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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Am sure that as petrol-heads, all of you have a bucket list of some sort for cars / bikes. Here’s mine in no particular order:

• Drive a truck for 200 km minimum. Any big, bad, powerful, modern truck. Am still not over my drive in the iconic Tata 407.
• Own a Porsche 911.
• Watch a MotoGP race live (have already been to some F1 races).

• Rent a Dodge Challenger on my next USA trip. Modern & classic models, both.

• Redline a German car on the Nürburgring, then the Autobahn.

P.S. I must add, thanks to Team-BHP, I have checked off a lot of items on my bucket list already .
Whoa! You did cover quite a few items, some of them are exact/partial matches from my bucket list as well (Porsche; Nürburgring;watch an F1 race from a vantage point.; drive an electric truck).

Here are some more (might be pretty ambitious but hey, it's a bucket list after all):

1. Drive (or rather own) a police-spec Dodge Charger (5.7-liter HEMI V8)
2. Testing the limits of Hennessey Venom F5 on Salar de Uyuni (Bolivian Salt Flats)
3. Being inside and driving a Rolls-Royce Sweptail (gotta see what the fuss is all about)
4. Being able to do insane drifts in a Nissan 350Z/ Mazda RX-7

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Here's my bucket list-

1. Own a Range Rover LWB.

2. Drive a Ferrari at Fiorano.

3. Take the Eau Rouge in any sports car flat out.

4. Visit Leh Ladakh in my Hexa.

5. Do the complete GQ run.

6. Visit the Porsche factory at Stuttgart.

7. Drive a 911, any variant will do.

8. Drive a Volvo bus, preferably a multiaxle.

9. Ride in the backseat of a Phantom for whaterver distance.

and last but certainly not the least

10. Keep driving manual cars for as long as possible.
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Here's mine. I am assured the following shall adorn my garage in either 1:1 ratio or 1:18 Models.

1. Bentley Flying Spur

2. Mercedes Benz W124

3. Honda Civic

4. Toyota Land Cruiser

5. Tesla Model X

Experiences :

1. Drive a no-limits Porsche on the German Autobahn! Karan561's video literally gave me chills!

2. Participate in a car-wreck event! I have a lot of traffic-induced anger stored which needs a proper event for me to vent it all out!

3. Drive around an European F1 circuit in a capable car, Belgian Spa is my favourite! A F1 driver's appreciation on my racing lines would be the icing on the cake!

4. Drive an aged Tata truck. I want to empathise with the truck drivers who did so!

5. Participate in a legal "Sprint" race in my city.

6. Work for an automotive company in it's factory premises. Any job offers shall immediately be accepted.

7. NSFW.

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

My list is endless, I think I will keep dreaming will accomplishing the ones within my reach
Realistic Dreams
1. Own a Mahindra Thar, hopefully the 2020 Thar would come home, with all 4x4 bells and whistles
2. Drive a rally spec car in India on a track
3. Drive to Ladakh. I have been shamefully drooling over pictures, but haven't planned a trip yet
4. Own a Ford F-150 or Raptor (If I land a job overseas, then this dream comes true)
5. Own a W123, I just love clean lines and simple designs, they speak more than some of the current day designs
6. Drive a truck, if possible the TATA Prima truck
7. Own a Landrover Defender - The old generation ones are legendary. The new ones are looking good as well, clean design

Nothing wrong with dreaming......
1. Drive a true American Muscle car - 1964 Mustang. I was driven in one sometime back, just the sound of that engine and pure acceleration is something that I want to feel behind the wheel
2. Drive the Ford GT on the track
3. A road trip from Chennai to Bhutan. I have seen travelogues of those drives, once I have people who are thinking on my wavelengths, I might just go
4. Rent and drive Aston Martin Vantage DB9
5. Porsche 911, preferably a 1970's model MT with license to thrill
6. Work with Chip Foose or one of the leading automotive shops in the US. Pick what goes behind their thinking on their masterpieces
7. Travel to all the auto shows with my camera kit and keep capturing memories
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Here we go:
1) Own an Endy and go for a London tour.
2) Drive an FJ Cruiser in Congolian forests.
3) Drive a Tesla Model S in ludicrous mode and experience that acceleration.
4) Visit VW factory at Wolfsburg.
5) Fully assemble a car from scratch by myself.
6) Own a car detailing shop in Melbourne.
7) Have a race with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

I do not have a long list, here goes-

  • Fully Ported and polished, Expansion chambered 2 Stroke Motorcycle -For Giggles
  • A Classic 911 Air cooled Porsche, - This is my dream car
  • A Toyota LC200 to go exploring.
  • Try my hand at Car Racing and Rallying.
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

•Get my licence

•Master essential driving skills first

•Own a tuning shop specializing in VAG builds.

