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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Here's mine.
1. Complete following drives in my 3.2L 4x4 Ford Endeavour.
A) Spiti circuit.
B) New roads in Ladakh.
C) Mustang valley in Nepal.
D) West coast of India.
E) 7 sisters mainly Arunachal Pradesh.
F) Complete an all India drive covering a states and UT's.
G) Bhutan.

2. Drive cars like Ferrari, Lamborgini etc. on a race track.

3. Buy a preowned 4x4 Mitsubishi Pajero and modify it to a proper off roader.

4. Owning a BMW 5 series.

5. Owning an old generation Bullet.

6. Retaining my Bajaj Pulsar forever.

7. Road trips around the world:
A) Hiring a 4x4 and driving through Iceland.
B) Hiring an off roader and driving with family + camping on various off road trails in Australia.
C) Hiring a SUV and driving through US.

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

1 and only 1 > Sell everything off and buy a hi-tech off-road worthy motor home / expedition vehicle that can go off-grid and live the rest of the life in it while traveling this planet.

Image just for reference .
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Hopefully, I'll tick off everything on this list before old-age catches up:

To Buy:
1. A big, bad ADV Tourer - Preferably the Multi 1260S
2. Fast family Sedan - 530d. Perfect successor to my Jetta.
3. Eventually, one top-of-the-line SUV. Either the RangeRover or a Lamborghini Urus
4. And before I get any of the above, a Jeep Compass for the near future.

To Do:
1. Attend Track School and finish Levels 2,3 and 4.
2. Do Bike Trips in All Continents

And the one big Moonshot:
Travel to Mars on a spaceship!
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Land rover Defender 90
Range Rover Sport SVR
Rally spec Maruti Gypsy
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

- Solo drive a yellow lancia delta integrale evo2 on a week-long road trip with lots of mountain twisties
- Repeat the same route as above, this time with family, in an red alfa giulia QV
- sit in the rear seat of an armoured rolls royce phantom and whilst enjoying some champagne, get shot at by some mercenaries. Finish the champagne, have a nice nap, and 1/2 hour later, arrive at the white house main entrance, to be greeted by The US president himself, incredulously exclaiming "you got lucky" to which I would reply "naah, just a minor scratch"
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Here is mine.. Breaking this down by 1. With in my reach already, 2. Expected to be in reach in about 5 yrs time, 3. Need a down right miracle for these to happen..

1. With in my reach already, but not done yet

1.1 Own a RE Interceptor 650 for friday office runs and weekend rides. A well maintained RD 350 works equally well too
1.2 Own an electric scooter Ather 450 ? for daily market / school runs .
1.3 Buy a fun to drive used Jeep or car (Toyota Sera ? ) under 5L and do a long trip.
1.4 Cross country trip on my Nexon Kanya Kumari to Kashmir and Beyond

2. Expected to be in reach in about 5 yrs time

2.1 Buy a full sized 4X4 SUV like the Fortuner, or Isuzu V Max, or a fast car like the Octavia
2.2 Own a classic, timeless motorcycle like Triumph Bonnie.
2.3 Do a few laps in exotics .. Ferrari, Porsche and the like..
2.4 Plan a trip around automotive history.. West Germany, Nurburgring, Isle of Mann, NASCAR, F1 etc.

3. Need a down right miracle for these to happen..

3.1 Own a Tesla electric for short drives.
3.2 Own a real luxury vehicle : Mercedes GLS / Jaguar XJ-L / Range Rover.
3.3 Own a garage of exotics and fast cars & Bikes : Vintage Shelby Mustang, Dodge Charger, Ferrari 430, W124, GTO, Honda Goldwing, Ducati SS, Yamaha MT 1, Suzuki GSX, Indian.
3.4 Drop work and live for driving to exotic places and races

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

1. Drive an IC engine car long distances through various states of India before these car become less mainstream.

2. Be able to share a beautiful travelogue on Team Bhp platform.

3. Drive a really good modern diesel powered car. I have never got a chance to lay hands on a diesel car till now sadly.
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

1. Kargil to Tawang through UK, HP, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan & Assam
a. On a open Thar
b. One Geography expert, history expert and a botany expert as passengers who can give a full on immersive experience and knowledge of the one and only Himalayas.
c. Total journey should take as much time as it requires approx 5-6 months

2. All india 6month tour on a full fledged RV with my wife and son.

3. Complete Dakar rally route on a Adventure tourer

4. Full on Europe trip on a retro motorcycle like Bonneville

5. Nurburgring drive on a hot hatch ( atleast for 5 hours)

6. Drive Manali Leh route in a Lightweight Dirtbike

7. Drive a American muscle car in America
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

It all starts with a DREAM. So I have been dreaming a lot relating to automotive stuffs (my girlfriend thinks that I am going insane) . And I have come up with a simple bucket list which I believe will soon come if itís Gods will.

