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Old 7th November 2006, 12:38   #106
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Mods, right now the posts in Shifting gears and Market place do not count towards the total posts. I would suggest that you include the Introduction section too. (Posts in the introduction section should NOT count towards total posts). The point being newbies can increase their post count thereby getting past the 50 post mark (and also the moderation of posts) by simply welcoming all the members!

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Old 8th November 2006, 03:13   #107
Team-BHP Support
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Initially the Introduction Section posts didnt count towards the post count, but due to a change in the software and a certain software limitation, we had to include the Introduction Section in the post count.

However, spamming in the Intro section is (and has been) dealt with severly, also, please do not hesitate to use the "Report Bad Post" to report such instances.

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Old 9th November 2006, 14:17   #108
Team-BHP Support
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The search problem that was reported here has been solved.

However, do keep in mind that this is NOT a complaint thread. If you find any features that are not working, please use the "Suggestions" thread in the Shifting Gears forum.

The relevant posts have been deleted.
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Old 9th November 2006, 14:48   #109
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The commitement is excellent, I am part of many forums, I can truly say I am really so impressed with the way T-Bhp is run. I was so disappointed to see some forums which began with good intensions now being run for pure personal benefit and totally owned by automobile world which has lost its charm and respect.

I am really happy to have found this forum and indeed will do everything to make it the best.

My hats of to the team...


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Old 27th November 2006, 05:11   #110
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In the Cars in India section of Wikipedia, there is still no mention about the largest car-forum in India !!!

T-BHPians who are also Wikipedians please take a note of this...
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Old 27th November 2006, 05:39   #111
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Originally Posted by mithun View Post
In the Cars in India section of Wikipedia, there is still no mention about the largest car-forum in India !!!

T-BHPians who are also Wikipedians please take a note of this...
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Old 27th November 2006, 10:25   #112
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Oflately the trend in many threads is that personal attacks have taken centrestage ,not only do we tend to go offtopic but it makes the thread boring for everyone else.Lets try to resolve issues by PM and focus on the topic in hand.

The support staff are doing a wonderful job but lets make their job a little bit easier.

PS: Talking about personal attacks only and not dis-agreements.
This post was not made for singling out any particular post/member on team-bhp so no offence should be taken.

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Old 21st February 2007, 17:31   #113
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This is a fantastic site and you guys are doing a splendid job. When I registered on here I thought that the moderation was a little too harsh, but I guess its required so as to maintain the seriousness of this site.
Good job once again guys
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Old 23rd February 2007, 23:41   #114
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Well the moderation is a bit harsh I guess, but still it keeps the forums clean. I am a Site Admin/moderator on four websites and I know how difficult it is, though I need to reply to tehnical queries and lot of stuff to be updated on a regular PM's and also replying to posts, editing deleting, blocking IP and moving posts ..blah blah blah blah,Appointing new mods etc..without volunteer mods the forums are very difficult to manage..

So Kudos to Team, Team-BHP. one of the best managed forums I have seen.
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Old 24th February 2007, 10:26   #115
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TBhp is surely one of the best moderated forum...Kudos to Support team..
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Old 26th February 2007, 14:27   #116
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well, i'm too late to see this thread due to my exams and hence much of my thoughts and expressions are already expressed.

i'm in short of words for thanking the splendid job being done by GTO and mods.. i know thanks is such a small word for that, but with a profound meaning.

so,thank you guys for your wonderful contribution, pains and interest taken in maintaining this forum. needless to say, this is one of the informative, clean and best forum i've ever come across. and yes, the threads are so edited and maintained that they are precise and clear.

i've enhanced my automobile knowledge to a great extent because of this TBHP. since i'm a beginner it may take some time to add valuble contributions but i go through the threads regularly whenever i'm connected to web.
hats off to you guys ... and keep up the good work....

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Old 26th February 2007, 21:32   #117
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It is a lovely forum, no doubt about that. Considering that it is a forum of a specialised nature, spammers should ideally have no place, and they should be firmly dealt with, and I am sure it is being done here.
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Old 26th February 2007, 21:47   #118
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well, i'm too late to see this thread due to my exams and hence much of my thoughts and expressions are already expressed
Same here...late in reading this thread...but "Better Late than never".
Feel a sense of belonging with '"Team-Bhp".Have met a few people through this forum.Reading various posts day in day out..its as if I know members personally.Although I have registered myself in other forums but this is the only one I visit everyday without fail.Have learnt so much post joining.A big thanks to all of you.
Keep up the good work mods.No complaints whatsoever regarding the various rules of posting.Rules definitely maintain the quality and discipline.
Long Live T-Bhp...feel proud and glad to be a member here.


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Old 9th March 2007, 16:58   #119
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A huge thanks to all the MODS for making tbhp what it is today!!
Its a professionally run independent forum courtesy you guys, and hats off to you for what you have achieved.
Its a delight for all car fanatics to be able to have such a place to rely on have discussions with like minded induviduals!!
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Old 26th May 2007, 15:48   #120
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Thanks and congrats to all those behind this great forum Team BHP.
Evrytime I start my computer my home page is Team BHP, just keep on reading.....Thanks a lot..Great job
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