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When is Nano coming?
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The Rs.5 per litre hike on petrol is very steep. Diesel is moderate at Rs.3 per litre. Petrol vehicle owners will feel the pinch very much. Because there is a price hike for diesel, prices of all commodities/vegetables will be increased citing the diesel price hike.

The Rs.50/cylinder hike of cooking gas will hit the middle class. What is more shocking is that the petroleum minister is proposing 8 cylinders per year per household (irrespective of the number of people). You will get more than 8 cylinders / year, but they will cost double the price. (This news is on IBNLive News | India News Homepage). As it is, the pain of price hike of petrol, diesel and cooking gas is hurting badly, but this proposal on rationing is terrible. We are going back to the good old 60's rather than moving forward.
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Originally Posted by warchild View Post
what you saying mate! ..its that cheap!
man wish i lived in new delhi!
Bangalore fuel is expensive, 50.5 for regular petrol
premium petrol is 1.5 bucks more around 52 Rs/-

The downside is also there that we Delhi-ites need to travel large distances to even buy a bulb. So overall fuel costs maybe much higher than guys in other metros/cities.
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oil hovering around 125 $ per barrel, government did not have any option but to raise fuel prices. but this move of reducing the customs duty on crude will have an adverse effect on the macro economics of our country. Brace ourselves for some bad times ahead.
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Originally Posted by Car-Agey View Post
They can come back by reducing prices just before the elections.
Yes and if that is the case we are seeing a true face of congress rt now.But do public that much foolish to vote again for UPA in next election?I don't think so.The Biggest fiasco is loan waiver package which even farmers not taking a note of it,bad governance and total failure.
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Originally Posted by sk456 View Post
The downside is also there that we Delhi-ites need to travel large distances to even buy a bulb. So overall fuel costs maybe much higher than guys in other metros/cities.
Or you can make the electrician come home for a negligible Charge with your choice of bulb.
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instead they should have used the half amount used for laon waiver (30k crores) for fuel companies,farmers have got so much relief,why not relief for some vehicle owners
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What am I going to do now, just bought myself a petrol Amby 1800 Isuzu, I guess I din't see this hike coming. Rs 5 hike is quite steep, it's going to cost me Rs 100 to Rs 150 more everytime I tank up.

LPG by Rs 50, Man what is this government think. In my state (Kolkata) even CNG is not available, and LPG don't make economic sence to me. Why don't they tax Diesel more as the percentage of diesel vechiles is much more compared to Petrol.

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Government should act fast

The government should immediately support research and manufacture of alternate fuel. My sister-in-law, a US based biotechnologist tried to acquire some land for cultivating the plant used for producing bio-diesel. The cost of land is exorbitantly high (even in remote places) and does not make sense to go-ahead with plans. The government can encourage such people.

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Some helpful links:
Avon cycle - Largest Cycle Manufacturer Exporter from India
Hero Cycles Ltd.

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Aam Aadmi : "Till now i have been saving for Nano... Going forward i need to save even for its fuel ! I promise to use Kerosine instead of LPG for filling my stomach !"

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I submit the following: (Its a combination of suggestions as well as a bit of a rant, so forgive me please)

1.The price rise in Fuel was inevitable bearing in mind the astronomical prices of crude in the international market. A correction of this kind was absolutely required since we are still being heavily subsidised.
2.However, while raising the prices, our govt has also reduced duties etc to minimise the impact on common people which must be appreciated.
3.Unfortunately they have forgotten one huge point;
All Branded products sold in India are sold on MRP basis - there is no price differentiation between Kashmir and Kanyakumari for example, for a LUX Soap. This despite the cost of excise, freight, octroi where applicable, entry taxes, etc etc etc. One cannot practice differential pricing strategies in India for branded products unlike in some other countries which is why we have MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICES here and Recommended or Suggested Retail Prices elsewhere.
4. Therefore by the same logic, why cant Fuel also be sold at a common MRP across India?
5.And again by the same logic, why cant a Car or Jeep or other vehicle be sold at the same MRP across India like other products are?
6.Why should a Fuel user in New Delhi for example (after this hike), pay only Rs 45 per litre of petrol when a similar user in Bangalore has to pay nearly Rs 60?
7. Why should there be this discriminatory policy between Union Territories and Other States?

(After all I think it is common knowledge that the largest and possibly most conspicuous consumption of Fuel happens in places like New Delhi/ NCR and the maximum number of people who actually buy big expensive cars and jeeps etc are based in that part of the country!- As a relative comparison with the rest of India. No offense meant please to anyone who lives in Delhi or other Union Territory)

Despite this, we all probably know in our heart of hearts that regardless of where we live, we, the great Indian Bourgeoisie, will still continue to drive our cars and jeeps everywhere and NOT bother to practice car pooling and other fuel / cost saving techniques. That is a tragedy according to me. I see it every day in my office - largely because people are a bit selfish and their timings dont match!

We all know inflation is already far above normal levels and this Fuel price rise will impact it by another 1% probably. Simple food and essential commodity costs will rise as will many other things.This, despite the fact that the powerful Truckers lobby already has ensured that the price hike in Diesel is less than for Petrol. Poor common people - what happens to the poor itinerant construction workers and our domestic help when their food costs rise above their capacity to pay?

This rise in Diesel prices will also impact our costs of Electricity and Power generation because our dear darling government in 60 odd years has still not been able to fully harness our immense potential for Hydro electric power as well as of course Nuclear Power (bad word and completely politically incorrect mind you!!).

Nor has the government really given us good alternative means of transport like good quality proper, clean public transport so that we can drive less and sit in a bus or train more like most people do abroad.

It doesnt look like we will ever implement things like "congestion charges" etc to discourage people from un-necessary use of their own vehicles within the cities - because probably we will have a Rahul Gandhi or someone being the first to flout the rule with their BMW X 5 or whatever!

And it is rather funny how you can already see the LEFT parties leaping up and down shouting about the adverse impact on the "common man" while still continuing to drive their fancy cars and sending their kids to Cambridge to study, like Monsieur Le Comrade Jyoti Basu! And anyone reading TOI Bangalore must have just seen that our dear darling pet monsters Yeddy and gang have all awarded themselves brand new Toyota Innova's - there was a picture of a rank of White Innovas in the papers yesterday! and apparently they get 500 litres of Fuel per month paid for by the state exchequer!! Man - thats really something isnt it? I think even at pretty Senior Corporate levels in the Pvt Sector, people dont get as much!!

It does make you sit up a bit and think doesnt it?

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Originally Posted by musicmanaman View Post
Why don't they tax Diesel more as the percentage of diesel vechiles is much more compared to Petrol.
Taxing diesel will mean a steep increase in all the essential commodities as lorries and buses run on diesel. They should tax diesel cars more instead to force people to buy petrol cars.
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Nice one bblost, but in the Chennai climate, we cant even ride a bike, forget a cycle.
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Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
The wise men are those who bought diesel vehicles.
You bet !

But there is an approx 10% increase whicever way you look at it... diesel or petrol.
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