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Old 22nd September 2008, 18:13   #121
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Hi Guys,

The options are very clear , Either flash him out or give way. I tend to more agree with Steeroid that they have to meted out the same treatment. I use to have the "Oval" Shaped fog lights in Chennai (Would i ever need them? No) inclined a little upwards and as I flashed my Hi-Beam the Fogs would Flash too. Its has helped a few people switch to Low Beam.

Please folks, watch out before we flash them for the Driver could land up being a perfect IDIOT and could actually endanger your lives !!!

Take Care folks and drive safe !!

Best Regards,

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Old 22nd September 2008, 20:09   #122
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what you do is see if the road ahead of you is clear with less or no vehicles , after doing that just start looking at the extreme side of the, border line of the road ... this can be used when driving on ghats or blind corners .

One more thing we can do is instead of slowing down just go fast and pass the oncoming traffic quickly , but we have to be extra careful when doing this .
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Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post
IMHO allowing such things to go on unchallenged is childish and cowardly - not the act of attempting to do something about it in however exaggerated a manner.

If "not" breaking the law is childish and "cowardly ?", I wonder what is. Beating the crap out of the other moron ? or being a bigger fool than he is ?
Its the attitude that's got to change on our roads.

Sadly that never will, there is no point in saying anything else in this thread.
I'm out of this one.

All you "hero's" fight it out.
Sorry, but I had to be sarcastic.
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Maybe the newer DICORs & the VTTs have the rear fogs. I've yet to see one in any model of TCIC, including that of mine. The idea of mounting a single HL in the spare seems to be a great idea.

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
Well the Safari does, maybe old ones did not.
Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post
Safari has fogs in the rear and RVMs with night mode - .
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Default hate people with high beam and who do not use dipper

I hate the people with high beams on their cars/bike which i have to encounter every day that iam working nights...
I try and control myself but everything has a limit and sometimes take my frustration on them..
I wish i could have the light they have in circus, which is used as a spotlight when the trapeze acrobats perform, so that if i see someone come with highbeam glaring..i could use that spotlight so that they get blinded for a good 5 mins..!!

The best way to keep calm is to think that the auto guy/cab guy is where he is driving the cab with high beam because he does not have the brains to use dipper while approaching an oncoming car..cheers:
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Old 22nd September 2008, 23:05   #126
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Originally Posted by theEnd View Post
I think the solution is blindingly (pun intended) simple:

The auto manufacturers need to be convinced (or ordered) to ensure that no car's high-beam can be left in the "ON" position.

Now the trick would be to figure out how such a law can be enacted. I personally feel it would be of much more use that the headlight level adjusters that are now found in all cars (I think this was mandated by the government a few years ago, so it shows that such a change can indeed by affected).

Excellent idea!!!! Best I've heard so far.
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Not something I'd advocate, but these are useful in tackling the really stubborn cases

Name:  scorp2.jpg
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I usually had a 55W halogen on my bike, directly aimed at the incoming car's windshield. wired the fog lamp to the kill switch. Hardly one sec after I turn it on the opposing light turns into low beam. Tit for tat, only way things work around here
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Old 23rd September 2008, 18:42   #129
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Originally Posted by razor4077 View Post
Not something I'd advocate, but these are useful in tackling the really stubborn cases

Attachment 52072
Talk about making a statement!

But seriously, I wouldn't recommend any kind of "revenge" on idiotic blinders. A driver who uses his high-beam on oncoming traffic ain't no expert. And your attempt at revenge by blinding him could make him crash into you. A fool opposite you doesn't mean you turn into one too!
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hello friends
u know its ironical actually, while this thread exists one other thread also exists in this very site, its a sticky i guess (termed as parked here) the auto lighting thread where everyone is literally looking forward to fit a sun in their headlamps, anyway im not pointing any fingures or trying to offend anyone but i guess somewhere down the line we are all a little guilty, some more than others, one can try pranayam for road rage i guess, just make sure u dont get aggressive because i guess its worse to be involved in a road rage case rahter than driving on a high beam, my 2 cents
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Old 23rd September 2008, 20:47   #131
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I think the whole point of Blinding the opponent is just to make him/her realise that he/she is driving on high beams.Usually when you use the pass light and if the opp person is a lil sane he/she understands and switches to low beam, but for the other MORONS there is just no alternative.The short tempered ones among us resort to tit for tat while the patient ones just ignore.
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Old 25th September 2008, 08:08   #132
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if you want to blind these people. Go in for a 130/110w bulb (also install a relay). That will teach them.
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Old 25th September 2008, 09:57   #133
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Originally Posted by razor4077 View Post
Not something I'd advocate, but these are useful in tackling the really stubborn cases

Attachment 52072
Won't so many lights and the bull bar affect the breathing of the vehicle and cause it to heat up easily?

What I do is permanently drive around in low beam and then keep dimming and dipping when I come across someone on a high beam. The good ones co-opeate and dim their lights, the bad ones who stay on high beam get my high beam just before they are about to pass me, temporarily blinding them

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Gosh, you won't believe the audacity of these light fitting dealers.
I went to a store where I wanted to fit a new halogen.

The dealer recommended me 100W. I said OK, because the head lamp lens has turned murky and blurred. While installing, he boasted that he has done this .... and done that ... and then he told me that one say a customer had come in who wanted to do his head lamps such that they hit the opposite coming traffic.
And then pretty proudly, he said that he coiuld do the same to my set-up also!

So I guess there are MORONs out there who really want you to be blinded while driving opposite him.
And equally idiotic are these dealers fitting such lights on cars.
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Old 25th September 2008, 10:46   #135
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No Alpha1, I was planning something similar on my bikes - the revenge against safari walas on 4HIDs, against volvo idiots and truck walas with 4 100W bulbs!

Its just as a warning shot - not meant to be driven with. Have seen it in action and can tell you its worth every penny.
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