(1). Own a garage + off road accessories shop with professional Staffs and mechanics.
(2). Build an overland vehicle ( Toyota Land Cruiser ) .
(3). Go to my honeymoon with my own build overland vehicle to all the states and union territories of India.
(4). Go for international road trips as well. (Probably Asia, Europe)
(5). Own a dual sport motorcycle ( Triump Tiger 800)
(6). Restore a Zen carbon edition.
(7). Restore my Gypsy (off road spec).
(8). Build a rally spec Polo and participate in rallies/ autocross.
(9). Witness a WRC (Wales)event and feel the adrenaline rush by being a co-driver in it.
(10). Participate in the Raid de Himalayas ( Childhood Dream).

I donít dream of super cars or super bikes because they are just not PRACTICAL for the roads in my state. But certainly I would love to experience the taste of it if I get my hands on them during my visit to other states or country.

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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

My bucket list is simple one liner. Anything else is a bonus.
Own a Mercedes Benz E-class
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

It’s a great idea to share our automotive dreams among the enthusiasts. My lists are as below.

1). Any one among these for Restoration - w124 E220, W108/109, VW Beetle from 1960s, Defender 90 or a classic Mini
2). A used Toyota Fortuner or a LC200 both in diesel and go for an all India Trip.
3). A Toyota 4runner TRD Pro/TRD offroad as a replacement for my current car if it ever comes in a 7/8 Seater configuration - Currently TRD Pro/TRD offroad comes only in 5 Seater configuration. I am a big fan of Toyota Crawl control

If same question was asked during my college days, I would have added below vehicles also to my list

4). Sierra Turbo 4x4
5). Tata Safari 2.2 VTT - With Safari to Storme update, I lost the interest and I am not a fan of current shape even if other aspects got better.
6). RD350

If someone asks me that if I am doing anything to achieve these dreams, my answer would be “not much” since priorities got changed. Still there is a minor chance for point No.3
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

I am not as keen on any specific product/material ownership than I am on creating/inventing a product/material!

However, one thing that is on my bucket-list is to one day have my own multi-car garage for repair and services that will/can serve as an example of professional and competent customer care!
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

A full size Ford Transit van.
Carry a nimble ~600 cc motorcycle and a H2R in it with all the spares and equipment. Race spec-ed, no plates!
My wife and I will be a 2 person crew.

Go to Laguna Seca every other week, or Sonoma Raceway if I feel a bit edgy that day.

About cars - I realized that I am not a car guy when I drove an R8 V10 plus on a racetrack. Good for me. $$
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

I don't hold lofty dreams and supercars. If I had the money (and space), I'd buy a bunch of daily drivers that can ACTUALLY be used in Bangalore traffic.

- Turbo Esteem street sleeper (could be a reality, as I own an Esteem, but need the money, time and patience to make this happen)

- Rally spec Premier 118NE

- A fast touring sedan, preferably a BMW

- An estate/wagon, say the Octavia Combi vRS or Baleno Altura. Again, street sleeper

- A few bikes - Triumph Street Triple RS, Kawasaki KX450, RD350

- Kerala to Mumbai coastal drive on one of the above cars

- Bangalore to Bhutan drive

- A lap at Nurburgring Nordschleife, Spa, Silverstone, Le Mans, and BIC
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Default Re: Share your automotive bucket list here!

Mine is a very humble list.

Owning a Ford Endeavour 3.2 (not going to happen)

Buy a 4◊4 Safari Storme or a Scorpio (near future) and then just go on driving on and on and on....

1. Especially to Lahaul and Spiti. Been there in Innova but it made us both (me and the car) sore all over.

2. Attending all the festivals in various states for photography by driving there, visiting the nearby places and not just the major venues as the lesser known places also offer nice views and having your own car helps a lot.

3. Driving from my hometown (Ahmednagar MH) to the four corners of our country in a road trip, living in the car.
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