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Old 2nd July 2015, 03:37   #151
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Default Re: The Must Have Features in Your Next Car

1) Telescopic steering
2) Adjustable Lumbar support
3) Driver seat position memory
4) Dual-clutch transmission + paddle shifter
5) 150+ bhp
6) Proper sound proofing

All of this in a hatchback/notchback

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At least 2 airbags
Best in class NVH
Best in class suspension
Best in class brakes
Reliable electronics and mechanics

Now you know why i am always searching for cars to replace my current car instead of just buying one!!
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Old 18th January 2016, 18:17   #153
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Default I wish my car had ….

Hi Frnds,

I searched the Team BHP website to find a similar topic but failed. My intension here is simple. I want to know how many of us wished our recently purchased cars had XYZ (whatever we wished for). We as Team BHP-ians do a lot of research, reading, viewing before deciding to buy which car and what variant. But after buying whatever car we close on, we realize that oooo gosh how I wish my car had this …. Why didn’t I know this before? How could I miss it when I have gone through all details so meticulously? To qualify for writing on this thread, you will have to have a “feature/thing/characteristics” which was missed during your new car research and now you wish for it.

This will be a good thread for new researchers to know what usually gets missed during researches.

To start with me, I bought a Ciaz ZDI+ SHVS two months back. I (my brother) also own a i20 Elite. After I got the delivery of my car, I drove it for a while. During our first stop, I locked my car and expected the ORVMs to close (because I locked my car). This feature is present in the i20 Elite and (to me) gives it a premium feeling. When the Ciaz Top model did not have this basic feature, I was very disappointed. So much so that I called the Advisor to check if something is wrong with my ORVMs or this feature is not available at all. The advisor confirmed in negative. My brother (who is not a big supporter of Maruti) had a laugh at me. And I had my “Gurrrrrrrrrr” feeling.
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

Good thread.

I wish my SX4 VVT Zxi had the following:
  1. 6th gear (I need 2500 rpm for 100 kmph, I wish it was 2000)
  2. The arm rest for the driver
  3. Better illuminating headlight
  4. Cornering headlight
  5. The rear AC vents
  6. Charging ports in the rear

Apart from these, I do not miss anything. I do not need auto folding mirrors, rear camera, touch screen etc. In fact, I do not want touch screen.
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Old 18th January 2016, 19:39   #155
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

When I bought my Punto Evo around 1 year back I had done an extensive research on it, so I cannot say I had too many similar feelings about it except may be better headlamps. The headlamps are not good enough, forcing me to keep my fog lamps on mostly. Recently while I was helping out a close relative with a car purchase I had one such moment. His decisions had swayed a lot between the Ecosport, S cross, Creta and finally I took delivery of the Ecosport trend plus. Two things I totally missed during my research was:
1. The fuel lid opening is linked to the car's central locking system. When you stop the car at a pump, pressing the button on dashboard to open the fuel lid will automatically unlock all doors too. I would have preferred it the conventional way.
2. The spare wheel cover after painting was almost costing as much as a set of two 15 inch alloys
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Originally Posted by Rahul Bhalgat View Post
Good thread.

I wish my SX4 VVT Zxi had the following:
....[*]The arm rest for the driver[*]Better illuminating headlight[*]Charging ports in the rear
These issues can be addressed aftermarket! There are plenty DIY and other threads on TBHP.
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

However much a car is loaded with features, I think we can still find something that we miss For me, it's the following:

1. Electric child lock (driver can press a button to engage/disengage the child lock). Super convenient.
2. Auto tilt feature for ORVM when reverse gear is engaged
3. Electric seats with memory
4. In this winter, I wish my car had a heated steering wheel

I knew before ordering my car that all of these were missing. I had the option of ordering #2 and #3 on the list, but left it out due to budget constraints. #1 and #4 were not offered for the car I chose.
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

I wish my Swift Zxi had the following -

- Auto-dimming IRVM (drove a friend's Baleno Alpha late in the evening, very useful)
- Auto-folding ORVMs (every time I am stuck in a tight traffic situation, have to stretch to the other side and fold the mirror; and open it again for which the car has to be stopped)
- Bluetooth (as streaming music is difficult with Aux, as my mobile cover has to be taken off for smooth playback)
- Reach adjust for steering (for better driving position)

- Bigger boot with a sane loading bay
- Better rear seat legroom
- Hydraulic steering

My biggest "grrrr" was when the facelifted Swift was launched next month (I got mine in Aug 2014) with better keyfob, push start, bluetooth and auto-fold ORVMs. But I have better looking alloys!
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Old 18th January 2016, 20:28   #159
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

I had a Civic, I wish it had 180 mm Ground clearance. The car was beautiful, however, my heart used to pop out every time I used to see a large speed breaker or a deep crater.

Palio: I wish my Palio had better reliability and "Local garage friendly" design. I had to fix my radiator leak, for which the local garage guy took 2 hrs to dismantle the assembly as he did not have the Professional workshop tools. (And this is a garage which does atleast 7-8 car repairs per day).

Zen Jelly Bean: I wish Maruti used better sheet metal, the car had started rusting badly by 12 years of usage while a similar vintage Palio was holding up quite well.
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

I wish my Swift Vxi had the following-

1) A more powerful engine. Atleast a 100bhp motor.
(I strongly feel that Swift can be a worthy contender in our current hot hatch scenario only if Maruti Suzuki decides on providing a bigger engine option to the Swift.)

2) An auto dimming IRVM & Auto Folding ORVM's.
(While am not a big fan of having too much electronics in my car. I prefer the old school mechanical stuff more. But the above two features are sorely missed.)

3) Bigger boot!
( A top seller in it's segment and yet has the smallest boot.)

4) Better brakes! Atleast if not ABS.
(The current gen Swift's do not have an ABS option on Vxi trim. If not ABS they can at least provide better brakes.)
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I own a 2013 Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi and I need:

1) better in-cabin insulation

2) A 6th gear so that cruising is effortless.

80 kmph - 2000 rpm
100 kmph - 2300 rpm
120 kmph - 2800 rpm
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

I own a Punto Active and I always wish if my car had:

Rear wipers
Auto dimming for OVRMs

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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

I have a Jetta.

I wish my car had

- Life long warranty.

Other than that its such a consolidated package even for a car from 2010
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

Fiat Linea MJD (pre facelift) :

My wishes are very basic compared to others.
1. Bottle holder(at least one).
2. Better low beams(which a sub 7 lakh hatch these days has).
3. 1.6 MJD + 6 speed tranny.
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Default Re: I wish my car had ….

I drive a 2014 Honda City iDTEC V

I'd wish for

1. Better build quality. Enough has been written about this.
2. A quieter, refined and more powerful motor. The 1.5 iVTEC and iDTEC are two long lost brothers, one of whom when to IIM and the other to jail.
3. Firmer seats with better lumbar support.
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