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Congrats Mr.BD. Hope to see ALL-in-ONE vehicle very soon. please please do not consider MGEs for bench marking the 4WDs.
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Can we expect a Mahindra 1100D 4X4 with FFRA?
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Congrats Sir, for the new responsibility.
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Heartiest Congratulations! I just love the designation! Good to see that M&M is focussed on this segment to put you incharge.
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Congrats Behram Sir. We all are lloking forward to seeing some new exciting 4x4s from MM now.

An expedition vehicle would be great. Under 10L with front and rear manual diff locks. Comfortable for the family.

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Now...can you tell me how to put a bigger turbo and an intercooler in my Invader (2009) with the MDI3200TC 5 speed tranny? I do not want to melt the tyres, just a nice solid mid-sized turbo that will blow the doors off Scorpios.

And, can you get me about 3 inches more GC? Okay, how about 2 inches?

...Two pages of mindless congratulations is enough. Back to work, Behram. Let's get me some answers (-----Insert stupid smiley face here-----).
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Originally Posted by starter View Post
Congratulations Behram Sir!
Just one more request i would like to add to the list, please don't force customers to buy high-end versions or the lowest end of the vehicles if they need 4wd. (So is the case with Scorpio and Bolero respectively)
Cheers and Congratulations once again.
Beats me! Even I wonder why we have to take the highest variant to get the 4x4.

4x4 should be just optional - on ANY model.
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My requirement.

Need spares available for CJ340. Each and every part of the Jeep, not just the mechanicals. For example, the most difficult ones are the Tub and chassis. Then the stock 4ft axle housings. May be the roll cage that came stock.

Something I can remember for a friend - Need the Classic parts too. The wire wheels are next to impossible for find. Add the stock dash, roll cage and front bull bar too.

Also, try to tie up with manufacturers in US and sell their products in India under your roof. Example - lift kits, LSD, Lockers, winches, etc all increase the 4wheeling capability of your product. All you need to do is enter into a agt and learn how to fix them and offer them in your accessories dept of your service center.

Last but not least - train your A$$ guys not to make a A$$ of jeep owners and learn to treat them&the machine on par with a flashy/blingy scorpio/xylo owner.
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Default Congrats

Congrats Mr. Behram.
Good to see M&M taking a serious first step towards 4x4 for customers like us. With all our expectations, it is a very tough going for you, but I am sure you will come out with flying colours.
Once again, Congrats and enjoy your day.
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Congrats To The Most Down To Earth And Modest 4x4 Enthusiast That I Ever Met In My Life, Sir You Meeting Me On That Day In Auto Expo, Made My Day . Thank You And Congrats, Look Forward To Getting More And More Exciting Products Form M&m
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Congrats Behram!

Let's hope this is not an elaborate April Fool's Joke. A department called Cult Vehicles is a little strange to hear.
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Default Hearty Congratulations!!

Dear Behram Sir,


Great news for you and for all the 4x4 enthusiasts out here.

Hearty Congratulations!!


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Originally Posted by DHABHAR.BEHRAM View Post
Dear all

It gives me immense pleasure to inform all of you that from tomorrow, I take over additional responsibility as HEAD COE - 4 WHEEL DRIVE / CULT VEHICLES at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

I now request you to please share your 4 wheel drive related requirements, needs, emotions and anything else that you may want to share in this thread. ..................

I firmly believe that utilization of this thread will bring out the best amongst all of us, which will finally benefit everybody, you as our brand ambassadors and the organization, where I shall endeavour to bring to you more and more exciting 4 wheel drive possibilities / products.

Please accept my best personal regards,

Behram Dhabhar
Behram sir,
Accept my heartiest congratulations!! I would say they have placed the right guy and M&M talent management systems seems to be really strong, placing right people at right places

Now comes the responsibility part as you would be the key to provide future path to the company 4wd vehicles.

Here comes the contribution from my side. Iam not going too much technical as many people have said many things in Thar wish list thread.

As far as company's future platforms are concerned-
  • Please develop layout which will suit solid axle with NEF for true 4x4 models which is company's DNA
  • Solid axle with coil springs way to go. All successful company's in off road space have moved from leaf spring to coil spring solid axle and not IFS (except Mitsubishi)
  • Provide basic creature comforts like p/s and a/c as standard.
  • Develop company hard top (metal) for MWB vehicles
  • Make your 4wd's safer (crash worthy). Slowly do away with side facing seats as they are crash disasters
  • Try making 4wd only platforms so that they aren't a compromise off road
  • Many are waiting for two kinds of vehicle- One a Mini SUV with 4wd with Jiminy capabilities and vitaras comfort and second a medium sized SUV which can take on odd's just like LC 70 and defenders in a much smaller package (read Bolero)
  • Address the above two segments sincerely and you have a chart buster in your hand!
I think market abroad has moved from true SUV's to cross utility vehicles. But in India market is just moving from MUV's to affordable and capable SUV's. Here is where one should cash upon!!

A mini SUV (basically a car with raised ground clearance with 4wd) is welcome!

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Default My expectation

Congratulations Behram,

I would like to share my feeling about 4X4 vehicle. I feel the Indian customer missing the compact 4 wheel drive CAR. It should not be very big or too small. Adequet power, 5 seater CAR and not JEEP.

Something like this

Though it look little bigger, we need something smaller than this but the styling should be similler with 4X4.

Let me know what is your thought on it.

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Originally Posted by pawan_pullarwar View Post
I would like to share my feeling about 4X4 vehicle. I feel the Indian customer missing the compact 4 wheel drive CAR. It should not be very big or too small. Adequet power, 5 seater CAR and not JEEP.

Something like the Skoda Yeti?
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