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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Great review. Loved the detailed report.

Kudos to Tata for bringing the Hexa. A good engine, backed by standout ride and handling. Throw in a well appointed and quality interiors to come out with a well rounded product.

The dashboard looked a bit busy to me and I feel could be simplified a little but I don't think it is a deal breaker. The infotainment quality is a great plus in a vehicle may most probably be used for long trips with quite a few family members.

I don't see it scorching the charts but it certainly is more than capable of providing very decent sales numbers in a segment that Tata is all but non-existent. This is assuming that Tata price it well. A 20L on road price for the highest variant perhaps? And no 10 year product cycle. They need to refresh it at least every 3 years.

Drive on,
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by landcruiser123 View Post
What are the ARAI rated FE figures? Or will they only be revealed close to the launch.
They haven't been disclosed as yet. We should know them at the time of launch.

Originally Posted by narayan View Post
To the reviewers: Was there any mention of the "TUFF" EDITION launch ? or is it merely a add on kit that can be ordered with any variant ?
I believe this is just an add on kit. We should know more when an official brochure is released (probably at the time of launch).
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
The Hexa makes the Safari Storme look ancient (which it is). Simply no reason to buy a Safari Storme over the Hexa.
Except for the 4L, which makes it a competent mud plugger and the looks of an SUV. The Hexa still looks MPVish, which it is.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Undoubtedly the most anticipated review of the year and it's worth the wait. Rated 5 stars! What a detailed coverage and explanation. Thanks for all your time and effort guys ( Salute emoji could have been there).

As many have done, I have read the whole review in one go and it's the first time for me to spend almost 2 hours on a review. In the end I felt like I completed a long and detailed test drive. Hats off guys for this wonderful experience.

My observations:
1. Hexa from out side is amazing except those wing mirrors, somehow I feel they are not matching the Hexa profile. They could have been little sharper in shape (to match Hexa theme) than the present rounded profile.
2. Glad to know that Hexa excelled in suspension/ride.
3. Captain seats fit and finish looks great, but the bench seats are looking cheap (especially the finish).
4. It will be very difficult to access emergency triangle, ideally it should be tuck behind the third row of seats.
5. Missing dead pedal in MT is a big miss in premium segment.
6. Absence of ESP in AT variants is blunder, cheap trick for keep the cost of XTA variant low?. This is a big let off for me as a prospective buyer of XTA.
7. Access to third row could have been better (especially for 6 seat variants)
8. Omission of key less entry is another big miss for its segment.
9. Paint finish looks just great. Hexa looks hot in darker shades.
10. No storage area for the phone near controls. Where do I place my phone during charge?
11. Fit and finish of overall product is amazing the eagerly waiting to see it in flesh and of course test drive.

Before reading the Team-BHP review, I was 95% in for Hexa now that has comedown to 85% (mainly due to omission of ESP from Automatic). Keeping my fingers crossed until test drive.

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by joe_antony View Post
I seriously doubt they can undercut XUV, if they do then its a steal. XUV still has better proportions and at least 50% of the people might think Hexa a people mover than an SUV. I also hope for a price cut on XUV to keep the competition heated up.
It is a people mover after all. It may also prove to be better off-roader than XUV which we will know by 27th November (after the experience drive)

@Hillsnrains, absence of keyless entry was known from the very first day of the media drive.

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by NPV View Post
1. Plastic black bezel on front bumper - is that a provision for another fog lamp ? Maybe as an optional accessory ?
I doubt it's for another fog lamp. There's already a fog lamp + DRL. It's just a styling element instead of empty space.

2. Wondering why the side step isn't standard on all variants and instead offered as an optional accessory ? Does it's presence improve ingress & egress OR is it's absence felt (asking since the GC is 200mm!) ?
It's more a crossover so doesn't really need the side step. I didn't really miss it but as the review mentioned. Elders might not be too comfortable climbing in. It's similar to the Innova.

3. but what is the larger circle on that Grey strip ? Was that a provision for reverse camera which they later decided to not use and instead mount the camera below the registration plate on the tail gate (since that housing seems like an after-thought) ?
That's the opening to lower the spare wheel down.

4. Felt that the wing ORVMs are a tad smaller, especially at the far end (seems slightly bigger than the old tear-shaped ORVMs on the Indica). Hope they will suffice for a car of this size and height.
Yup as our review mentions, the ORVM tapers down at the edge which is less SUV.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Amazing Review guys. It felt like I was with you testing the vehicles. Every question was answered and wonderful photographs to support the entire endeavour. I wish we had a Team-Bhp TV show, it would just rock the competition out.

What remains to be found out is the price and price is what will decide its fate. I suppose certain features have been omitted so as to keep some options open for a future update. Although in my opinion TATA is at a stage where they must play all their cards including their trump card. What is the point of an update once the product is dead on arrival. TATA needs to give everything an XUV provides and more. Leaving room for later in not an option.

I always felt the Aria had a two fold problem. Price and looks. It was too costly and it did not fit into the SUV crazy buyer's appeal. The Hexa has tackled the looks. What about the price? Does the TATA-Mistry blockbuster have any impact on this?

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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Interestingly, this particular car has blank number-plates.

Attachment 1577657[/center]
OT: How much more stupid can people get, seat belt fixed at the back to ensure no warning signs come up and drive happily without it

No point giving 20 airbags if the nut behind the wheel doesn't wear the seat belt the way it should. In a major accident, pretty sure he/she will end up meeting his maker.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post

Notice how close the fan is to the timing belt. It's tight in here:
AFAIK, that is not the timing belt, but the auxiliary belt. Detailed review nonetheless.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Hi Aditya/Vid,
Did they mention about availability of 6/7 seated for XT 4X4 . As per the sheet given here ( they are saying that XT 4X4 will be available only in 6 seater. That looks to me like illogical
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Wondering if the Hexa will start a new trend of owners going for a tyre downsize for an even better ride quality? If so, will the owner save a few bucks by swapping the 19 inchers for 17 or 18 inchers?
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Excellent review, as always, of a competent product from TATA. Looking forward for a test drive of the automatic version. I wish TATA all the success.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Kudos Team Bhp.As always a brilliant analysis.The Tatas have finally have a game plan . They have really pushed the envelope by packaging the Hexa. The Tiago has been a sure success.The Hexa will give both Crista and Xuv 500 reasons to be worried .Tatas would have nailed it if they they get the pricing right.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

New website for Hexa is up with great interior and exterior pics. Things are looking up for Tata motors. Hopefully Hexa will slide right into the spot vacated by the old Innova.
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Re: Tata Hexa : Official Review

Originally Posted by srikrishna717 View Post
I had a question on the Air bags design. Is this a standard practice in these type of SUVs to provide the AirBag protection to 1st and 2nd row assuming they support 6 Air bag design? I don't know about Crysta but Ford endeavor seems to cover all rows but with 8 Air bags.
In endeavor it covers the 3rd row as well. but it has only 7 airbags ... Please look at this page and look for Airbag picture

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