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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations to Team-Bhp. I salute the zeal and enthusiasm of the founders and moderators who have managed to maintain the high standard of this forum.I've been an auto enthusiast from my school days and used to buy auto magazines way back in the early nineties with my pocket money.Today for me Team -Bhp is my daily fix and without scanning the forum for the latest I cannot begin my day. Auto magazines are a thing of the past.
The attention to detail in the Team-Bhp car reviews is simply outstanding and for me and I'm sure many others they set the benchmark.
Looking forward to an even more exiting future.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulation to T-BHP. I have been here from Feb'10 and the official car reviews are rated best in the country by Auto Communities.

Special Thanks to the support team for maintaining great standards..
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations to all the BHPians for building up this excellent forum thread by thread. The contribution of this forum to Indian automotive industry is probably at par with that of all auto magazines put together.
Amazing work guys. Keep it up
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

T-BHP deserves a lot of credit for the spread of automotive enthusiasm in India. Of course, people always loved automobiles, but I'm guessing it was generally on their own or in small groups. When a large community such as this interacts, the fever spreads much faster.

Congratulations on completing 10 years, and I'm sure it will keep going.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations and great to see the decade in tag., kudos to all administrators and now we are known almost everywhere in automobile industry. And am proud to be part of it.
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Happy Birthday Team-Bhp. I salute the moderators who have managed to maintain the high standard of this forum .Since 2006 my day starts with Team-Bhp and ends with same .I wish Team-Bhp a never ending rev range with a relentless power surge all the way . Keep Reving !!!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Happy 10th Birthday and Hearty thanks to the moderators and t-bhp members who have brought this forum upto this height.

I bumped into t-bhp searching for Car reviews in early 2010 when I hardly had any work in my new job. Have been a lurker all the while and still I am after becoming a member in 2012.

I personally have benefited many of my friends and family who come to me for advise on any new car purchase,thanks to t-bhp.

Looking forward for many more birthdays and our forum becoming bigger and bigger

Cheers !
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Happy 10th Anniversary to Team-BHP and all the folks behind this. Joined this forum in 2007, when googling for information about a trip to Chhattisgarh. Met many interesting folks on this forum - and make it a point to login everday, to see what's going on. May it be the trip reports or the ownership section or the travellogues - this has been one interesting site. Hope to spend much more time here!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations Team-BHP on yet an other milestone. Many thanks to the think tank behind this wonderful family.
I am truly proud to be part of this growing community !
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

I started reading reviews on Team Bhp more than 6 years ago; and to day it beats all other forms of automotive journalism hands down! The quality of the reviews, the precision, the checking and reaffirming (not taking the manufacturers word for it), the prodding, the comparisions; the fuzzy logic used to derive something in the Initial Review which in retrospect comes unnervingly close to the truth and the actual facts!!! Amazing!!! To- the mods on this site; you have all the respect from everybody here!!!

I was participating in the Blind People's Round Table Car Rally yesterday (with my Bolero) with another Team Bhpian (with his Scorpio Mhawk) and were observing each competitor's car make and manufacturer to try and guessestimate where and when they would have an edge over us or vice-versa. This detailed knowledge about the abilities and limitations of their car comes in handy if you want to finish with a very good score. When we finished we saw a 1st Generation Swift Dzire at the finish line with a Team-Bhp sticker on its numberplate. Hanging around the car; I finally managed to identify whose car it was and asked for his Team Bhp handle.

He said and I quote "I am not a member yet, I am just an aspirant. I have tried to enroll many times but the Team Bhp guys do not probably consider me good enough yet". As he was explaning about this; his father came to me and started extolling and justifying with examples the son's knowledge about cars and his passion and why he should be admitted as a member. The son got slightly embarrased and said 'Dad this guy is already a member, he knows what you are talking about'

What i am trying to infer is that; this community has got a lot of people out there sitting up and taking notice. They consider being admitted here as a huge achievement (which it is). We are a one stop solution for everything related to cars and our mods and members (who are not full time auto journalists) in my opinion know more than a certain section of dedicated full time auto journalists out there!

Team Bhp rocks!

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Originally Posted by The BHPian View Post
My community was born on this day in Feb '04. It was tiny, it was independent. The driving force was a fire in my belly & the pure love for cars in my heart.

In the 3653 days since, I've built an all-encompassing encyclopedia on Indian cars. Anything & everything that's to be said on the automotive scene, I've said it.....exactly like it is. Today, my forum has nearly 20 lakh unique visitors each month, reading 32 lakh posts in 1.16 lakh threads, all created by me. I am the BHPian and, thanks to Team-BHP, I have 81,000 other enthusiasts to exchange thoughts & ideas with everyday. Together, we're a force to reckon with.

