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Default VW Passat or BMW 320d Highline or New Audi A4 - EDIT : Bought BMW 520d

Hello all!

After successful completition of three years with my Tucson, i.e on 07/07/08, now i am to buy a new car, and totally confused between these three.

I am actually an SUV lover, but alas in this price range there isnt any SUV at all! from 25lk to 35lk. (Xtrail counted at 22lk and Diesel is must)

SO finally came up with the only available choice in this segment

1. VolksWagen Passat Highline S (Rs.28lk onroad)
2. BMW 320d Highline (Rs.35lk onroad)
3. Audi A4 New model (Rs.35lk onroad)

Let me just put my likes and dislikes as the money in not a problem but yes, with the 320d and A4 i will be extending my budget, so have to see if i am really getting something extra.

1. VW Passat :
- Spacious of the lot & Big
- Cheaper maintenance compared to A4 and 320d (This is what i think, so please let me know if otherwise)
- Cheaper of the lot (without compromising on any features and comfort)
- Looks
- Sturdy Car

- Model seems old, fear car being outdated after purchase (Biggest Concern)
- Pickup is a bit low initialy, but this i can live with.

2. BMW 320d Highline
- Driving, handling is superb
- love the iDrive! this pulls me towards it.
- looks

- Worried about high maintenance (sparepart costs?)
- Ride comfort was HORRIBLE in the back seat... mean the suspensions, gave me a bad jolt in a small pothole on the road at a speed of 80+
- Very cramped i feel, maybe coz i am used to SUV's
- Entry exit to driver seat a bit cramped
- rear leg space bad
- no spare tyre wheel well! As i will be removing the runflat and putting tubeless, so want to keep spare tyre too

Audi A4 New Model:
- the looks! it kills!
- the color RED! in it- if Audi, would be in Red color
- Bigger than the 320d, almost as big as the Merc E class.
- Great Interiors!
- Suspensions (previous one has excellent, new one heard to be great as well!)
- Ride and handling (heard to be very good in this)

- Worried about high maintenance costs (spares cheaper than BMW???)
- No full fledge MMI (audi's take on iDrive) only half one. I love the BMW's iDrive!

So guys, need your opinions, and please correct me if i am wrong at what i assume from the points i have mentioned above.

Some basic points before you reply, this is to keep the thread clean and not deviate from the main point.
1. Please do not suggest any other cars but from these three brands.
2. Want to buy now, so no point suggesting any car comign 6 months down the lane
3. I dont want to go in for a car above 35lk at all. But if i can pull up a lil more on the budget, then the 520d @ rs.43lk onroad is final!

So please let me know your views and help me decide on something..

currently on way downstairs to td the Passat again.
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The Autocar Show on UTVi had compared the 320d and the A4 and they were going gaga over the A4. They said it rocks and was the ultimate driver's car for the price.

Given your love for SUVs, I don't think you should go in for a sedan. Its possible that you regret your decision later on. Just my 2 cents.
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It has a little cheap image and many compare it with accord and camry as it has 20L ex-showroom price tag as well.

Yes the costliest to maintain of the lot.

Audi A4:-
My pic of them all, but you are talking of the 3.2FSI right? just to confirm.
Hope you have no problem with a petrol sedan. Or by chance you talking about the 2.0 diesel? I don't think its out yet is it?

Also Audi A4 has a exclusivity factor over the other 2. Plus your fear of the car going to be outdated- Gone out of the window.

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will you get the 3.2fsi in 35l? i think if you cant you should up your budget and get that. lol

anyway between the 3 id take the new a4. the biggest reason being its looks. it looks mean. and it wont be outdated for a long time. both the engines are very good but the 3.2 is a monster.

the interiors judging by audi standards will be exceptional and so will the driving dynamics though i dont know how it will compare to the bimmer.

im sure the space in the a4 is also more than the 320d and about as much as the passat.
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The new Audi A4 interiors have been reffered to as "not so good" regarding quality in some mag I read. My choice would be the Audi A4 3.2 FSI Petrol which comes with quattro four wheel drive as standard.
I think Montero would be a good choice if you want an SUV and its in ur budget if I am not wrong.
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@ID- Audi A4 would get my vote here.I must agree with you the color red in it would make it more appealing. Look no further . Cheers!
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Rishan, Great to know that you will soon be an owner of a very very enviable car.

i have no deep knowledge about these high end cars. Only thing i can tell you is that Hyderabad roads are getting a way too flooded with BMW's, these days every other car is a 3 or 5 series BMW, especially in Banjara/Jubilee Hills. My take is the new A4, saw some pictures and it is awesome to say the least.

And, most importantly in red, it will stand out from a mile away
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1. VW Passat :

You seem to have decided it is old. lot of money for the badge

2. BMW 320d Highline

Good car if your use is within and around the city. Why are you moving to tubeless ?

Audi A4 New Model:

This is the best all rounder. Not the best drive compared to the BMW as steering is slightly dull and it understeers on the limit

You have ruled out the Merc - another good all rounder and suited to actual conditions. Pricing is questionable
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The Audi A4 3.2 FSI, If I have the money! Go for it, afterall Audi is very sturdy! And Quattro should entertain you.
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All the while I was reading your post, I kept thinking 520d. And then I came across this line.

Originally Posted by Insane Devil View Post
But if i can pull up a lil more on the budget, then the 520d @ rs.43lk onroad is final!
I have a feeling you'll finally buy this.
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Here we go again

Get the new A4, those LEDs look are killer ! Besides the car is a beast if you are getting the 3.2L. I havent sat in it but is it really as big as the E class?

Btw, BMW does have an all inclusive maintance plan... I took it for my 525d @ 2.7 lakhs. The 320d was cheaper i think around 1.9 lakhs for 5 years/100,000.

Please rule out the Passat its not at par with the rest of these beauties, instead add the C-class to your list.

But ofcourse if you budget can expand the 520d it is !!
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I just can't digest the way that the 3 series looks, and its now the oldest / smallest of the segment. How come you haven't shortlisted the C220? As Ajmat pointed out, its a fantastic all rounder and does pretty much everything competently. Its fast too. The only downside will be its questionable reliability, since the latest gen has been around for less than a year.

If you can stretch your budget, nothing like the Audi A4 3.2 or the BMW 520D.

P.S.: Whatever happened to your fascination with the Montero? Overpriced Mitsubishi? Yeah, I know. But still a heck of a machine.
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I would say Audi A4
Its mean . Its frugal , its new and the best of it, it will turn heads more than a BMW ( Due to its exclusitivity , atleast when its new)
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Put the Passat out of the competition. And then starts the confusion. I have been thinking from the time you posted the question and I could not come up with the answer.

After a lot of thought, I would go against the tide (much as I do not not want to) and give my vote to the BMW.

The major reason being - your posting habits - yes I know for a fact that you will kick yourself for missing out on the i-Drive.

I say go for the BMW - from your posts I feel your excitement when you talk about the BMW.
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How much does a toureg/landcruiser/q7/xc90/x3/x5/gl cost on road ?
Given your love for an suv a sedan just wont cut it . I feel you should wait a bit till you can afford one of the SUVs.

Of the 3 i would pick the 320d.

Though i havent driven or been driven in tha a4 i coun vouch for the beautiful 320d
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