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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Tatas overtaking Hyundai is the highlight of this month.

Looks like Nano and Eon have both cancelled out each other. And both these cars are under performing with what was expected out of them. If these two models sales improve, you can expect both Tata and Hyundai to get close to Maruti very soon.

Aria at 500 is a good number. But if the 2012 manufactured Aria prices are back to where they were before discounts, then expect these 500 to sell over 2/3 months.

Honda still hasnt recovered from the floods. This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. They thought they are pretty smart taking advantage of INDO-THAI tax treaty and look whats it got them.

Alto and Bolera shows the preference of the tier 2/3 cities and villages. They will continue selling for a few years till more disposable incomes flow into these cities and villages.

Finally Sunny making good its promise. I hope they do well going forward and hit the Etios badly. Etios is a real shame that Toyota has endured on us.

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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Great going for MSIL with 100K+ vehicles. They seem to regain their old pride. But, kudos to TATA for overtaking Hyundai in number department.

I am not able to understand, who would have bought 120 Ambassadors. Guess, any of the govt. department would have ordered those.
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Originally Posted by deetjohn View Post
Thanks for the wonderful representation jalsa777. Man, are you a racing driver or an analyst?
Thanks. They are both my passions and both have similarities. Require a cool head and an eye for detail.

Originally Posted by rangarx View Post
Thanks for the much awaited thread in the very first day of the month.

I do not know why people call Suzuki Cars in India as Maruti. They do not have the logo anywhere.)
People have always known that company as Maruti.
It was Maruti Udyog Ltd. when the government held the majority of the shares and now it is called Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Hence the Maruti name.

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
Thanks Jalsa for the figures and statistics. Have you officially taken over from GTO for the most awaited thread of the month.

Nissan Sunny has seen a fantastic jump post the diesel launch, is there any figures for the Diesel Sunny only?

@Jalsa can you provide the break up of Fiesta - New & Classic. The figures you mentioned are not clear whether they are New Fiesta sales or the classic.
Thanks. GTO was busy with the DZire review ( hence I have put up the thread this time.

Nissan only gives combined figures for Petrol and Diesel, as do all other manufacturers.

As I have mentioned in the opening post, Ford has clubbed the sales figures of the two Fiesta's.
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Originally Posted by RIC.BURNS
what are you trying to say?
I was just referring to the new advertisement by fiat with the tag line : how far you would go for excellence ( something like that). And they assemble the linea underwater. I meant they should have gone this deep in effort quite early.

I am happy to see good numbers from fiat. Have always loved the looks of punto and linea.
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Originally Posted by jalsa777 View Post
Thanks. GTO was busy with the DZire review ( hence I have put up the thread this time.
Good for you.

I was wondering if you could also put up the figures for the Mercs. BMW's and the Audis and rest of the luxury segment. I am sure they must have a rocking start to the new year.
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Most awaited thread every month and i always check the cars that are on my radar. Both XUV and Fortuner numbers baffle me. They are going from strength to strength. At the same time Innova number are quiet a shot in the arm from Toyota.

It would be interesting to look at Feb numbers (That will come out in March) as i feel Jan numbers are mostly from folks who had been waiting to buy a car and the year end discounts made the deal go through.

Excellent presentation Jalsa.
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

That is simply SUPERB, jalsa777. Thank You.

Interesting Points:
  • Maruti Suzuki crosses 1L mark after a gap of 10 months.
  • Tata overtakes Hyundai to occupy 2nd spot.
  • 14 manufactures sold ~2.42L cars, a record in the last 11 months.
  • MS 800 crosses 2K mark again!!! I think, this will continue to sell for the next 10 years. This model never stops to amaze!

  • Cannot explain the fall in sales for Etios and Liva after the rise they saw in Dec-11.
  • After unbelievable and whopping discounts on offer, Fabia barely managed and the MoM loss stood at -35%!
  • Is Spark nearing End of Life? At least the sales in the last 6 months say so.
  • Chevy selling leftover U-VAs.
  • Neither Hyundai nor the buyers seem to be affected by the steeringly (neologism) infamous i20 which is selling in happy numbers!

Market Share
  • Maruti Suzuki, Tata and Hyundai - the top 3 have 70% of the Market Share.
  • Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Hyundai, M&M and Toyota - the top 5 have 85% of the Market Share.
  • The remaining 15% has at least 9 manufactures, which includes the Famous Four --> Ford, Fiat, Chevy and Honda, who can actually to do better than that.
  • 52% of sales market share is Japanese, out of which 42% is Maruti Suzuki!
  • 22% of sales market share is domestic, which is Tata and M&M.
  • 14% of sales market share is Korean which is all Hyundai.

