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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Originally Posted by NPV View Post
There are no diversions anywhere between Bangalore and Neelambur (where the L&T Coimbatore bypass starts), I think you are referring to the section between Madukkarai (where Coimbatore bypass ends) and Walayar. This section has work in progress mostly on overbridges and hence the diversions.
Thanks. I think you are right. It was night time, I guess I must have caught the wrong location.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Hello all, I plan to visit Madurai from alleppey. Google does show a straight forward NH183, via kumily, can someone please shed light on the road conditions presently.

If one starts around midday from alleppey, is it possible to reach Madurai by late evening, distance is 275 km, and Google says <7 hrs.

Traveling with parents, wife and daughter, any suggestions for food options enroute are welcome

Many thanks in advance.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Drove to Bangalore from Thirunavaya on Sunday. Since all the tolls (including BETL) are suspended, I had quite a free run through the booths (except the CBE bypass, where the boom barrier had to be raised for each vehicle).

Started at 12:00 noon and arrived in Bangalore at 9:30 PM, with about 2.5 hours of breaks. A relative who is familiar with the area suggested Thirunavaya-Kuttipuram-Edappal-Koottanad-Pattambi-Palakkad which I thought was unnecessarily circuitous (my plan was to go Thirunavaya-Kuttipuram-Valancheri-Koppam-Cherpulasseri-Mundur-Palakkad).

Passed through Salem at around 6 PM and lost about 30 minutes negotiating the traffic pileup there. Apart from that it was generally peaceful to drive.

Some work is happening between Walayar and Madukkarai? There are now only about 2-3 detours and the main carriageway looks as though recently surfaced.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Did Bangalore- Kottayam on 25th Nov, Saturday.

The trip which took the least time till date for me, thanks to demonetization and suspended fee collections at tolls through out the stretch.

Started early morning 3AM from Madiwala and took the regular Hosur- Salem- Coimbatore-Palakkad- Trissur- Angamaly road.

Vehicle used: 2014 Ford Classic.

Best part was the running time taken for this journey was just 6 hours 45mins which includes 3 small breaks (tea break, Refueling at BP bunk after Bhavani and breakfast from Gowrishankar restaurant after Kovai L&T byepass) to cover the 1st 520 kms till Angamaly and this will never be possible again and reached Angamaly before 10AM. All credits to suspended toll collections.

Then there was a hault at Angamaly and then continued the jounrney to Kottayam afetr an hour and it took the usual 2 hours to reach Ettumanur in Kottayam (Last stretch of 82 kms in 2 hours ) and MC road is like hell in this stretch bumper to bumper traffic everywhere. Took Muvattupuzha- Arakuzha - Palakkuzha- Pandapilly - Uzhavoor - Kuravilangad to bye pass the road widening works in MC road between Muvattupuzha and Kuravilangad. Descent roads with less traffic

Vadakkencherry- Mannuthy stretch is still slow. Road work is still in progress. Can see some tremendous advance in the Tunnel in Kuthiran, 24 hours work is in progress if I'm right.

Flyover works at Salem byepass is also in progress and all traffic is diverted to the service road, however I didn't face any congestion as I passed the place around 6.30AM

L&T byepass to Walayar also has works happening but its not affecting much on the travel time as its nearing completion an very less diversions are involved
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I wanted to understand better on progress of "twin tunnel" project near Kuthiran. This is simply a summary various news reports. The project involves making 2 parallel tunnels each approximately a kilometer long in the hills (falling in Vazhani wildlife zone) between Vadakkencherry and Mannuthi.
The project started in 2014 and faces frequent disruptions. Original estimate was March 2017 completion. As of November 2016, 350 meter of left one ( as you go from Vadakkencherry) and 190 meters of right one is reportedly done. The construction company itself says from now it may take another 14 months. As I see nearer to Coimbatore before Walayar where there are no major construction challenges, it is taking so long. So is the bridge near the start before one reaches Coimbatore from Salem/Bengaluru. It is therefore anyone's guess when the "twin tunnels" will see the light! Regards
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Per a Manorama report on November 24, only 150 meters is remaining to be drilled on the left tunnel; 765 m completed on the left and 280 m completed on the right. The report further says the first tunnel will be completed by end of this year and the second one by March 2017. The construction of the tunnels started only 7 months back (May 2016). So they are within the approximate schedule.

All Roads to Kerala-7lczlwx.jpg

@ Mods, the news clipping is made using an in-site facility provided by the Manorama website.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Did the sabarimala trip from Chennai on 28th Nov in my Alto k10.

No tolls. So, breezed through the route. The roads have been really renovated from Dindigul. Earlier the stretch from Dindigul to Kumuli used to be a pain. Now, the road is really smooth and absolutely a pleasure. Heavy crowds (we started on Friday afternoon) from Kumuli on. Surreal to see the mountain drive so crowded. But, thankfully no rain. So, we could move on and on.