•Rip a Beemer, a Lambo and the Taycan on the Nurburgring.

•Restore/mod a Lancer, an iKon, an OHC, a Baleno G16B, a Zen and a Civic.

•Own a private jet.

•Dive off the deck of a cruiser ship.

•Do all this before the ICE get banned.
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

A realisitc and doable Automotive bucket list:

W124 E220
A Pickup Truck with suspension lift
2nd Gen Hayabusa
RE Continental GT 650
An Overland Vehicle (Modded TT3050)
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

* Somehow get back my Grandfather owned Padmini*

And then,

1. Buy a yellow Mustang
2. Drive to Leg Ladakh in a Fortuner TRD
3. Drive to North East in a Jeep Compass
4. Own a Dark blue Linea with 2.0 Compass engine and interiors
5. Buy an Abarth and along with it get free petrol for life
6. Buy a Mini Cooper for my Father
7. Own all cars from the Abarth Garage
8. Take a Linea on the twists and turns of Konkan
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

I dream of things which I know I might be able to fulfill in the near future, so my bucket list is very small

1) Buy a fast EV car, preferably a Tesla
2) Buy a range rover for longer drives.

I guess with these 2 wishes I will be satisfied for a long time.

3) on second thought, if I am able to control my ever growing beer belly then buy a 1000cc Hayabusa or the likes for small inter city rides.

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

My bucket list is part fulfilled:

1) Own an S-class
2) Purchase my five car dream garage (Skyline r32, Evo 6.5, Impreza, twin-turbo 911 4wd and 4 door manual M3 (e36/e46)
3) Drive a pure handling sports car (done in a MR2)
4) Go over 250 kmph (done on a Ninja 900)
5) Drive a sports car/supercar on the Nordshcliefe (Nurburging)
6) Watch a F1 and MotoGP race live
7) Go off-roading in a Landcruiser (done)
8) Do a sub 10-second quarter mile
9) Do a sub 5 second 0-100 kmph (probably come close or done on the Ninja 900)
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Well, here's my list:

1) Own a Porsche 911 of any generation (except the 996).

2) Own a F56 Mini Cooper JCW.

3) Own a gangster-mafia-spec super sedan like a 2011 Maserati Quattroporte (metallic black with dark sunfilm)

4) Have my own home garage and learn the nuances of mechanics.

5) Turn my living space into a parking lot for my special cars. (Park my special car in my living room).

6) Own a basic car that I'd turn into a project car (currently in progress - Polo GT TSI).

7) Drive across EU (including a few rounds around the Nurburgring Nordschleife and the Stelvio Pass) in my Porsche 911 by availing the factory delivery option.

8) Get Leh'd in my own purpose built Suzuki Jimny.

9) Resto-mod a classic sportscar like an Alfa Romeo GTV or a classic Mini Cooper.

10) Participate in a rally.

11) Own and ride a Moto Guzzi V7 Stone.

12) Start my own vlog with one or two like-minded enthusiasts.

13) Ride/drive/be driven on the Isle of Mann TT circuit.

14) Go to the USA for Monterey Car-Week and the Concours d'Elegance.

15) Attend Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival.

16) Drive across India in any car.

17) Visit the Porsche and Mercedes Benz museums in Stuttgart (done!)

18) Visit the Ferrari factory.

19) Visit the Pagani "factory".

20) Build, own and drive a kit-car like the Westfield Sport 250.

21) Be a navigator to a rally legend in a Group-B rally car on an iconic rally-stage.

Ambitious, but hopefully attainable goals.

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

As of now, only two simple ones:
  • Do a road trip every 6 months – should be at least week or two. Pacific Coast Highway is something I am eyeing as of now!
  • Own an Alfa Romeo (say the Giulia) and a Mini; even the Mini One will do, its about the connected feel!
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

My love for the first-gen Suzuki Zen knows no bounds. I want to buy up each and every old Zen from the market, restore them to perfection (restored from the bottom, right from chassis and body rust coating to brochure, key etc) and house them in a sleek retro style showroom for sale, each sporting a unique sticker value. I even thought of a name - ZENORA (Zen+Restora). So yeah, that's on my bucket list. I might even hook up these old beauties with an electric motor (in future) to carry them into the next decade.
-In bikes, I want to do the same with the Yamaha RX 100 (not the electric bit, though).
I have had my share of Porsches so that's not on the list, but yes visiting car factories of foreign majors does seem like a great thing to add to my bucket list.
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For me, Subaru Impreza. One car is enough. Rock solid/robust Japanese workhorse with a hydraulic steering and an on demand AWD. I don't think I will ever need any other car.
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