Last edited by Technocrat : 4th February 2012 at 01:19. Reason: MS = Maruti Suzuki, please avoid using acronyms, thanks
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Alto is back in the game! This car really amazes me with its sales figures. Car manufacturers having a good month - sign of a turnaround of the economy? - Only time shall tell. Maruti has its usual list of performers - Swift, Dzire, Wagon R, Omni and Alto. Swift sales have increased a lot - Last I knew there was a backlog of about 1 lakh models. Even at this pace it would take several months just to clear the backlog. Hope Maruti reduces waiting time on the Swift. Dzire shall continue to post stronger numbers post the new car’s launch. Ritz although not a game changer has been doing steady numbers – I think all those who cannot wait for Swift are moving over to Ritz. Sx4’s performance is average – It badly needs a refresh. I think MSIL will surely refresh it this year with Kizashi type interiors and a better engine. So Maruti can have parts sharing between 4 models – Swift, Dzire, Ertiga and Sx4. Mahindra posts a strong month as usual. VW and Skoda also maintaining steady numbers. Nothing to be said for Honda/FIAT – we all know what both of them are facing.
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Its has been really great month for the indian automobile industry in general and the fiat india in particular.Its really heartening that fiat has sold above 2k cars last month which augurs well for the future of the two great cars in India.
As regard the MS ,the reigning emperor and the tatas who have unseated the Hyundai for second place things are going on the projected lines
praveen singh
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Well the Tatas are finally heading to where they ought to be. IMHO Hyundai is a bit hyped to be in that position - its all VFM.
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Brio = 0, does that mean production has been stopped for Brio ? Or just that there were no 2011 left over ?
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Kudos to Jalsa! Wonderfull report again! Deserves 5* rating.

Very sad to see Brio figures as zero. Hope the much awaited diesel mill works wonders for this model.

Also, it seems Rapid is slowly eating away Vento's market it seems. IMHO.

Nano expected to grow much more. When will it touch 5 figures. Seems the 2012 model is slowly being accepted as we can see the consistency. Ofcourse too early to gauge now!

Originally Posted by DevilsCry View Post

I don't see sale figure of Fiesta Classic. Has it been discontinued?
Its very much available for sale. Two of my family members got their delivery in Jan.
May be they are trying the Tata's way of clubbing both the versions.

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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

It's good to see that Tata and Mahindra's are going up on the sales (competting with Hyundai).

Nissan Sunny's and Punto's rise is good for the competition, but need be to seen how far they can sustain (especailly if the Diesel car excise duty hike is announced in the coming union budget).
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

- Fabia sales seems to be eaten up by Rapid
- Only 2 cars stand out in their respective segments i.e. A and D2; rest is a mad rush jostling for their share of the pie.
- Corolla, Figo & Micra seems to be doing pretty well. Surprising to see fall in Beat sales even with diesel around.
- Skoda is all down. Only redeemed by Rapid. They should actively push the Yeti.
- No sign of Toyota slipping up. Nissan and Toyota poised to be the manufacturers to watch out in 2012. I foresee a fall in Fortuner sales in the coming months and rise in Innova sales. Hope am proved wrong on the fall front. Eagerly waiting for the New Camry to hit showrooms.

@Mods - Luxury car segments (BMW/Audi/Merc) are all missing though I see their monthly/yearly figures in news, so they must be giving out their figures eventually. Their market share can be added even if a little later in the month.

- Jetta is one car which disappoints me. It has so much potential to become segment leader but VW's policy to shortchange its customers in some key features (like ACC, Leather etc.) is proving a hurdle.
- I am hearing a rising number of car accidents by Bolero's driven at high speed/drunken driving. Just a observation by reading the local papers in West UP area. Fueled by it's rising numbers and customer profile, perhaps?
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Default Re: January 2012 : Indian Car Sales

Alto 32965
EON 7344

Just a gentle remainder to people who said, Eon is so superior to Alto that price difference is justified. I have always maintained mechanically the Alto is a much superior package. Just imagine the Eon's steering does not have a self centering action which can be so unnerving to a newbie driver. The gear lever vibrates enough to give you a good massage at traffic signals. The engine has poor low end torque and takes a gruff note when revved hard. How did Hyundai think people will buy Eon on looks alone ? On road mileage the Alto has an edge , NVH Alto has an edge. Price wise with the 800cc and the K10 they have all the bases covered. Service, after-sales and resale Alto has an edge. If you want to take on an established player and in this case the highest selling car in india, you have to at-least match the price if not under-cut it. Look at the Eon's plight , its laughable simply because it has directly hit its own siblings in i10 and Santro. alto is nearly selling five times as much as the Eon. Now imagine once the novelty factor wears out , Eon will have no place to hide. I mean a car launched with so much fan-fare and expectations has turned out to be market dud if u keep in mind the cost of the project and the segment it is competing in. If you want to be polite you can say , oh it will improve with time and all but what is the evidence ? The only way out for Eon is to keep the existing prices and plonk the four pot motor from Santro.

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