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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

I've never laughed so hard after seeing a car review. No offense to the reviewer - the review was great. It is just that the car being reviewed seems like such a comedy car.

Who is Datsun planning to sell this to? What are they trying to compete with? The only real competition I see are those extremely large auto rickshaw contraptions that run in some tier C cities and rural areas that carry 5-6 people. If that is their target market, they've done well.

If they are planning to target the car market, well God help them!
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Somehow I feel this car too would go the Go way. Datsun seems to have lost the plot when it comes to selling cars in India. While I understand that Go+ is supposed to be an economy car, it just seems to be unfinished especially when compared to rival cars.
I doubt we would see this level of cost cutting even in our humble Nano. Hopefully Datsun picks up cues from market leaders like Maruthi & Hyundai as to what ticks the check boxes of an Indian car buyer, if not they might as well as close shop now.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Most buyers should probably remove the 3rd row of seats and exchange it with the dealership for some of the accessories

The car looks good front on and the overall shape seems nice as well. The tires need to be 15" at least and need some width as well. The interiors seem screwed well. The key hole seems properly done

The mileage figures seem promising and the price is delicious.

Lack of any safety features is disappointing and I hope the buyers are aware of the limitations of the car and drive it accordingly.

A very good review!
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

This can theoretically be a car with <5lakhs OTR price tag with 7 people sitting capacity. People who have less concern of safety can surely go for this car. If they brand it well and improve the fit and finish I think this vehicle has potential.

Any idea if we can fit larger wheels?? if yes, any recommended size?
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Tries to be a jack-of-all-trade type of car. Ends up being good at - none!

Again- The No second row folding instruction points towards one thing- This thing is damn unstable, to the extent that the mere repositioning of seats can affect this contraptions centre of gravity.

A Duster styling cue I noticed: The rearmost quarterglass:

Name:  datsungoplus13.jpg
Views: 7670
Size:  84.9 KB

Of the Datsun NO+ ()

Compare this to the one on the Duster/Terrano:

Name:  renaultduster9.jpg
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Size:  78.0 KB
Name:  renaultduster08.jpg
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Size:  82.9 KB

See- They were so damn short of ideas!

No wait- Nissan, did I forget to mention that this one is a sub-4M SEVEN SEATER?. To quote my statement from my post in the Datsun GO official review:

Well, did you wonder about the crash test scores?
And, where are the fog lamps, fellow?, I asked the salesman. The guy was not able to answer.

So, A Mediocre Sales + Awful Product + Uncertain Service = A perfect recipe for disaster.

The last line pretty much tells the conclusion of this car. Cheapness personified.

Case closed.

Credits for the Duster/Terrano pics- the TBHP Review.

Last edited by Rudra Sen : 16th January 2015 at 23:20.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Thanks Tushar and S2.
Brilliant review and truly deserves a 5 star.

Unfortunately, this half baked contraption does not even deserve a third of that.

Had the Datsun team given the commitment you two gave to review this product, the Go+ would have been a lot better!!

What is the fun of a third row? For the sake of it?

Sake of what- Safety to its occupants/comfort/VFM for a 7 seater?

Doesnt make sense why cars like this should make it to the market.
Either you make it and make it well or you dont make it at all!!

Very disappointed with the final product!!
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Suddenly i started feeling the third row of Ertiga and the Mobilio to be extremely spacious and supremely comfortable. This third row is a joke on wheels!

On a serious note Go+ can be a VFM option for few customers. Its not a car for Bhpians. But may be a family having 4 adults and 2 kids can have this car at the price of an Alto k10 with much more space and more powerful engine! Even Alto lacks features and scored zero in safety test, so is the Datsun Go.

But nearly with the same price or a bit higher than the k10, this car can be used as a spacious 5 seater, with the third row taken off it will also provide better boot space, plus arguably a better ride quality and a more powerful engine.

Surely it lacks on many features and is not a complete car, but to make it feature filled and a more accomplished 7 seater the cost will aslo go up. And those who have the extra money can always opt the Ertiga or the Mobilio.

At this price it seems to be okaish to me. The Datsun brand was meant to be cheap and so it is. Its obvious a cheap car will give a cheap feel with evident cost cuttings. We cant expect the Elite i20 interior/features in a Nano!

Not to mention yet another excellent review.

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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

This is really a sub standard car that does not belong on our roads. Definitely not in our metros, perhaps in tier 2 and 3 towns they could sell a handful of cars but there again customers have become quality conscious.

Didn't Datsun learn anything from the Tata Nano's failure?
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Good review. Unfortunately a very mediocre car.
BUT, if Eeco sells, even this would sell. We Indians are suckers for low-price.
There would be families with 1 or 2 small kids and they wouldn't mind buying this as a stop-gap arrangement till the kids grow up. All 7 seats would anyways be rarely used. so most would treat it as a "5-seater hatch with above-average luggage space". And I believe that would be the USP of this car.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

This is the perfect car. For city based kaali-peeli taxis. Hope Datsun reaches out to them and is able to make some sale.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Originally Posted by Tushar View Post
The management has no plans to promote Datsun in the taxi market; they feel it will kill the brand.
Wow! Really!? So they think that the average informed Indian will buy this sub standard product? Or they take us to be fools thinking we'll lap up the product from this "reputed" brand, with both hands??? Our 1992 Omni in that age had more features than this!!!
On one side, we are moving towards making important basic safety features like ABS, airbags mandatory on all the cars and on the other, we have these "reputed" manufacturers introducing these sub standard products! I remember reading about GO failing all the safety tests and I think it's the same case with the GO+. Datsun should really be giving safety features at least as an option.
I strongly urge the people who're buying in this price bracket to look elsewhere!
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Not sure why they are launching this car? Who is the target customer here? Already Datsun go is a flop. Looks like they didn't learn a single thing from that. Shocking 3rd row seat, almost useless. I don't see any reason someone buying this over normal hatch like Wagon R, i10 etc. Hardly anything to offer. Boot space is i guess only to place water bottles and nothing else. People find less space for sedans under 4m, here they have made it 7 seater !! Don't see why this car will sell in market.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

I feel this car can probably only compete with Eeco, nothing else. But then Nissan is not Maruti, to be able to sell and back up with good after sales.

Just wondering if it would have been possible / better to provide side facing jump seats in the 3rd row instead of current almost unusable front facing seats, looks difficult though
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Excellent review Tushar & S2 . Rated well deserved 5 stars.

People haven't accepted Datsun as a brand. If the same car comes out from Maruti stable this would be a blockbuster. When Omni, Eeco sells then why not GO+. Personally I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy these vehicles as they fail miserably on safety parameters.

I am sure GO+ will sell more than GO considering our people tendency to relate anything more than 5 seater to big car.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

This review was very well put up. The pictures alone clearly shows what a terrible car this is. I really wonder who in Nissan actually thought bringing out such a car would be a good idea. Leave alone buying, i wouldn't even want to sit in one even it comes as a taxi to pick me up.

Just the picture of the gentleman sitting (crouching) on the 3rd row gave me back pain!
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