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Originally Posted by aryashiv1 View Post
I am buying a company used (the company I work for) Suzuki Baleno 2004 model 70000 Kms run for 1,12,000/-. Am I paying the right price?
If the car is in good condition, which you say it is, go ahead. But something doesn't seem right about the price tag. It seems quite low for a 2004 Baleno, or are you getting employee benefits?
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IMHO, 1-1.5L for this car should be ok, given the fact that tyres are changed and also the insurance is new.

But my doubts are on the suspension, now that your mechanic has openly said there are some issues with the suspension, I would think twice if I were you. As I remember few stories in this forum where people have made some touch up but ended up with bigger problem.

But again other thing remaining the same the car is worth is.
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Its the company car where I work and it runs in the excellent condition without any problem. The price is low as I am getting the employee benefit. With regard to the suspension there is not major problem. It has been checked by the mechanic I trust the most so not an issue. If I was to buy the same car from a dealer it would not have cost me less than 2L.
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As far as possible put in sgp parts and you will have no problem with suspension for a long time.
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I would suggest you to go for it, 1.12L is almost a steal !
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You are sure that it has been maintained properly. For a 6yrs and 70K old baleno, its a good price.

All the best!
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I must say thats a steal, did you check the underbody for rust !! prices here in bangy is
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Buy it.
The baleno is a very reliable vehicle and will serve you well.
Mine has done 1lakh 10 thousand and the engine is as good as new, even though it's on CNG
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Grab it its a steel .
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go for it.IMO you are geting it atleast 50k cheaper.
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Default Used Corolla - What Price should I pay


On the advice of a close friend (I hope to be able to continue call him a friend after this deal) and following GTO's lateral upgrade thread, I have begun hunting for a used corolla.

Though I regularly drive an Innova, a Verna my car is a santro and I have always believed in putting as much distance between the tarmac and my rear.

I happened (through dealer - Alphazee in Chennai) on a used Toyota Corolla - July 2006 , H5, Run 47600 Kms, Company Owned, with new tyres. The owner claims it has stanley leather seats but they dont look to fancy. The insides are clean and well kept though worn. The engine noise is a bit more than normal but the car drove quite well through the short test drive that I did.

I plan to put it through its paces with a mechanic before buying. But before that would like to know what price I should offer. The owner expects around Rs. 680,000. I think since it is a july model the insurance would come up for renewal. Otherwise car is usable fro day one.

Any suggestions on the price, I should offer.

Also any Corolla specific issues that I should look out for.

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Default Thorouhly check the vehicle and Go for it !!

Originally Posted by aryashiv1 View Post
HI Guys,
I am buying a company used (the company I work for) Suzuki Baleno 2004 model 70000 Kms run for 1,12,000/-. Am I paying the right price? The car is in good condition (accident free). All four tyres have been replaced recently and insurance valid till March 2011. I have shown to the mechanic and he said minor suspension work and touch up is there which will cost me around 10K. Please let me know if I am making the right decision. Thanks.

IMHO, this seems to be pretty good deal, even though its still run 70k. The price also depends on the location too. If its for a place like bangalore where road tax is more, really can't imagine to get a baleno for this price now.

If you want a driver's car dont think twice, baleno comes next only to OHC Vtec. I have been pretty well analysing these driver's cars (zen, Baleno, OHC's..) of that generation. Really, I dont think even Maruti, not even Honda can't again produce those kind of beasts again man. I bet for that. Upto an extent I hope Ford has 1.6 and Honda now has a Ivtec to boast, still can't come anywhere near OHC's and Baleno's.

In those categories, I have driven lots on zen, LPG run Baleno and still not lucky to get and own a OHC. Baleno can be replaced only by a BALENO..

My both cousins have taken up baleno, but got to own lower milieage ones, installed LPG on them its still running above 1 lakh km. Also I have just recently missed a good offer of a 2005 baleno vxi/III owner/54k km run based in chennai. It was sold out somewhere near 2 lakh, tyres with enough rubber on it, well maintained scratchless vehicle. Eventhough could not check the vehicle, but saw the pic's only, so can't say much reg suspension and other aspects. But still I really pity myself I missed the chance to own and drive one of the best driver's car of those time, why not even now..!!

Just ensure thoroughly from mechanic that all is fine with suspension, clutch, and also check for under body hits, esp on oil sump and on silencer. Silencer is the first one that gets hit even with 4 on board and with hump of least size. So always consider, the other concern with Baleno's - very low ground clearence. Heart really will stop, if its under belly most often hits almost all humps of medium size.

Rest assured I say, its really a good vehicle to own if you are not that concerned on mileage, but rather gives all that satisfaction as you just be on the driver's seat. Suspensions are really good and AC is the best in Maruti's. Other than the blatant looks and low GC, its all a car to own and boast about.

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Please ask your mechanic what 'minor' suspension work needs to be done. Suspension bedding/mounting bushes cost 2 grand each and is the first to go. Try and stick to SGP stuff.

Other than that looks like a good deal. Have fun with the car!
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The price is very good, if the car is as good as your say it is, just pick it up, before someone else does.
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Go and get it if it is not involved in any accidents, minor rubs exempted.
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