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Default Re: Renault Koleos

This pricing is a disaster- this will go the X-trail way- one would have thought Renault would have learnt a thing or two from its stable mate.
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Renault has gone for premium pricing in the Sedan (Fluence) and SUV segment. Fluence diesel is under equipped and under-powered for the price. Koleos is well equipped, but the price is too high the the engine is not exactly what i would call as premium.

What they need is a bout with reality. I am guessing a few quarters with low sale #s would give them that, if not understood by how Mahindra turned Logan around .
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Can some Car Manufacturer please provide a decent SUV in the price range of Rs 15 Lakhs, as I think a lot of people are able to buy at this price. By pricing it so high I think they are not going to sell many of Koleos .
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Launch details on ACI site:
Renault launches Koleos SUV | Autocar India
I guess they are the three idiots!!
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Originally Posted by nik_kapur View Post
That is the worst pricing ever !! Would rather buy a BMW X1 or a Audi Q3. I dont care if the Koleos has a bose ICE, the fact is the car brand matters in India and not the sound system! I wasnt expecting a 15Lakh price like a lot of other people, but more like a 18 Lakh price tag. Even at 18ex showroom, i dont believe it stood a chance.

Now i wonder how much that much talked about Duster will be priced at? 15 Lakh??
+1, now I dont expect the Duster to be priced anywhere below that unless they get a Hondaesque knock to their head that will bring them to their senses.

IMHO, it is overpriced by around 3 to 4 lakhs even with all those goodies.

But who knows, they may bring out a bare skeletal version of the Duster too
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

there goes my plan for Koleos in ditch. Insane price :(
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Another one bites the dust! It seems Fortuner will continue to rule the Indian SUV markets. IMO, the problem with Koleos is the single variant. I think they want to gauge the market response before launching a lower manual transmission variant.
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Wow that's some insane pricing. Why are they wasting their time and ours

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Default Re: Renault Koleos

23 L in Bangalore is 27.5 - 28L OTR here. How many will pay 28L for a Renault? Too many good vehicles biting the dust due to ridiculous pricing: Vitara, Kizashi, Santa Fe, X-Trail, CRV etc.

Well, I suppose I can stay happy that these pricing goof ups won't force Toyota to reduce the pricing of the Fortuner, so its value will continue to remain high even in used condition.
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Originally Posted by sahakar View Post
Wow that's some insane pricing. Why are they wasting their time and ours


Maybe they hired their India management team from Ford or something...
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Absurd pricing and weird strategy on model specs from renault yet again.
They should have brought in a more stripped out variant too. Although in front of X-trail it does seem good value. Then it has to be because its a ckd.
Bottomline 22.9 for a five seater is too optimistic.
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

I think a OTR of Rs 20-21 Lacs would have made Koleos the leader of the segment, but the extra 4-5 lacs will make prospective buyers think about a lot of stuff like Number of service outlets, maintenance cost, resale value etc. They should have ideally launched a SUV in 17-20 lacs range and then shifted gears.
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Default Re: Renault Koleos

stupid pricing indeed!
27.5 lacs OTR Bangalore is really high. Right in the middle of Santa Fe and X Trail territory and jumping about amidst BMW X1 and Audi Q3 territory too. Since the X Trail doesnt really sell well at that price, I guess Renault hasnt learned from its Nissan Alliance at all. Whats the point of offering a competing product at the same price range?
Are they doing a Honda-esque move?
If so, despite the excellence of the vehicle itself will pale into insignificance when looking at the price!
But it is true that the CBU pricing is likely to be terrible on account of the reasonably high Euro rate.
Same thing with Honda CRV - they cant help pricing it high as a CBU on account of the Yen having hardened considerably.
But this is no excuse for not considering making this car locally and sourcing parts also locally - thus crashing the price barrier and allowing a lot more people to enter the brand!
If this is the sign of things to come with Renault, then I m not sure it is worth waiting for the Duster. However, they may yet surprise us by bringing the Duster in at a mouth watering price on account of local production. But I do hope they bring it in in its Euro 4WD Top Spec. That will be more worth paying 14-15 lacs on road for - when compared to the Scorpio Top Spec or Safari Top Spec.

