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Default Your car's security system's brand & your opinions about it

Which is your car's security system ? Is it just a plain base system or a costly remote keyless entry system ?

And are you satisfied with it's performance ?

What are your opinions about it ?

I'm having a Autocop DX (base model) which I've got for free from the dealer when I bought the car. Although I'm pretty felicitous about it's working, I've felt that it lacked many features.

And do you have a backup battery ? It's important because the alarm is useless if the thief unhooks your battery.
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I have a vision remote keyless entry system instaled in my santro. I'm not at all happy with its performance & the service which the company gives.
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I have Maruti Nippon central locking system. Its total crap, it was cracked by thieves 3 times, and each time it was my Gear lock which saved my car.
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AutoCop is best in India.. Service is A++++.. Used to have it on my Zen. and it worked like charm.
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i have autocop in my indica and none in my accent,the autocop is useless,i have it installed minus the siren only for convinience as indica did come with a factory fitted central locking,as far as reliablilty is concerned its very reliable compared to silicon installed in my previous car ,zen.
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Did'nt give me any problems from longtime. All the security systems are not really crack proof. they can be put to no use if a crook knows how to do it.

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Originally Posted by abhibh
AutoCop is best in India.. Service is A++++.. Used to have it on my Zen. and it worked like charm.


Autocop is nowhere near the best and you cannot call it a security system. Its more of a fancy central locking. I agree on the service part though it is the best in India.

The best in my opinion from brands officially sold in India is Xenos manufactured by Pricol under license from Directed Electronics th eworls leader in Auto Security Sysytems and mkers of brands like Viper, Clifford, Hornet , Avital etc.

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Autocop gave problems after 4 yrs but recently got an AMC from the company and it rocks now!
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had Autocop Cobra then exchanged it for Crosslink wheels 2 way remote plus shock sensor and power window sensor. its not fool proof i think but works for me
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so is this cobra the one hyundai supplies?
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yep jk .. its that two button remote hyundai OEM ... now i think hyundai give out MAX central locking
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have a xenos security system installed on the comes fitted with a shock siena is fitted with autocop dx,was given free by the dealer,the ikon had cobra securitys system.of all i love the xenosv system as it has all the features that are available and is pretty reliable it installed after thieves broke into my car and stole my cdplayer.had a silicon system installed which i replaced the next day with the xenos system.
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Guys, how about mentioning the costs too of your security systems.
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I got a Xenos fitted on my Indica.. Good Stuff.. Excellent range.. The instrument compnay Pricol is manufacturin it.. And service is rather very good..
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If you people are really keen to have some security for your car, as in to prevent it from being driven away, I would say go for a Gear Lock made out of high tensile steel. Have the installation done on the reverse gear.

Those fancy remote locking systems have their problems. I know about a guy who had the shock-sensor and other such zing-bang security system. Ultimately he got all the high-tech stuff disabled as they used to give one problem or the other every second day. A kid passing by his parked car would rub his hands across the body of the car and the sensor would go off creating a huge racket. In another case one of my acquaintances had a major problem with their car security system. Sometimes the motion sensor inside would trigger on its own (he was told that there was a fly inside the car that triggered it). On one occassion the ignition cut-off failed (he went to a movie with his family) and he could not get the car started. So ultimately his fancy system is now reduced to a regular remote locking one. And even these are very easily rigged. One trick the thieves try out regularly is to break open a light (mostly indicator) and then short-circuit the whole system by a wire. There goes your security.

If you think your car is always parked in risky neighborhoods get a good gear lock installed. Even those huge and visible (a big visual deterant) steering locks are useful.
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