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Guys! After upgrading my tyres around 2 months back its time now to get the headers done on my ALTO VXI 1.1 ride. I am planning to get Automech header (FFE) installed and can ayone point me to some good workshop garages here in "namma benguluru". I got hold of 2 automech dealers here but would like to know if anyone have got them installed on any of your rides by local garage guys. Please point me on this brothers!
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Hi- does anyone have the contact information for good tuners in the Delhi NCR region? Thx
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stage 1 mods in bangy

Hi All - I have a santro erlx 2006 model and am planning to get a K&N universal air filter and a free flow automech exhaust.
My only experience so far has been getting a catback exhaust done from PitStop (well actually he took me to shabbir I think near tv tower)

I checked the K&N site and it points to methodsonline for K&N filters in bangalore. Are these guys directly setup to fit the K&N or do I have to goto one of their dealers in bangy as listed here Methods - Methods Dealers
I am not sure about the other authorized K&N dealers listed on methods site, but I know where car shringar is - any feedback on them for getting K&N job done. OR should I head to FRK or someone else for this OR should i just go back to pitstop
Also how much would a K&N universal filter set me by - I checked on methods online purchase site (Car Power Grid) and they recommend K&N universal filter rc-4550 for santro for 4690. Also listed on this site is a K&N FIPK typhoon intake kit for getz. Should I ask specifically for one of these for my santro

I got an email from automech (vivek bhat) to contact harish of aryan play systems for an ffe for santro. Any feed on aryan play and also how much an automech ffe should cost me.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Mods - posted this in car accessories thread and got no reply, hence reposting here!!
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Thanks, Very good read, got a lot of additional info. The first thing i am gonna do is look for a CAI.
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hey, thanks for the write up guys! A really good thread to learn things about modding, especially for beginners!

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One of the best infomative thread.Very good effort.Now i feel like i want to buy a petrol car and do all these mods.This thread is really tempting.
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post

1. Performance brake systems:
2. Turbo-chargers:
3. Super-chargers:
4. Engine swaps:
5. Upgrade clutch:
6. Lighter flywheel:
7. Gearing:
8. ECU replacement:
We could add "Upgraded Cooling" and "Diagnostic system(for cars running from rechipped ECU's and not standalones)" to the list.

9]upgraded cooling : Aftermarket performance oil and water cooling systems and radiators will definately help guys running stage 3 mods. Cooling makes a really big diff to the engine if u are going to go all out and want a reliable car. Also at stage 3 the original temp gauge wont be of much use , u will also need a EGT gauge .. this will give u the real temperature of the engine. Some boosted cars will definately benefit from the spray cooled intercoolers..

10] Diagnostc system :With piggyback/standalones u get various logging diagnostic tools, but if u are running a rechipped ECU u need to get hold of a tool which shows how ur system is doing, it does help in figuring out what component is nearing its limit before u get a MIL, its good to have one.. either handheld or laptop based.
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Kudos to all who have provided the above info,
Its a detail comprehensive article
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Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
Jiggy, almost all E-II ECU's for zen, esteems, baleno's are the easiest one to tinker with. Send me a ECU if you wish. Could get it done for you to see the benefits.
Can you get it done for me man?
On a petrol swift Lxi ?
Would love to have that option.

Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
An excellent read on DIY electronics to modify your coolant temperature sensors & air intake sensors.

AutoSpeed - DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 2

DIY on making boost controllers.

AutoSpeed - The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1
Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
Best way to figure out which location on your car is optimum to fit a CAI.

AutoSpeed - Siting Cold Air Intakes

Thats some nice gyaan man , thank you.

Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
OT but I have never seen a single car in BLR with Automech anything on it.
Lovely !
You should out check out Bombay man , stickers and all.

Originally Posted by rdkarthik View Post
Or take the recent test of V-Box equipped bone-stock swift, performance gains have been quite significant in acceleration, roll-ons and drivability.....
Nice , any specifics would be great man.

Originally Posted by Psycho View Post
Hey RD Agree the ECU can help from day 1 itself the only reason it is typically set on stage three is for the following reasons:

1) You need a skilled person with experience to do the initial install and tuning
2) Better gains noticed with additional mods
3) Costs

The only reasons stand alones get pushed to later is because they are not plug and play like other simpler devices.

Agree with that 100 % man.

Psycho : Arush from delhi highly recommended you for GOOD [ i asked for the best + cost-benefit ratio ] custom headers for a petrol Swift Lxi. Being meaning to PM you for a long while-expect me man : ] .

All you guys , its lovely.
Always wanted to go to your city with my car.
After chilling with JD from chennai - he convinced me that i was right to think so AND to swing by them & the track at chennai too.

Sooner than later , supposed to be a NICE drive . {car feels great too}
Hopefully I can be taken care of .

cheers people
good stuff

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I am indebted for the information ...
Thanks a lot

PS: Please keep the good things coming
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Not sure if this is the right thread, but any inputs on how to convert a manual transmission to an automatic?

I have a Verna Diesel and having enjoyed the comfort of Santro AT, feel like exploring ways to convert Verna to AT.

Checked out reviews of AutoClutch and T-BHP folks did not have great to say about it.

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Post Deleted by the Team-BHP Support : SMS / Slang is STRICTLY prohibited on this community. Please view our board rules carefully before proceeding any further.

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After reading all the threads on modding, I am now thinking of fitting a free flow exhaust to my 2004 Zen (MPFI).
Would you guys recommend an Automech system - headers, expansion box and muffler?
Where would be the best place to get this fitted in Bombay?

Suzuki San
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Originally Posted by Parn View Post
Thanks for the replies - Can you be more specific with the address or contact nos?

pscyo-banaswadi rd

sag racing
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Originally Posted by suzuki san View Post
After reading all the threads on modding, I am now thinking of fitting a free flow exhaust to my 2004 Zen (MPFI).
Would you guys recommend an Automech system - headers, expansion box and muffler?
Where would be the best place to get this fitted in Bombay?

Suzuki San
Automech rocks! They have a pretty good setup too. I got my Vtec exhaust installed from them and have been happy with the service. They are located in a compound right across the Phoenix Mills.
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