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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Tushar and S2.. Good Job you guys.

The Gold/Grey cars with accessories look much better than the red ones. Whats lacking now is a Diesel engine, upsize in tyres and a sticker job. The response to this car will increase.

The lack of safety features will be downplayed by the mileage once the diesel is out.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Originally Posted by SDP View Post
Good review. Unfortunately a very mediocre car.
BUT, if Eeco sells, even this would sell.

Eeco sells because of Maruti. This does not have the backing of a good network either. How do they expect the volume segment to go high, if they dont give the support network.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Not a single positive post in support of the car as of yet. I really feel sorry for Datsun for the way Indian market will treat its new car.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Gorgeous, beautiful, I fell in "luv" instantly, err with the photo shoot locations. A Brilliant review by Tushar and S2, and i'm amazed they've wrung out so much from THAT! (absolutely no puns intended)

It's no use asking why a car company seeking to establish itself would launch something like that? for the simple reason that they clearly weren't asking themselves that question. There is a difference in building cheap and building to a cost. Terrible build quality, awful interiors, whats worse- looks and feels cheap. The mantra in our country is sell cheap, don't make it look cheap. I honestly cant say more about the vehicle.
Originally Posted by Tushar View Post
Other Points:
• The management has no plans to promote Datsun in the taxi market; they feel it will kill the brand.
The ultimate is black humour. I've got a belly ache from laughing after reading that one line. Do they fail to realise that just by launching this car, the brand is dead.

If the target market is rural mass mover market where the only consideration is how many you can pack in, it just might work, perhaps they could take away the hatch cover and give a flappy tarpaulin instead

I'm just thinking, if Clarkson were to ever review this, he'd promptly say R*****H and walk away!

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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

21 Kilograms more from the Go+ you get a 5+2 Seater against the Go!

I must admit that my own uncle picked the Datsun Go couple of months back. The first driver in our entire extended family who drove the Amby, Padmini, Hindustan Porter, Alwyn Nissan (LCV), Contessa, M800, Esteem and now Go! I had to call my cousin and spend more than half an hour to tell him why it (Go) appears to be a completely wrong choice for him from all aspects. Still he picked it up!

The only reason he bought that – Mileage and Space!

Now he drives to Mysore for every service (200 kms one way) .

He has already driven to Shirdi from Chikmagalur via Pune once and is Happy about the fact that it does hold up to 3 Digit speeds and carries 5 passengers in comfort with adequate boot as well.

So gentlemen – Go+ too will end up finding places in many homes mainly for the price factor. After all, we know how people are stacked inside that Maruti Omni that it’s a fully loaded functional 8 seater.

The biggest differentiator (or a deal breaker) would be the Brand consciousness about Datsun which is a huge question mark. Not to forget their Network in India that can expand only if they sell well. After all, who would want to invest money for a Dealer ASC when the product itself is not selling.

I drove the same Go for a considerable distance last July. It is flimsy and NVH levels can be almost similar to the Omni. There is a lot that the car needs in terms of refinement levels – Be it Idle or when revved hard. In fact, I could sense a good amount of vibration in idle RPMs itself. Forget about the most basic (Read essential) features which are absent.

My Aunt, when I drove said she will complain to the dealer as the rear seat belts are not retracting back! They always come with non-retractable seat belts and I took the pain to help her understand that it’s a standard offering for the car.

Then things get even better – He informed me that Datsun is also launching a 7 Seater to like Ertiga and it will be very cheap too!.

Apparently, as many have mentioned in elsewhere, he too got a call from the dealer about the Go+ Pre-booking.

Here are a few shots of the same Go though it may not make complete sense in this thread, I thought I will add 21 lines (if not 21 Kilos) to talk about its younger sibling.

Datsun GO+ : Official Review-go1.jpg

Datsun GO+ : Official Review-go2.jpg

Regarding Comparing the 3rd row of Ertiga or the Mobilio, Like I always say, they are still 5+2 Flexi seaters. I have used the 3rd row of the Ertiga quite effectively over a couple of one day trips to getaways in all happiness that the passengers seated in the 3rd row ate normal food (than Grass and Fodder) when they came out after that drive!

