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Get the car checked thoroughly, the car might be due for a suspension overhaul & can be figured out only when the components are opened (2 days work ).

SGP Cost (single piece):
Lower Arm - 7k
Struts - 5.8k
Bushes - 2k

Check the fuel pump & power steering..
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Please find my replies in bold.

Originally Posted by Abhi_Automobile View Post

I will be in the market in another 6 months looking for a used CIVIC which will be brought from New Delhi/Gurgaon.

I may be looking at a late '06 or early '07/mid '07 model. i guess in the used market there should not be much difference between the S-MT and V-MT prices. I am open to ALL colour options. The car should be ideally not be run more than 40k (maybe 50K). What should be the price I may be looking at then? remember, I may be open to wait for the turn of next year (say Jan'11) to make the car a 'year' older.

As of now, a 2006 good condition pre-owned civic in Delhi starts from 6.25 to about 6.75 or may be 7 for a sparingly used V model (may be 15k driven or something). A 2007 civic starts from about 7 to about 7.5lac, again a few grand extra for sparingly used. There are plenty of cars available and you certainly will have a good number of options to choose from.

I dont see a point buying the car six months down the line, you either wont save any thing or a max 25k. It will definitely be better to start searching in January 2011 and buy a car in February or by march. In 2011, you should get a 2007 civic V for about 6.5, which should be an ideal deal.

Lastly, its still not decided but 2011 is when the all new civic is to be lauched (although civic is a design which wont feel outdated atleast till ablout the end of the next decade but in case it does matter to you?)

I will most probably use my Swift Vxi '06 to part finance the deal. The rest of the money may have to be financed (used car loan??). Is the used car loan as dreadful an option as our members have made it sound?

Firstly, an 06 Swift vxi wont fetch you anything over 2.5-2.7 lac as of now, depending on condition. So, even if you are to buy a civic right now, you will have to take a loan of 3 lac rupees even after adding 1 lac of your pocket. As the members suggested, the used car loans are pretty high on interest and paying high interst means the deal isnt really VFM. but if you are keen on changing the car, the it doesnt matter. But if you can stay with you swift (which I recommend you should), it would be a good idea to invest the money (1+lac) along with the monthly installments you are to pay in a good mutual fund, and buy a car in about 3 years time.

Scrapping the used CIVIC idea may also turn out to be valid suggestion. I may think of other cars as options then. I will be looking for an ideal car combination in a few months time so I will have some alternate plans. CIVIC is what my heart says right now!

Civic is the way to go if you have a budget to spend around 7 lac. However, if budget is a constraint and you wish to pay 4 to 5 lac rupees, you may also consider a pre-owned cedia (2007, 2008 preface lift models). However, the difference will be settled when you sell the car. A pre-owned civic for 7 will sell for about 3 to 3.5 in 4 years time and a pre owned cedia for 4.5 to 5 lac will sell for around 2 lac + in 4 years time.

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There are OHC Vtecs going for about 2.5 lakhs at Chandigarh Used Car Bazaar. Couple of them were in very good condition and as I personally know the dealer it was sure that both of them had not clocked more than 60K kms. So going by what I just read the OHC 1.3s mentioned here are overpriced.

Also, I'll recommend an Esteem over the OHC 1.3s. Its cheaper to run and buy and its performance is as good as the OHC 1.3s. I myself have had the Mpfi Esteem and the OHC 1.3 in my garage and as a used car I guess the Esteem makes far more sense.

Cutting the crap, Better go for Esteem over the OHC 1.3, or invest in a 1.5 or 1.5 Vtec if it has to be an OHC.

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Since this thread has a lot of people visiting who are looking or have dealt with used cars hence I think this is the right place to ask this question.

How far do you think the online car evaluation calculators (e.g. Carwale) are correct?

While looking for used cars I am finding that the price mentioned on the site is not close to the real life used car prices. I might be wrong and it could be that I am seeing only the inflated prices set by owners.

