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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Originally Posted by sudeepg View Post
Old style flap-type door handles, no hand rest, engines which are inferior compared to its competition, and interiors that look spartan
Sadly this reminds me of the 1st time I saw a Datsun in the showroom. While I had not taken much interest in specs then, I can see now why they left India. I can also strangely see 1-2 Datsuns on the road occasionally. Maybe this is what Citroen wants.

Another equally sad aspect for Citroen is the pricing - the C3 despite being an enthusiasts car is bare bones while the C5 aircross (a gem of a vehicle) barely meets it's competitors sales figures. This car may also suffer the same faith.

But here's to hoping Citroen gets it right sometime in the future!
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Contrary to public opinion, I am a bit optimistic for the C3 Aircross. I'm not a big fan of features like Sunroof, Seating Ventilation and would much rather have a more simple mechanically sorted vehicle with basic features.
Having owned a 1st gen Duster, I could get used to weirdly located French controls. I like that it has a variant with over 500L of Boot space (something that even the non Hybrid Grand Vitara is not great at). If the ride lives up to the "Aircross" moniker and it does come with the ASIN sourced Torque Converter Automatic, this would make an interesting 5 seater SUV with great boot space.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

What will it take manufacturers to not compromise on simple features like power window switch placement. It just screams low cost. Hope this is not a Datsun like play by Stellantis
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Originally Posted by ComboCutter View Post
No Automatic Transmission gearbox offerings
Autocar India's review claimed there would be an automatic offered at launch. I think it's just not part of the media cars showcased here.

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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

I am a bit intrigued by this model.
1) Why are they calling it C3 Aircross when they are already selling a C3, C3 EV and a C5 Aircross ? Isnt it a bit confusing ?
2) Had Renault launched the 1.0 Turbo Triber soon enough, this car wouldnt probably have even been conceived for the Indian market. I hope someone in Renault must be kicking themselves.
3) Be that as it may, one can also look at it as a competitor to the Ertiga actually, nevermind its faux SUV styling.

Citroen, please give us a good contemporary product in the 15-25 lac category with adequate features and safety tech. I am sure you have something in your lineup, instead of conjuring up this variant.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Originally Posted by McLaren Rulez View Post
Autocar India's review claimed there would be an automatic offered at launch. I think it's just not part of the media cars showcased here.
Autocar also reported that by the end of 2022 the ATs for C3 will be launched. Still no sight of them.

I will believe it when Citroen announces it. Shouldn't it be a red flag that the media cars showcased here were all manual? (for a Creta competitor?)
They couldn't get one AT gearbox car to showcase, for a car that could likely be launched after October?

We should take the future offerings of better engine and gearbox with a pinch of salt always from Citroen and shouldn't hold our breath for it. I wish that I was wrong but Citroen need to do better.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Citroen C3 Aircross is clearly the latest debate starter with any automotive enthusiast. While the exterior looks stunning, interiors are a let down. While Engines are competitive, lack of Automatic gearbox is a let down. But in my books this will sell well if pricing is targeted towards Triber. C3 Aircross might well be a premium and better looking version of Triber and will appeal to a lot of folks who value comfort and practicality over a ton of gimmicky features. In the sea of overpriced sub 4m CSUV's, this may prove to be a breath of fresh air if priced right

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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Looks like Citroen is trying make a Kiger / Magnite version of mid-size crossovers like Creta / Sonet.
Product looks awesome and has that Euro vibe to it and that alone might do the trick.
But again Citroen should not wait for launching 'Shine' variant of this car like it's smaller sibling.
There is no harm in having W-I-D-E product pricing range so give all the people what they want i.e. skimp on features to attain lower price tag and attract price conscious buyer while offer top of line feature loaded variant for value conscious buyers.

Citroen please pull up your socks, somebody needs to break the domination of that Ugly looking Creta.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Like lot of creta seen on road, here also lot of creta being used. I don't understand who is creating these comparisons, is it just by the size. If the price is justified for what Citroen offers then what is the issue? Features? even base versions of creta/seltos is barebones and still people buy it based on their budget. As long as the price is acceptable I dont see any issues with the missing features. Speaking about flap type door handles, I still feel it is more practical than some cars placing it in C pillar which is weired and odd to use.