Essentially, the 3rd row ain't cattle class in the Ertiga and you sit normal than point your knees up!

Have a look here

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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

To start with 4.61 lacs for this car isn't really cheap. The so called top end variant would touch ~6 lacs onroad or may be more in a city like bangalore. And for this money, forget ABS and Airbags, you dont even get stalks for adjusting mirrors or a glove box cover. My alto K10 has these.

Datsun also seems to have a rather 'ancient' view of what customers buy in India. If there is no ABS and Airbags even on the top variant, I wonder how they differentiate between the variants, as the feature list is so bare basic!
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This car may not be to a BHP-ian or even the often under-estimated common man's taste, but, it really can create a niche for itself between the taxi and auto market... But for Datsun to dismiss this possibility out of hand seems arrogant. 😊
But then, what do i know!! May be it'll be a run away success!
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Killer pricing! Kind of indicates how much the established players rip us off. Price segment wise, this car is nothing to be ashamed of, well apart from that puny rear wheel maybe but that can be easily corrected aftermarket. Thinking in an unbiased manner this is as good if not better than similarly priced offerings. Datsun was better of launching this as a big 5 seater, it would make so much more sense. I fail to understand how similarly priced offerings are projected to be better than the GO+ or why the GO+ is supposed to be worse than similarly priced cars? All cars in this price range fails all sorts of safety tests (be it equipment of structural integrity). Innocuously, it also looks much better than it's wealthier siblings, the Micra and Pulse and better put together than all sub 4 lac Maruti cars. That Airbag in the 3.8l Alto might not deploy at all going by the skimping of number of sensors in cars 2 segments above and subsequent reports of airbags not deploying. Even the twice as costly SWIFT was put in the same bin (waste) by the NCAP so why so much falk for poor Datsun? All Indian automakers skimps on safety and integrity as part of cost cutting measures. Why blame their foreign parents? Look at the offerings by Honda India vis-a-vis their global portfolio. Datsun is no more sinner than Maruti / Honda in India. You want your safe, mechanically and dynamically capable highway cruiser? You are just searching in the wrong segment. Truth is, in India you gain market share by undercutting the competition and not by adding airbags (additional cost). It's sad but true and i cannot fault Nissan's stance entirely. Coming to think of it, the blacklisted "kitna deti hain" attitude can also be conjured as an environment aware/friendly attitude, the more the mileage the more the fossil fuel saved and lesser the pollution. It is just the low penetration (lack of showroom/service in tier 3/remote areas) that is killing most cars nowadays more than the merit of the car itself. Come on, we have all traveled in much worse contraptions than this.

Thanks for the review!

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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

We have quite a few sub-4m sedans. This looks better than most sub-4m sedans. That's about the only nice thing I have to say about this car. I like the idea of a sub-4m station wagon (estate). I hope Maruti or Hyundai will take up this idea and execute something better.

The USP is the 3rd row of seats, but judging by the picture, it will be torture chamber with the 2nd row up. If the sale executives market it to prospective customers as "the hatchback with the largest boot in the segment", it may find more takers.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

One thing that car makers have not learnt from the failure of Nano is that lower price means a poor product identification by the Indian customer. You either price is at par with the competition while providing expected features or around about. I happened to see Go+ a week back at a petrol pump. It looked good, however as the reviewer has pointed out the 3rd row seats are a waste. it's almost like TATA lancing a Bolt + version with 3rd row seats.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

The review is 5 star *****.

