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msprabhakar 26th February 2006 10:44

Thanks a million, GTO and the moderators' team (Aditya, Ajmat, Dippy, Navin, Ported_Head, Rehaan, Rtech, Rudra Sen, Shan2nu, Stratos and V12) for an exemplary job... Keep it up!

Moderation on a forum of this size and range of topics is very, very difficult indeed, besides being very demanding on the individuals' time. While I sincerely appreciate the dedication on this team, will also strongly endorse the need for self-discipline on the part of members.

Cheers, GTO! Cheers, mods!! Cheers, team!!!

RacingForIndia 26th February 2006 10:50

Your're doing a great job guys. This is a quality board, and I am glad to be a part of it.
Keep up the good work.

sajanpt 26th February 2006 11:33

Hats Off To You !
:Cheering: Really, it's a great job and hats off clap: to all the people working behind it. I don't understand how you get the time to maintain this site so well. I normally sleep at 1 PM and get up at 6 AM and still I don't have the time to reply to my e-mails and finish other tasks. I had been trying to come back to this site since I joined to go through the details, but now when I got a mail only did I get the time. My Sincere appreciation to GTO, other Guru's, moderators and all team members who support it. Keep up the spirit and the "die hard" attitude as you mentioned regarding threats. We have every right for our individual opinions.... What they ought to do is to give better service and quality products, rather than taking time threatning the society.
  • We have resisted numerous threats from players of the automotive industry who were cheesed off with an honest yet negative review written about their product / service. NOT ONCE have we given in to players from the automotive industry and their biased demands.
I will find time to come back and post my "BABY's" pics soon.

[php]When the going gets tough, the tough gets going............[/php]

kb100 26th February 2006 12:50


Guys.. hats off to all of you.... All your hard work is showing!!... increasing numbers ??... decrease in quality?/... Just Add the number of Moderators - when it comes to "quality" lots of us out here who will not want to see it comprmised!!

Keep up the good work!


rameshspassion 26th February 2006 13:08

Too Good to be True
This is the best forum I have ever visited and I am addicted. Joined just 10 days back (cursing myself for not finding about this before) and have logged in daily. If my pc is on, TBHP would also be on.
Keep up the good work guys, and hope to meet you all someday.

goldie 26th February 2006 15:15

thanks Mod bhai's...

you have the whole pains in making this forum Excel...

thanks a lot bhai log clap: clap: clap:


EVO6 26th February 2006 15:21

I would rather like to thank everyone including the moderators who keep this forum alive and kicking... its fun to be a part...

nitrous 26th February 2006 16:27

No words, mods. No words in the dictionary to mention what all u've done to my life.

Comes from my heart.

SoundManiac 26th February 2006 21:24


Originally Posted by ghostrider4385
Hey SoundManiac: Mabe you haven't read GTO's post properly, nor have seen the sticky titled 'know your moderators' in the 'Introduce Yourself' section. The link I pasted below tells you all you wanted to know about our mods, through their own mouths, or mabe keyboards would be a more appropriate word. Read through it. You'll see that they just ordinary car junkies like you and me, with an extra-ordinary zest for maintaining the high standards of our forum! clap:



Thanks dude for the link! Actually, even after so many months on Team-BHP, its still Team-RMS for me!!! I have not ventured much outside the In Car entertatinement section on Team-BHP! Your link might just take me outside!!!!

But hey mods! our request to upgrade the ICE thread in the Forum still lies unattended.....Hope you guys will consider it seriously!

Thank you.

Haque 26th February 2006 23:00

The quality and content of this forum, makes sure that team-bhp is part of your daily routine. It is indeed an enormous task to maintain a standard. However, team-bhp is setting standards when it comes to quality content.

Hats off to the Moderators and all bhpians for their enthusiasm, participation and their dedication.


Daily routine: reach office -> login -> check mail + yahoo msngr + scan new posts on team-bhp -> get on with the day.

Ajay Narayan 27th February 2006 01:36

clap: The very fact to have so many active members and still growing speaks for the efforts and dedication by all those who are working behind-the-curtains to keep up with the pace of one of the best Forums that I visit regularly.

clap: My sincere thanks to you all Moderators and other support people.

himanshugoswami 27th February 2006 09:45

Way to go Guys!
Hi Folks!

This forum really rocks. A big THANKS to all the moderators for doing a stellar job.

Now I think we should consider some way to give more visibility to the forum in media and maybe ( a wild thought....but u never know where it leads) team up with JD Powers/NFO for a frank unbiased look at the indian autos.

Once again- Great going guys!:Cheering: clap:

suchit 27th February 2006 09:58

thanx a lot mods. keep up the good work. it cudnt have been done better...

muni 27th February 2006 10:16

Thank u GTO and all the Mods for giving us such a wonderful clean platform to share our views.

Pls continue ur gud work and we will try our best to behave ourselves:p

Digital Vampire 27th February 2006 10:37

Congrats...This definetely is one of the best maintained forums I've ever visited. The hardwork and dedication behind the scenes by the support team and well as some seasoned members is very much appreciated.

Keep up the good work guys...Cheers

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