Have sufficient change and do not rely on the cards. many shops say they have net problems in the card machines and better to have some change.

Parking was at Nilakkal. They told us after 3 kms that we will have to park at Nilakkal. Maybe if they had blocked us at Nilakkal itself it would have made sense. (We tried to move on and try parking in Pampa. But to no avail). Team BhPians. If you are self driving and see the huge queue, no sense in trying for the pampa if the parking is given at Nilakkal. Turn around and try to park near sector 13 in Nilakkal(this is where the buses start and decent rest rooms are available).

The walking route has been cleared of the roadside vendors. Only shops. The police presence is constant. Good work.

By the grace of the lord, we had a safe journey.

with regards

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Looking for best road option to get from Palakkad to Vagamon and then to Kochi. Drive is with family including kids hence priority is for good roads. Google Maps shows the best route as Palakkad- Angamaly-Muvattupuzha- Thodupuzha- Vagamon.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Originally Posted by sansvk View Post
Looking for best road option to get from Palakkad to Vagamon and then to Kochi. Drive is with family including kids hence priority is for good roads. Google Maps shows the best route as Palakkad- Angamaly-Muvattupuzha- Thodupuzha- Vagamon.
Sounds right. Roads till Thodupuzha are fine; these are roads I travel couple of times a year. Beyond that, I remember reading about bad quality roads in Thodupuzha-Vagamon stretch - but can't recall whether it was a crib report or an action taken report.

Looking at Google Maps, there seem to be two options for you - via Moolamattam and via Erattupetta. The latter, if I recall correctly, is the route taken by Sabarimala pilgrims and hence chances are you'll get better roads (but probably more traffic).

For returning - if you can backtrack till Muvattupuzha then (old) NH 49 to Kochi is in good shape. The other option is to get to Ettumanur and then to Kochi, which is a horribly crowded road (not that the former is a lot better, but at least it has the NH tag).
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

As per today's Manorama, the tunnel on the left at Kuthiraan would be open by this Christmas. The first tunnel has completed 780m and the second one, 400m. Although its not mentioned if this will be motorable.

Clipping from todays paper <In Malayalam, couldn't find any reports in English>

Name:  kuthiraan.jpg
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Default Vacation Trip

Hi All,

I have planned a road trip from Chennai to Kerela (Calicut, Wayanad, Guruvayoor, Cochin, Athirampally, Kumarokoom) between 22 Dec 2016 to 02 Jan 2017.

All Roads to Kerala-route.jpg

Hope the no:of days are viable to complete the round trip in my silver streak Linea.
Any suggestions on routes and hotels en route will be helpful.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Originally Posted by sansvk View Post
Looking for best road option to get from Palakkad to Vagamon and then to Kochi. Drive is with family including kids hence priority is for good roads. Google Maps shows the best route as Palakkad- Angamaly-Muvattupuzha- Thodupuzha- Vagamon.
I am not sure, but Kanjar-Wagamon route which you take when going through Thodupuzha may not be in good condition. The best option may be to take Angamaly-Muvattupuzha-Arakkuzha-Pandappilly-Koothattukulam-Pala-Erattupetta-Vagamon. The route may be longer; But, this is the main route. From Vagamon to Ernakulam/Kochi, The route is Vagamon-Erattupetta-Pala-Uzhavoor-Monippilly-Elanji-Piravom-Nadakkavu highway to Ernakulam. This is the shortest route to Ernakulam.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Looks like TN police have started the convoy system on NH7 side. Have there been any cases of rioting or stone pelting??
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Just came back from a Kerala holiday.

Places vsited were Cochin-Guruvayur-Kumarakom-Varkala-Trivandrum-Poovar

Excellent roads throughout. Must commend the state government machinery for maintaining near flawless roads in terms of tarmac condition, my state has a lot of catchup to do.

Road updates ::

Cochin - guruvayur :: road condition excellent though pretty much a single carriage way all throughout. Private local buses are a big nuisance. they just can't keep it in their pants and always spill over to the opposite lane.

Guruvayur-Thrissur-cochin-Kumarakom :: road condition excellent all way. Cochin - Kumarakom is another very small road and makes it difficult to drive with incoming traffic especiallly when we did this stretch post 7 PM.

Kumarakom-Alleppy-Kollam-Varkala :: exellent roads. I don't understand why do they have signals on a big 2+2 lane highway. surely flyovers will ease a lot of travel time at these signals.

Varkala-Trivandrum-Kovalam-Poovar :: excellent single carriage roads.


P.S :: I did not drive myself, was in a hired Swift dezire and the driver was a gem on the single carriage roads.
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Default Re: All Roads to Kerala

Any issues with driving a KL registered car in tamilnadu? Planning to drive from Bangalore to Cochin this Friday.
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