Note : regarding the pull lever handbrake, I had seen that in by brother-in-law's Tavera. No idea on the manufacturing year

I feel there are few things that can make Go+ a very capable vehicle if,
1. Noise / sound is reduced by provide sound deadners
2. Belt to hold second row seat when folded
3. Few improvements like beeding for roof to cover weldings and at few other places
4. Larger tires
5. Inside items should be painted as pointed out -> light-red colour inside bonnet

Some of the other things want to point out with no offence to anyone since there seems to be lot of disliking for GO+
1. Seating space - Alto is a terrible car when it comes to space. But people still buy it.
2. Maruti Zen - Again was a terrible car spacewise.
3. Fog lamps - I have hardly found it company provided ones to be useful. They are more like miniature headlamps
4. Safety features - Most of the car in the GO+ category don't have it. No reason to crib just for the sake of it. I think Alto K10 now comes with Airbags
5. Most of the people (includes me) are looking for travelling from Point A to B in a city. Except for few cities, you can hardly drive the car at more than 50 kmph. In Pune, I travel from Hadapsar to SB Road and most of the times I drive in third gear, sometimes touching fouth and rarely able to slot in fifth
6. I am of the opinion that cars like Go+ or in similar category are good for city use.
7. If you want features then choose accordingly a model
8. Here many of us talk lot about ABS / Airbags but I am sure many of us have purchased the cars without the above features. These options were available several years back as well in different cars but probably it didn't make sense at that point of time economically.
9. First and foremost thing is a car as per me is it should be able to sit atleast 4. Then it should ride properly, easy to maneuver, comfortable etc and it should be good safety measures (in case want to go on highway)
10. Most of the accidents are caused by human mistake
11. If the car manufactures are not providing Airbags / ABS etc then regulation doesn't demand so. Higher variants usually have these options. So it is upto the buyer to decide what he considers more important. Unless regulatory body makes it mandatory, I think manufacturers are justified to offer the products without safety measures
12. I would say while purchasing a car decide how and for what purpose the car will be used
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

So, there yet another "Compact" UV in the market.

Lets get the positives out of the way first, as there few and far between. The car from the exterior does not look cheap, its a matured design and will not offend anyone. Interior space in the first 2 rows is more than decent for this price bracket. And, the boot (if used only as a boot) can swallow some holiday luggage. Sorry, I could not find any other + points for the GO+.

This car seems to have a fair share of nasty omissions and poor packaging. Cost cutting is everywhere nowadays, but Datsun needs to learn a few things from Honda's Brio. The car does not need to feel cheap to make it cheap. And with the super thin body shell its a disaster in waiting without ABS / Airbags.

Now, coming to the Joke of the year, the 3rd row. Seems, "Datsun hamara firki le raha hain" (Datsun is taking us for a ride). Definitely a wrong number at work here.

Finally, a big thanks to Tushar and S2 for the pain they went through to compile this detailed review. BTW, do you guys have picture of S2 making his way into the 3rd row ?

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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

5 stars for the reviewers' effort. The vehicle itself, I won't bother.

No features, no quality, no space, no style. What are they planning to sell it for? Brand name? Oh wait! Datsun...err...WHO?
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

The comments on the review of this car were on the expected lines and this is the second (or third) car which is being looked down by T-BHPians. First is Premier Rio and another one is Force One.
Compact and 7 Seater experiment was done firstly in Mahindra Quanto and that also was made equally fun of on the official review thread and secondly on Renault Duster (as an accessory though). So carmakers know the fascination of our public to put extra passengers wherever possible.
One more thing I would like to point out that as the reviewers have also mentioned in the OP as well as few BHPians, removing the third row will involve a visit to the RTO otherwise be ready to pay a hefty challan.
If this car would've been launched by Maruti, I am sure there have been few more supporters than we have currently. I personally will not advise anyone to buy this car as Go was the only car reported to be structurally unstable. Wagon R looks more VFM compared to Go+.
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Default Re: Datsun GO+ : Official Review

Datsun GO to hell!

I mean this brand and their cars give me the feeling; they out rightly treat us like a third world country where people are so "gareeb" that such a cheap car would be sold. They are exploiting the lack of knowledge, regulations and norms here.

What is that third row seat? Why can't RTO BAN such tricks? It is so dangerous. After NCAP asked Datsun to stop selling cars here, look at the audacity. They went cheaper and more substandard, dangerous.
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