Having said all of this, it is also reported that this Luxe SUV segment / Luxe Car segment is growing more rapidly than the other segments. Perhaps there may be a method in their madness but only time and sales numbers will tell!

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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Thanks for that wonderful compilation of prices, I happened to pass the showroom today and stopped over for a quick look, and here's what I felt,

In Black it looked kinda nice,

Had a good presence compared to say the X1 which a lot of comparions will happen with due to price,

Car is quite loaded with some very nice additions like Power Seats, BOSE etc. which already have been mentioned,

Alloys are one of the best OEM's I have come across, some may find it flashy but I thought they were nice,

Interior has bits and pieces which I did not like but over all felt like it was all well built, I prefer simple interiors but this had a few loud designs but those can be ignored and the seats felt good too along with leather and electric adjustments,

Rear space is perhaps a little less for someone tall, but that only the tall members could verify?

Steering had cruise control buttons, but the Audio controls were placed in an offset manner behind the wheel, but can get used to them in some time.

Split tail gate is very nice, and has a spare wheel which also houses the Bose Sub Woofer and near it the Amplifier.

Engine Start Stop button is placed in a easy to reach place but a little too low, an ergonomic flaw but again can live with and below is a slot to insert the key card.

It has almost all the things most people here wish for in other cars including Dual Zone ACC , Keyless entry, Good steering to hold esp. at 10 and 2,

What was amusing is the Bose branding is all over, On the sides, Door plates, Rear boot, almost sounded more like "Renault Bose" Rather then "Renault Koleos"

Coming to price, I have never looked at this segment closely so my comments may not be justified but honestly with so much equipment I kind of think it's worth it if it drives well and has descent road manners, yes perhaps some may want a cheaper variant but will that work if a lot of features are omitted? I assume being a new company they need some time to setup their assembly lines, dealerships, product portfolio including produce mix, but over all I think if they offer a good support and can build a good imagine this will do well and I am pretty sure in time they might launch further variants with a lot of these equipments removed and price it at about 17L Ex-Showroom?

What comes to Mind is one Base Auto and One Manual without electric seats, Leather, Bose, Smart Card entry, Smaller Alloys, and the car sure can have that variant.

Lastly, Have not Test driven the car so cannot comment on that aspect but am pretty keen to know how this vehicle does as it did in a way make me want to ask for a Test drive, something which I rarely ask for.


Originally Posted by h@r$h@l View Post
I Have a feeling Koleos will attract some decent sales figures initially. Its priced slightly higher than Fortuner / Captiva territory, but is offering a lot of goodies that the competition is missing out.

Price OF Koleos in comparison with competition (All Prices are in INR Ex-Showoom Ahmedabad)

Renault Koleos 23,49,919
Toyota Fortuner 20,52,802
Chevrolet Captiva 18,94,315
Hyundai Santa FE 23,98,643
Ford Endeavour 19,70,880

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Default Re: Renault Koleos

Originally Posted by h@r$h@l View Post
Renault Koleos 23,49,919
Toyota Fortuner 20,52,802
Chevrolet Captiva 18,94,315
Hyundai Santa FE 23,98,643
Ford Endeavour 19,70,880
Unfortunately, the French still have no understanding of the Indian market. As if the Fluence's positioning & variants weren't bad enough, here's another disaster waiting to happen. More expensive than the Fortuner, Captiva, Endeavour and on par with the Santa Fe Nearly 30 big ones for an unknown brand?

I find this lack of understanding even more strange because sister company Nissan managed to price & package the petrol Micra perfectly well.

We will be reviewing this SUV after a couple of days.
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