It's been a decade of fun, a decade of learning, a decade of truth and a decade of building relationships in this home of mine. I am particularly proud of the fact that our core value system hasn't changed; it is rock solid and only gets stronger with time. The petrol in our veins is of the purest, highest octane variety.

The commitment, leadership and dedication of the Support Team is deeply respected. Hats off to .Anshuman, Aah78, Aditya, Ajmat, Bblost, Benbsb29, DerAlte, Dippy, Eddy, FlyingSpur, GTO, Jaggu, Karlosdeville, Khan_Sultan, Manson, Mobike008, Moralfibre, MPower, Navin, N_aditya, Noopster, Parrys, Rehaan, Rtech, Rudra Sen, Samurai, Stratos, Suhaas307, Technocrat, TheMAG, TSK1979, Vid6639 and Zappo.

Here's looking forward to the next 10 years. I know there can only be greater things ahead for us.

Keep Revving and God bless,

Every BHPian
A very happy birthday and many revving returns of the day to Team-BHP!! This is perhaps the only online forum/community that I am part of and sometimes it feels so unreal, funny even, that I should feel so passionately about a bunch of people (umm, 80,000 of us don't get called as a 'bunch' do we? Anyway..) most of whom I may never meet. But I guess the reason is that I feel strongly for the values that Team-BHP stands for. The passion, the commitment, is unreal. Kudos to GTO and the entire MOD team for creating something so big, so beautiful and lasting. Salut!

It was wonderful to read about each of the core team members share their remembrances! Thank you all for sharing. gives us an idea about how the initial days would have been.

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
11 years ago

And BHPians, here's a little birthday present for you:

Attachment 1207854
Thank you for the V day gift! All of us from the Mumbai group are awaiting our key chains

Originally Posted by Vid6639 View Post
It was not all easy being a moderator but it did have it perks of reviewing cars officially. Official reviews were more work than fun, but, when work is your passion, how can anyone not enjoy it. It also gave me the chance to travel to Japan for the first time and be one of the select few to drive the Honda Amaze before anyone.

Yes Sir! Your first drive report of the Amaze was what first hooked me on when I was researching for my second car. And then when GTO's masterly 'official review' came out, I was was trapped hook, line and sinker . In fact, I was pretty much sold on to the Amaze just reading the astonishingly detailed review and was just waiting for Honda to launch it, for me to book! Team-BHP not only helped me decide which car to buy, helped with PDIs, etc., but also let me get a good buyer and a good price for my lovingly used old car, made me aware about the transfer of NCB, and so on. The circle was complete.

From then on, Team-BHP has become a part of the daily routine. Not just for anything automotive (goes without saying) but also for so many things that it's difficult to enlist. The armchair traveller in me loves the beautiful and amazing travelogues, the auto-technologically challenged me gets so much of dependable information and knowledge about my machine! Frankly, I prefer going through Team-BHP moe than any other social networking site. not only is there a lot more information and knowledge to be gained, on the whole I find members to be more genuine and sensible.

There's a bunch of us in Mumbai who do these 'mini-meets' regularly. I've made so many new friends. An interesting and friendly bunch of folks who have suddenly become a part of my life. Then there was the mega meet in Pavana that I got to attend attend. Had a great time and met a lot of interesting people.

Team-BHP rocks! Keep revvin'!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

A very Happy Birthday to Team BHP. Many more to come.

Can we have special 10th Anniversary TBHP T-shirts please ?
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

I joined TBHP way back in 2009. I had no real interest when I joined in (which explains my rather weird handle) and did so because a friend insisted. But today, i simply cant imagine being without TBHP. Even at work, I have somehow gotten into the habit of keeping the home page open all the time just like my MS-Outlook

Whatever little I know about automobiles is from this very forum. I am yet to see another forum that is

a.) as organized as ours,
b.) has such erudite posts as ours,
c.)has members who have an amazing 'sense of belonging' and are ever willing to help.

The level of commitment to keep the forum clean and useful has n't gone down a bit in the last few years I have been here.

It become such a force to reckon in the industry that the very mention of the team bhp name immediately gains some respect when you visit an auto showroom.

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations to everyone!

Hats off to the folks involved in setting up this very informative site. If you need advice on anything related to your mechanical 'better halves', this is the one place to turn to!

The reviews, travelogues, technical threads, 4x4, T-BHP sticker sightings, the meet thread.... there is so much more in each of these threads.

It speaks great volumes of the passion that we cherish!
A HUGE thanks to the ones who manage this forum, as support and contributors, and the super administrators!!!!!!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

I've been following this forum for about 5 years now and was inducted late last year. Hope to continue the journey for many more years to come !

Best wishes to the support team and all those who have kept this site up and running for all these years !!
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