The problem is that I am unable to find a correct reference point to establish the price of a used car and then bargain accordingly. BTW, I am based in Delhi.

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Santro Automatic transmission

Finally i was able to find and buy Santro Automatic transmission for my dad. Its an 2005 Model, Single owner, 45,000km. I got it for 2.75 Lac. It was pretty difficult search, in my two month search i could only find 3 Santro AT. Carwale price was around 2.67 lac, but had to take it for 2.75 as its having huge demand in bangalore for Santro AT. Thanks guys for helping me know the approximate price. Here is the photo
Attached Thumbnails
The "USED" Car Price Check Thread-16052010.jpg  

The "USED" Car Price Check Thread-16052010_001.jpg  

The "USED" Car Price Check Thread-16052010_003.jpg  

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Hey Shamanth, for a 5 year old car it looks really neat and a well maintained car.
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Originally Posted by Pr_007 View Post
Hey Shamanth, for a 5 year old car it looks really neat and a well maintained car.
Oh ya, looked very good for an 5 year old , exterior was just like new, i was impressed and got it.
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Hi All,

I'm thinking of exchanging my 2006 July white WagonR Lxi, done 40K kmts in excellent condition. I'm expecting 2.5 Lks for my WagonR. Could some one please tell me how much a 30K to 40K done 2007 SX4 Zxi will cost in Bangalore?
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I am too facing the same dilemma but for past few months I have observed that the prices of the cars are always inflated by the sellers. Wont you and me would do the same if we were to sell our prized possessions? Its how you bargain that matters in the end. Dealers are indeed there to rip you off.
But remember the price of the good condition car should be between the "excellent and good" state as mentioned in carwale. If not walkaway. If you need help then befriend a surveyor in maruti and call him to check the deal that your getting and he shall update you with the lowest price that a car can be sold in market and then you can take steps from there.
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When i took up the personal loan i received interest rate of 14.5% reducing monthly. At that time the Used car loans were going from 16 - 18 % and new car loans were going at 12-14%.

As I said earlier also you can negotiate a lot on personal loan interest rates depending on the following things -

1. Your credit history
2. Your salary
3. Salary account
4. Relations with bank
5. The company for which you work (for example ICICI offers very attractive loan rates to Infosys guys )

PS - Try to take loan from Public sector bank as they have usually the lowest interest rate and also allow you to prepay without any penalty. The only problem with them is that they want a guarantor.

That can be managed. How much should be a decently maintained CIVIC cost me in Jan '10 in New Delhi/Gurgaon. As said, the accord is ruled out as its running cost/spare part cost will be twice of that of the CIVIC. Do I have a fighting chance of buying a CIVIC at around 6 in 6 months' time.
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Originally Posted by BMW-X5 View Post
Hi All,

I'm thinking of exchanging my 2006 July white WagonR Lxi, done 40K kmts in excellent condition. I'm expecting 2.5 Lks for my WagonR. Could some one please tell me how much a 30K to 40K done 2007 SX4 Zxi will cost in Bangalore?

Your expectations for your WagonR's resale price are quite a bit on the higher side. WagonRs have great resale but the recent launch of all new WagonR should affect the resale a bit. Still, 2.2-2.5 is not very far fetched and considering that the car is in excellent condition it won't be very tough getting the desired price.

The SX4 isn't a very popular vehicle. You can expect prices for 2007 models starting from around low 4s for the VXi trim and high 4s for the ZXi trims.

Avoid BROKERS. They are very good at their job, which is to rip off both the buyer and the seller.
Knowing a couple of popular dealers at chandigarh personally, the odo is reset to atleast 10k Kms less.
Infact, I was surprised that one of the dealers had a baleno with 35000 kms on the clock but when I did a closer inspection (and having a baleno myself) I was sure that the car has actually clocked around 60000 kms. Maybe more.

