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thanks GTO,

i was eagerly waiting for this one like many others since you posted the Pricing of Vento.

Once again very descriptive review, i dont know how you guys manage to address everything.

USB/AUX,different size spare wheel, i dont know how manufacturers miss these things as they are not going to increase the cost so much as well.

but yeah, it really would have been nice to have a diesel + auto tranny.
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Old 15th August 2010, 06:49   #32
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An excellent review GTO.

I am sure many of us look forward to your review and also quote you in our discussions. So that puts extra responsibility on you to double check what you write.

My next car, in one to two years, would be a sedan. I had already shortlisted fiesta and City and now I will add Vento to the list. Hope by then following are taken care in Vento
1. Comfortline is introduced
2. Dealership and service network is improved
3. Audio System with USB inputs is supported
4. Dead pedal is introduced
5. Parking sensor is introduced
6. Floor hump is removed.

I am sure, VW is going to see the response and introduce the comfortline variant soon.
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Old 15th August 2010, 08:01   #33
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booked diesel highline by paying 75k in Poona. have been promised delivery on 6 th. September. eagerly waiting.
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Old 15th August 2010, 08:25   #34
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Whatever will happen to the Altis Diesel. It is atleast 3L more expensive and comes with a much poorer performing engine. I was vacillating between Jetta, Altis D and Vento till now. With what appears to be a very good diesel engine and a decent interiors I will go for the Vento and also save the difference. Honda city will also take a bit of a hit. VW are here for the long run. They are offering latest models with very good engines. It is only a matter of time that they their dealer network will improve.
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Thanks GTO for an excellent review once again.

I am getting too damn tempted to replace my 2.5 year old Verna with Highline Vento. Some of the things that are absent like steering mounted controls do not matter much to me, as does the quality of music / no of speakers beyond a point.

I am no tyre scorcher and mileage does matter to me and I hope it turns out atleast 16 kmpl vs ARAI tested 20 kmpl.

Ofcourse there is a risk on A*S*S and component reliablity

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Old 15th August 2010, 09:07   #36
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Excellent Review GTO! Simply Fantastic!!! Stopped buying automags long ago , Reviews by You, Mod team and Members are very detailed, with quality pics and quality writing. Covered all parts very nicely. Would love to see Group tests (segment wise) by You, Sir. As for Vento, Nice job Volkswagen. Some more goodies (pointed out by GTO) could have been added. Would I buy this car?? YES!!! Review = 5 stars!

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Old 15th August 2010, 09:08   #37
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Default Tire Sizes

hi is there a difference in the tire sizes between the trendline (175/70 R14 on non alloys) and the highline. (185-60 R15 on the alloys) ??
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Old 15th August 2010, 09:10   #38
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Great review, exteriors are fresh and nice, but the interiors are too flat and boring, light switches, and many other interior goodies are taken either from the Jetta or the freshness in the interiors......will need to have great ride quality and mileage to win hearts...
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The brakes are terrific and deserve an A+ rating. The pedal is easy to modulate and the overall braking action is extremely confidence inspiring. This, with the Apollo Aceleres running as stock tyres!
That should make up for the absence of ABS on the Trendlines?

@GTO: The turn indicators are on the left of the steering column, aren't they?
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Old 15th August 2010, 09:24   #40
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Brilliant review GTO!! IMO this is a better buy than the City. Better quality and value for money(Highline). Yes, it could do with steering mounted controls and USB/Aux-in port. But nevertheless, it's a lot of car for the money.
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"Unlike any other".
Wow! The pics at Rajasthan locales is just amazing.

I just love this classic sedan design and clean simple lines. Made for India-it can be the best all round diesel sedan money can buy. High line will account for a chunk of the sales. Its best to go for an audio upgrade.
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Old 15th August 2010, 09:31   #42
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Thanks for the much awaited review, GTO. Few questions from a prospective buyer of the petrol version:

1) This is regarding the need to downshift for overtaking. How bad is this in the Vento really? I had read earlier in the context of Jetta petrol that by the time you downshift and overtake in Jetta, the Civic/Corolla would have already been long gone. Is the scenario similar, for example, if you compare Vento with the City?

2) In the competitor's strengths/weaknesses section, you mentioned City's ride quality as a plus. I'm not very sure of that (since I felt the ride in City was far from plush when I test drove, but that's just my perception), but do you think Vento's ride is much better than the City?

3) Any idea on the ease and after-market support for changing the stock HU? This one doesn't sound easy since you'd probably want to buy the expensive VW HU (which would gel with the dash) and also VW will not take back the stock HU.

Overall package is quite exciting, but hard to expect VW to cut costs by omitting dead pedal, aux/usb support. Real pity!
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Old 15th August 2010, 09:32   #43
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Absolutely fabulous review GTO. Deserves a 5 star - not for the car, but for the review.
I'm disappointed that VW chose to leave out stuff that should be (at least we can hope will be standard in future) standard like:

1. Steering-mounted audio controls - when a car that costs almost half the price has them why not Vento?

2. AUX / USB stereo - really? In this day and age?

3. Dead pedal - C'mon, how much would this have cost you VW? 300 Rs?

4. Bi-focal headlamps - I read in some auto mag that Vento's plain jane headlamps are next to useless at night on highways.

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Excellent Review GTO. Vento could just be my next car unless something better comes up.
Some things which I did not like are absence of a dead pedal and the high transmission tunnel, missing USB/AUX port (its time for C segment cars to have these as standard equipment).

How is the drivability say, compared to the multijets or the TDCi?

I feel the highline diesel is a tad pricier but the VW quality probably justifies it.
VW, could you please provide an auto(6-speed) on the diesel?? Please!!!!!!
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Old 15th August 2010, 09:32   #45
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Excellent review GTO. The Vento seems to pose serious threat to ANHC. It may even lure away a few Altis D4D buyers who don't appreciate the sedate 1.4l diesel in the altis and don't necessairly need more spacious interiors.

Quite disappointed with no footrest, folding rear seats, no AUX/USB input to audio - these are basics to be expected.

And the TL is a barebones shell, mainly there for psychological price positioning ? As mentioned on your other thread, they should atleast provide ABS on it regardless.

A bit OT, about the Hyundai Verna comparison:
"- Spacious and comfortable interiors "
Both the Verna and Accent have a very upright rear seatback which frees up more legroom in rear (compare City, Ikon, Lancer etc). So, while short distance city rides are comfortable, long duration rear passenger comfort is not so good actually. Front seats are pretty comfortable though.

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