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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

TEAM-BHP : The words send me back to the days when I used to scroll through the numerous travelogues and car ownership threads. It was in 2008 when I got introduced to the wonderful posts by hvkumar, tirthankarbasu, roamingrao, paragsachania and the affable "YETIblogs". Since then tried a many times for the membership but in vain and finally made it last year to this Encyclopedia of Automobiles.
It is a sense of excitement to spot a car with TBHP stickers on the road and try and get that elusive snap.
It is a sense of camaraderie to meet some of the friends whom I have read about and seen on TBHP in person and get acquainted with them.
It is a sense of pride to meet a TBHP'ian in random places be it malls or markets or highways or even in a traffic jam and exchange that few minutes of talk.

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to TBHP and best wishes to all the Moderators for the future.

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Congratulations Team-Bhp!! I am very very proud to be part of this community. You guys have been just amazing. The support team. Every member who have contributed. This is just brilliant. Keep going!!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post

And BHPians, here's a little birthday present for you:
A great, well-deserved milestone indeed. Wishing a decade and even more of astounding success and service in future. Anxiously looking forward to it.

Team-BHP is indeed the automotive bible for many.

I have known people stuck in odd situations for instance getting diesel filled in their petrol car at a petrol bunk and calling in their wives at home to log into team-bhp and check for probable solutions/precautions out of the issue in hand. What more can anyone say?!

Happy Anniversary Guys!

I would like to give a feedback on the LTD keychain that I had ordered and was delivered well in time – it sure is quirky and well designed, but I feel it would have been better had the LTD rubber been attached to a string loop rather than a metal key ring. Why? Because for folding remote car keys, the key ring concept does not actually work. Even if it does its does not look as good and it’s always a struggle to pass it through the key’s thick plastic and on the way sure it does a lot of scratching on the surface (in my case, the inside of the LTD key ring had rust also). I used my 'chumbak' string loop and attached the LTD rubber with it. Results are as below. Looks awesome with my key now.

Thanks guys!

A Decade with Team-BHP...-teambhp-key.jpg
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

I have been reading various posts here for the last five years and been a member for half that time and I can only say "thank you" to the mods and and priceless contributors who have contributed in many ways for this forum to grow.

I had landed here when looking for a car review and been here since.
Help from experienced members has helped me understand my car, driving and to some extent life in a better way and I appreciate your contributions.

I have also managed to impress some of my seniors and family members with things that I learnt here like the pre-delivery checklist, car care and service dos and don'ts and other stuff.

Cheers for the spirit of the team-bhp!
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

The lifespan of forums that I've visited till date has always been around 2-3 years. It is created, gains popularity and one day it dies off.

Team-bhp, on the other hand is like an Indian family rather than just an online forum. The mods/d-bhpians are like the parents and we, the bhpians are the children.

When children commit mistakes, the parents correct them for their own good. This is what makes them a good person/citizen when they grow up and a happy family.

The same case is with team-bhp. The dedication of the mods is the main reason for t-bhp to be able to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The standards of this community is unmatchable and that is what gets everyone, even non automobile enthusiasts addicted to this wonderful community.

I used to be a crazy rider/driver on the road. After becoming a bhpian, and reading all the posts, that side of me rarely takes control of me while on the road. Driving safe is all what team-bhp is about.

Kudos to GTO, Rehaan and all the mods.

I know I'm late, but better late than never. Happy 10th birthday Team-bhp! Wishing you many more wonderful decades of happy revving...

Proud to be a bhpian.
Keep revvin!

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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

Wow! 10 years! A decade! Thats equivalent a full schooling cycle! And as schooling moulds you so has the decade gone bye.

Proud to be a regular at Team BHP
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Default Re: A Decade with Team-BHP...

10 years! And to think I joined as late as in 2011. I probably wasn't interested in cars as I am in now.
Well done and great feeling to be part of the club
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