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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Narayan,

I am one of your ardent fan for the informative posts and knowledge you share in this wonderful forum.

Like the adage "This too shall pass", I wish you full recovery and pray for strength to your family members during these times.

I'm not in a position to even show empathy as I don't know how it is to be in your shoes. Atleast better to know you have managed health insurance and finances better.

I'm from Bengaluru. Pls DM me if you need any help. I will do what ever best I can. Also my brother is a doc who has done specialization in pain management.he is based out of Mysore. Any time you need help on this regard, let me know.
Pls do not hesitate. BE STRONG.

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are an inspiration for many of us. Take care sir.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear sir, thanks for the candid sharing of your experience traversing this difficult journey. Your post contains a wealth of information and advice that I am sure will be immensely useful to those forced to traverse this unfortunate journey. Your analogy of now looking at time through a new lens (e.g. hours instead of days) is an eye opener for everyone, as time is a limited commodity for each of us, whatever our health condition today. Wish you a speedy and complete recovery.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Mr. Narayan, I only know you from your online persona through your posts, yet I feel like I know you in private as well even though I am only active sporadically on this board. I am sure many others feel the same way. It is because of your humility and your enthusiasm to share your wide experience in multiple industries as an employee, as an entrepreneur , as a member of boards of companies and NGOs. For some reason I have also assumed you have some familial background in old Delhi babudom. Few people with such interesting background, experiences and knowledge open up with such humility on an online forum. I may not agree on all your viewpoints, but I am very grateful for your presence and contribution on this board.

I pray that the almighty gets you out of this situation with not much more than what you have already been through. All the best sir! I am sure we will read your post for many many more years to come.

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear sir, I knew you through some of your thought provoking posts and never in my wildest dream thought you were going through this deadly disease. Taking time to share your experiences for others to be cautious by itself speaks volumes about the person you are. You are such a nice person and I am sure God is that cruel. You will recover for sure and stay healthy
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thanks for sharing.
Commendable the way you continued to be interested in various topics in this forum.

The lessons are very concise and crisp. Your post about the worldly affairs reminds me of how my grandfather did the same to my mother when he had a heart attack, before any surgery.

And wish you speedy and full recovery.

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Wishing you a full recovery @V Narayanan

I personally know people who have made a complete recovery and leading normal lives for 20+ years. All you need is proper treatment and a positive mindset. I am too young to advise, so praying for strength for you and your family to fight the battle.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Dear Sir, I hope and pray for your speedy recovery.

Like your posts on other topics on the forum, your post on your illness is also very informative. The very fact that you have taken the time to share this with the forum, I hope, means that the worst is behind you both physically and mentally.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Originally Posted by V.Narayan View Post
came home yesterday to meet me as I am convalescing.
When you mentioned about recovering from an illness, never could I imagine the true scale of the battle in question!

Thank you for deciding to write about it so candidly, and in your typical fact of the matter style.

I wish you a speedy recovery!
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thanks a lot for taking the time to pen this and sharing with us. Needless to say, there isn't a single family who has in some way not been exposed to cancer in the immediate family/circle.

Appreciate you for maintaining your positive, calming attitude through all this. Looking forward to seeing more of your inputs on the forum and wishes to your good health and speedy recovery.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

My sincere gratitude to all members who wrote in on this thread offering their prayers and best wishes. A big thank you to each of you for sharing your goodness. As some of you have written half the battle is in the mind with this disease. While with cancer one can never predict things with surety going by statistics and the judgement of my Doctors, I should come out fine in the end albeit it shall take up to 2025 to get an all clear God willing. Fingers crossed I don't want to assume anything. The goodness of our members has been overwhelming.

When I'm sitting in the waiting room for my turn at radiation or MRI or whatever and look around at the other unfortunate cancer patients I am grateful that I am a part of the what I call the 'walking wounded'. Who knows what my destiny was meant to be and what God's blessings have protected me from. God has given me so much in life so if He has sprinkled some pepper and chilly powder this time it is fine with me. At least that is what I feel in my rational mind. On a couple of days each fortnight my rational mind takes the day off and emotions and frustrations take over!

At around the time of my radiation sessions each day are the timings of a ~21-year old young man and a 8-year old child. So I get to meet them each day. The young man is brought in on a wheelchair by his distraught parents who clearly have lost hope. And the little child is brought in the arms of the father. Being a parent, I can't even imagine the sorrow and anguish these two sets of parents are coping with.

To try and address some questions that a few members have sought - there are annual medical examination packages designed specifically for cancer detection. You could enquire at any large hospital near you. These tests could be married with a regular executive health check if you wish.

The most common types of cancers in India are breast, prostate, oral, lungs and cervical. Cancers with bad fatality rates of 33%+ are cancers such as pancreatic, lung, liver, leukemia.

On DNA. It is said but not conclusively proved that cancer could have a genetic predisposition. There are tests these days to see if you are carrying a certain gene that increases your chances of contracting cancer. My father and paternal grandmother both lost their lives to cancer. So it could be likely I have a genetic predisposition.

On this last point there was a short discussion with my kids on whether they should get this DNA test done. My advice to them was that sometimes knowing too much of too little can be disorienting. If each of us knew the date, time and circumstances of our death we wouldn't be able to live or even sleep! I advised them to do an annual medical check and that should be a sensible balance to live your life with. But of course, others may opine differently.

I don't have anything to add at this stage. If the situation warrants I'll update this thread in a year's time and then two year's time. Thank you for reading and thank you for your prayers.

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thank you Mr. V.Narayan for sharing your fight with cancer, inspiring us to stand brave in the face of significant problems and providing us with some much needed guidance in this important and serious issue.

I pray god blesses you with speedy recovery.

Cancer was one of the things that really frightened me as I witnessed a relatively young person (~40yrs) contract colorectal cancer which then spread to the liver and unfortunately the person had only a few months from diagnosis to demise.. while I searched for what preventive health checkups one can do, I found no clear answers. However in the true Team BHP fashion this thread has provided me and countless others on how to approach cancer detection.
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

I wish you a speedy recovery Sir.
Please make sure your haemoglobin level is on par so that you won't feel much of the tiredness.
Along with your daily medication, you can consider the below options
  • Kapalbhati pranayama
  • Intake of ashgourd in your daily diet(i have heard people saying it kills the cancerous cells). It cools the body and you may want to add a pinch of pepper
  • Pomegranate can also be considered if you are not diabetic
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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Hello Mr. Narayan,

Your posts on Team-BHP often apply a steading hand on discussions that might go awry, or illustrate several perceptive points that are only weakly or incorrectly formulated.

Your matter in this thread is no different, but is tempered with a poignancy of your condition. I pray your family and you recover from the same and get back to leading normal lives as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

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Re: Cancer treatment - Lessons to share

Thank you sir for sharing candidly all that you went through. It takes a lot of courage given the fear that is associated with just uttering the world cancer.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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