Also, do not limit yourself to SX4 no matter how much you like the car. Keep your eyes and ears open for Fiesta 1.6 and Cedias. They both are excellent cars/driver's machines and do not have a great resale.
You may also check out some sparsely used Optras if you don't really need a fun to drive car.
Few months back there was a 2008 Optra 1.6 with just 6500 kms going for 3.75 lakhs. The car was as good as new with not a single scratch I could find.

So friend, when you are looking for a Used car, possibilities are endless. Just beware of the dealers if you really need to deal with them and as per me the best thing is to have patience. Do not jump for offers that may sound attractive. Analyse and then put your hard earned money on the vehicle.

Also, do hunt for the vehicle at TRUE VALUE, FIRST CHOICE and the likes. These used car dealerships can be trusted quite a bit more than your average used car dealer


Mate, as you must had read on the site itself, the prices are indicative and to be very frank, even the indication is not always accurate. At the most, you get a fair idea about the price.

The actual price depends and varies a lot on the actual condition of the car. Also, there are frequent variations in the used car price due to factors like model changes and stuff.

Less than a couple of years ago there were Ikon Flairs with around 60K on the clock going for as low as 1.25 lakhs. Try finding a similar deal today.

Also, the dealers are not to be trusted. A petrol W124 Masterpiece in good condition should not command more than 4 lakhs but a dealer at Chandigarh was quoting around 7.75 lakhs for the car. Almost double. Similarly, the fusion diesel which isn't a popular car was on sale for 5.2 lakhs. Someone tell me why wouldn't anyone with I.Q. greater than a cauliflower won't buy a new Figo Diesel or Ikon Diesel for same money?

So, you get the picture. Its tough having an accurate data about the resale values. Best bet is to hunt for newspaper classifieds and a fair bit of research.

Also, as you mentioned its very normal that you find inflated prices as compared to CARWALE, thgey expect you to bargain and bargain hard, don't they?


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Hello all corolla lovers - soul seeking help
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Originally Posted by psathya View Post

On the advice of a close friend (I hope to be able to continue call him a friend after this deal) and following GTO's lateral upgrade thread, I have begun hunting for a used corolla.

Though I regularly drive an Innova, a Verna my car is a santro and I have always believed in putting as much distance between the tarmac and my rear.

I happened (through dealer - Alphazee in Chennai) on a used Toyota Corolla - July 2006 , H5, Run 47600 Kms, Company Owned, with new tyres. The owner claims it has stanley leather seats but they dont look to fancy. The insides are clean and well kept though worn. The engine noise is a bit more than normal but the car drove quite well through the short test drive that I did.

I plan to put it through its paces with a mechanic before buying. But before that would like to know what price I should offer. The owner expects around Rs. 680,000. I think since it is a july model the insurance would come up for renewal. Otherwise car is usable fro day one.

Any suggestions on the price, I should offer.

Also any Corolla specific issues that I should look out for.

Hey Sathya,

Since this is a company car it is likely that it has been serviced at A.S.S. Hence recommend that you call up the service centers and find out its history if possible. Also Toyota service centers will be more than happy to have a look at the car for you. I suggest you take it to them in addition to showing to your mechanic especially since you found the engine to be a bit rough.
Also since this is H5 the leather is a OEM feature, you can get the same verified on your visit to the service center.

I actually do not know about Chennai car markets but up north the price would be definitely be lower by nearly a lakh even for an extremely well maintained 2006 car.

Hope this helps! And take pictures to post here, you will get lot more inputs that way

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Check out Lanson used cars in ECR, they have loads of used Corolla. You can ask for Sheik who would help you out.

The price quoted is on the higher side, having said that,I haven' seen the car.
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Hi Satya,

I own a Corolla myself and this is not what i should be writing.

IMHO, the price is higher by 50-80 K. With the Altis launched, the re-sale prices of older Corolla took a beating.

Corolla is a Gem and with H5, it comes with all the bells and whistles. 48 K on the clock should be genuine and the engine would run to more than 300 K kms without problems.

Would suggest you to call up Lanson Toyota and you could get the service history.
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