I personally own a C3 Turbo and I have completed 9k kms. I am completely enjoying this little beast and once you enjoy your drive you will never ever care about all the gimmick features. I may be against the general opinion but I like the way Citreon focusing on mechanicals rather than features but as a brand in India there is still a long way to go..
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Originally Posted by sagsaw View Post
No idea what Citroen product planning were thinking when they decided 7 seats in a 4.3m vehicle.

Only explanation is they are targetting rural
semi rural customer.
Le Masison Citroen - Manchar or Machilipattanam ???
Citroen comes across as one of the most confused players in the auto industry in India today. They launched an over engineered C5 Aircross at a price that put it out of reach for most of the car-buying population and followed it up with a El Cheapo C3. This was followed by the eC3 that seemed like a product that was designed by a bunch of engineers that were given a target price and told - "Itne mein jo aata hai, woh bas hua"
... And now this ...

The really need to spend some time meditating and then define their target market. Look at their distribution and then decide what they want to bring to India. They have a reasonably good portfolio outside India - but before anything, someone must tell their CEO, Indians like VFM not CHEAP ... Tatas learnt it the hard way and see the products that they launch ... safe, high quality and feature laden ... the entry of the Kia upped the game for the broader good ... now it is for the carmakers to learn the right lessons or look at their products bomb.

Is the C3 aircrews here competing with Jeep Meridian - is it the Ertiga to the Innova? or is there to compete with the Safari ...

I'm sorry ... but this is one heck of a confused product. Period.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

The car looks dashing- balanced dimensions and proportionate and has a modicum SuVish feel much better than the sub 4m Crossovers.

110 HP Turbo charged Engine is a good offering. And there's novelty factor.

However, now the price seems the keystone that shall define C3 AIRCROSS' success.

If the price of C3 Aircross is targeting Nexon/Sonet/Brerzza , I'd just choose the Citroen as 3rd row usability must not be a question.

And if they target the Crerta/Seltos range, this is DOA.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

I feel Citroen should have focused more on bringing a 7 seater version of C5 Aircross . That would have beefed-up the competition with Toyota Fortuner, Jeep Meridian and others . Or at least they should have brought a mid-size SUV similar to Skoda Kushaq/ VWTaigun. This will help Citroen to stay in Indian market.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

The engine specs, the overall cabin feel and feature list means this car is going to be priced in the Nexon-Sonet-Brezza range. I have a feeling it will do fairly well for itself there. The underpinnings are very decent, as proven in the C3, and they have kitted it up with all the missing essentials. Space and size will be the USP against other cars of that price. The only thing missing is the automatic option, which cannot arrive a day too soon. Overall, I like what I see here.

If the take it up to the Creta-City price segment, it will sink without a trace.
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

While it certainly looks very good from outside, there is a absurd cost cutting involved. Some of the expected missed features for any 10~L priced cars(Forget creta).

1) Only two positions for headlight levelling (high and low). Just like Magnite, this is extremely cheap and feels like a rickshaw.
2) No request sensors.
3) Single barrel halogen headlamps
4) No front centre armrest (They have given one only for driver seat).
5) Gear lever looks extremely cheap.

This will sell if top end does not exceed 12L (Ex showroom).
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Re: Spied testing: 7-seater based on Citroen C3

Looks nice in that dark blue colour. Doesn't look flabby or "droopy bottomed" like the Creta. Citroen seems to have worked out the "track - to - height" ratio well.
Is the rear AC control unit a blower unit only? Just sucking in cold air from the front vents and throwing it out at the back? (that is it does not have a cooling coil inside, just a blower fan?)
This trick was used by Renault in the Nissan Sunny/Renault Scala for the console mounted rear AC.

The 3rd row seats look like copies of the Renault Triber 3rd row. I understand, like the Triber the Citroen's seats too, can be taken out in entirety.

Going slightly off topic, wonder why Renault is not introducing the Triber Turbo. Scared that it will eat into the Kiger's marketshare? Maybe; but I doubt that will happen as both cars appeal to different customer sets. Triber is a brilliantly packaged product, let down by that asthmatic naturally aspirated engine.

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