camp site. Breakfast / Registrations / T-Shirts / Caps / Stickers / Water Bottles / Briefing / Team Announcements were done and the teams moved forward.

Team formations
While arranging teams we decided to send those people initially who had to return to Bangalore back on the same day. While doing so, we had put some novices in the first 2 teams who took some time to get the basics right. This held up the later teams. Here was a learning curve.

Day 1 OTR begin
Starting from simple inclines, to rocks, boulders, bushes, rock faces it had it all. We had to drive along a river to make it to the camp site . The Team leads , Tails and marshals made sure that all the 50 vehicles made it through without any incident. We found alternate routes for the bigger ones. Dents, scratches were aplenty for both the men & machines. It was all packaged just right if you ask me !!!

The lunch team was in group 3 and by the time they reached the lunch spot (it was on a rock face) it was almost close to 3:00 PM. We were a bit disappointed out here when people started taking 2 -3 helpings of Nimbooz / Eggs. They simply didn’t bother about the people behind them. Naturally there was a shortage of the same for the rest of the crowd. Hopefully with this post they will realize their mistake. As many Jeeps were still making it to the lunch point, some of us carried the lunch to them.

By the time most of the people reached the camp site it was almost 6:30. Mr. Behram Dhabhar who went first had begun interaction with some of the people with respect to the THAR. A lot of feedback and suggestions were made. The Thar was under cover in a separate tent which was arranged for it. Once it was unveiled people were all over the place. For a brief time before lightling arrangement was made for the tent, my hurricane was used to light up the area courtesy the additional lights on my chassis. I do hope Mr. Behram has made a mental note of the important ones and will take action on the same.

Day 1 OTR complete
We came to know that some Jeeps were still stuck clearing a particular crevice, which needed to be handled with precaution. Suresh, Tejas, Vinay & Me went to get them all back. By the time the last vehicle reached the Camp site it was close to 8:00. Herding 50 + vehicles and 150 people is no mean task especially considering the fact that we were doing late evening offroading with lights on. After some coffee and snacks some of the participants (Day1 only ) left for Bangalore and Mr. Behram was dropped off by one of the vehicles.

Camp Site
Mr. MP Sreenivasan & his wife Poornima and their friends made sure all the participants were accommodated. Their farm is surrounded by forests on 3 sides. The nearest village is almost 5 – 10 kms away and the nearest town Chikballapur almost 20 kms away. Nearly 25 beds were lined up in each Shamiana styled “tent”. One could just walk in and drop down. These tents also had lighting. In the middle of the camp site was the dinner area. Toilets were also arranged, and the participants couldn’t believe the facilities. The bon fire area was just next to the camp site. Sensible, senseless, serious, humorous talks clubbed with Whisky, Vodka, Beer, Rum kept the night young till about 1:30 AM. From peanuts, chips, Bhel Puri (Courtesy Vinay Thomas), Cucumber, Fire cooked potatoes and stuffed capsicum and Barbequed chicken ensured one didn’t loose their appetite. The Hyderabad Jeepers even had a Hooka thing going around their area. Dinner complete the Jeepers hit the bed for a sound sleep.

Breaking Camp
I woke up to Vinays voice bumming me for a Cigarette at 7:00 AM. By the time all broke camp and had finished their morning rituals and did photo sessions it was close to 10:100 AM. The Hyderabad Jeepers left as they wanted to break their long journey somewhere half way thru. By the time Breakfast was done it was close to 11:00.

Day 2 OTR
We had river bed crossing where couple of Jeeps managed to get bogged down and various types of rescue efforts were put into action. From manual pushing, pulling and rocking to towing with another vehicle to winching, double winching, snatch blocks, U bolts, D bolts one saw it all.

A couple of jeeps had dome problems and they went to Chikballapur to get the same rectified. We did a couple of water crossings where some vehicles got stuck. A jeep which was being winched out, came out and accidently banged the vehicle which was wincing it. After completing the trail while we were heading back we noticed couple of vehicles with radiator issues. Once sorted we hit the lunch spot by around 3:00 PM.

Winding up
After a photographic session, exchanging mobile numbers, handshakes, hugs we left to Bangalore. My Jeep participants were Mr. UBS and Tejas from Mumbai. Mr. UBS drove my Jeep the second day. We dropped off Tejas at the Bangalore International Airport where we were the cynosure of all eyes. Mr. UBS and I hit home my place by around 8:00. After getting fresh Giri picked us up and we met the Chennai Jeepers for Dinner. A gala time later we wound up day 2.

Thankyou Note

On behalf of all the Bangalore Jeepers, we would like to thank the following people for making the event a grand success..

Mahindra Team - Mr. Anand Mahindra, Mr. Arif Rizwy, Mr. Behram Dhabhar, Mr. Pratish Ravindran, Mr. Naresh Bhosle & the entire service crew
Calcutta - Mr. Uday Bhan Singh & friend
Mumbai - Tejas
Chennai - Arka, Patrick, Sanjay David, Vinod, Vikram, Mohd Ali and others (sorry I just couldn’t get all the names)
Salem - Viay, Rajkumar and Team (Jonga Crowd)
Pune - RoySkaria
Hyderabad - Deepak, Sahahlik, Khalid Khan & others (sorry yet again as I don’t know all the names)
Hosts - Mr. MP Sreenivasan, Poornima, Anand, Rekha, Harish & Bheema, Sanjana, Dr. Sudhir, and Dayal

A Request
Those of you who have attended the event without confirmation, request you to come forth and pay the amount, as we are running short of funds to cover all the expenses. Else it will be borne by the organizers.

PS :- I didn’t bring my camera knowing that I would not have any time to take any pics. Request those who have taken pics of my vehicle (Hurricane – KLG – 824) to forward the same to me. 13 seems to be a lucky number for me !!!.
Mahindra team have requested for a few photos (especially where their crew was involved) which they can use. It would be great if people can send me the same.

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