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Default Re: Maruti 1.5L Diesel : Official Review (Ciaz, Ertiga)

Originally Posted by krish3 View Post
For folks not convinced about the engine just because its a Maruti, please go and drive it. I have a remapped Brezza, and have driven my relative's Rapid 1.5 (DSG gearbox), and took test drives of the Vento TDI DSG and Rapid. This 1.5DDIS is just a brilliant engine. At least till 120kmph, it masks any weakness the engine might have. Since I don't own a car with the engine, could never take it on longer multi-hour highway drives to understand any weakness it might have.

The weakness of the Ciaz is definitely not its engine, and this engine would be great in all the Maruti cars for sure. It holds itself well against the competition and I guess, only the Hyundai diesel beats it in refinement and power delivery.
It will be too early for the 1.5 DDIS to be compared to the 1.5 TDI engines of VW and Skoda. Personally I felt MS has done a really good job and most times they get it right. The engine is adequately powerful, frugal and assuming it being a Suzuki, must be reliable as well.

The 1.3 MJD had a great mid range but lacked top end whereas this one has a decent spread post 1500 RPM. For me the 1.5 TDCI and 1.5 TDI engines are far superior with respect to power, performance and frugality. Then the 1.3 MJD and 1.4 Toyota Diesel engines are the most used and reliable of the lot. Proud to say that our Indian counterparts Tata and especially Mahindra Diesel engines are as well on par with the others.
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Default Re: Maruti 1.5L Diesel : Official Review (Ciaz, Ertiga)

Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post
The new diesel is also likely to make its way to the Vitara Brezza and S-Cross. Yes, it will be coming in BS6 form too, although Maruti is likely to miss the April 2020 deadline by 9 - 12 months. A key vendor of Maruti has confirmed to us that BS6 development & compliance are underway. And this engine deserves it too - it has the potential to do really well in the market. The 10 reasons behind BS6 compliance (unlike what news reports would have you believe) are:
at all the other media that fell for the ploy.

Maruti Suzuki may not completely phase out diesel passenger vehicles post implementation of stricter Bharat Stage VI emission norms, top officials informed ETAuto.
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Default Re: Maruti 1.5L Diesel : Official Review (Ciaz, Ertiga)

Wild guess - Maruti has some insider knowledge of the deadline getting extended and hence know that they have time on hand.
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Default Re: Maruti 1.5L Diesel : Official Review (Ciaz, Ertiga)

Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
Wild guess - Maruti has some insider knowledge of the deadline getting extended and hence know that they have time on hand.
It was the Supreme Court (and not the government) that set the deadline; i would doubt whether the SC would allow any extension at the last minute since the order was passed long back.
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Default Re: Maruti 1.5L Diesel : Official Review (Ciaz, Ertiga)


This is my first post in the forum so apologies if there are a few mistakes.

We purchased the Ciaz in April with the new DDIS 225 engine. Infact we were the first one to buy the new model in our city Aligarh. By 'our' I mean my family because that's what we had in my mind, 'a family car' while we were looking for options. We purchased the Ciaz Alpha 1.5D in Stargaze Blue color.

Since this is the thread specific to the new engine, I will just limit my views to the 3000 odd KMs that I have had experienced with the new DDiS engine. My views are of-course limited because I have graduated directly from a 15 year old Petrol WagonR to Ciaz. I don't have any prior experience driving the 1.3L MJD or any other diesel engine. Of the 3000kms clocked on the ODO close to 2500 has been on Highways and 500 in city traffic because we still use the WagonR as a beater car.

The longest highway drive that we have had has been from Aligarh to Lucknow via Agra and back. We took the new Agra - Lucknow Expresway and the MID showed a Mileage of 27KMPL at the end of 430KMs. The Cruise Speed was set to 90KM/hr on the Agra-Lucknow Expresway 350KM stretch. The OAT was 45C with AC on 100% throughout the drive. The 6th gear on the Ciaz allows it to idle at around 1600RPM at Cruise so we barely hear any noise inside the cabin. The engine doesn't sound anything like a diesel when you are inside the car. The engine noise is unlike what I have heard in other diesel cars like the Swift Dzire, Scorpio etc. The Diesel engine of Ciaz doesn't even vibrate like the other diesels that I have experienced as a passenger.

Since I only had driving experience of a Petrol car,
I expected driving a diesel to be a huge learning curve. I was told that diesel clutches are heavy, they have to be kept above a certain RPM while driving to get opitmum performance unlike the WagonR which just pushes forward in a linear fashion once I press the accelerator pedal. The DDiS 225 almost behaves like a Petrol in driving dynamics, the clutch is really light and the car pulls up effortlessly. The only diference I could find was that the engine has to be kept above 1500RPM to get that sudden rush of power. Below 1500RPM it becomes a dud so I occassionly have to downshift to 2nd Gear from the 3rd in B2B traffic. I haven't felt the need or will to revv the engine hard, I am a sedate driver but the engine has no problems in maintaing triple digit speeds on the highway, and also when you want to overtake, there is ample power available at hand.

I only have one word to describe the new engine and that is that it is a 'Maruti' engine. It doesn't feel new to someone like me who has been driving an ageing Petrol. I expected the drive to have some sort of generational shift since it has been through 1.5 decades of new technological advancements. I am sure the tech is there and the refinement is top notch but it just doesn't feel new. I am not saying it in a negative sense because perhaps the USP of this new engine is its ease of driving and ease of driving being a Diesel. It just doesn't have that oomph factor that is associated with Turbo Diesels. The rush of power that comes above 1500RPM is there but it is very linear, most often I don't even feel the Turbo kick in which is a tad boring at times but then the Ciaz is not supposed to be a Turbo beast. It is marketed as a family sedan with ample space and more than enough power to get you from point A to B. My family bought the Ciaz because it was a Maruti (hassle free) , it was a diesel (more Mileage for highway trips) and that it was a sedan (comfort). 15 years of uneventful ownership of a Maruti car has given them concrete confidence in brand Maruti.

I don't regret our decision of getting the Ciaz 1.5, we infact waited for the new engine to come out and did not go for the 1.3MJD even though we were offered a quite hefty discount. I was quite apprehensive later once the car was purchased because when I read through the forums people were unsure about how Maruti will fare in their second diesel outing and how we were the guinea pigs testing the new diesel car for the company. But once the reviews starting pouring in it all settled down. The car went through its second scheduled service of 6 months two days ago where they put a 'Value Added' diesel engine additive to the engine oil which has further reduced any hint of vibrations. The average mileage I have got in 3000KMs of driving is around 21KMPL with occassional trips to Delhi.

I will report with my further observations in the Ciaz Review thread since I have already digressed a lot.

Apologies again if there are any mistakes in the post.


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