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Default How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

We always discuss how dangerous it is to talk on the mobile when driving. But most of the times we still have to attend the calls. So this thread is to discuss how each of us manage the calls.

Till recently whenever i got a call when driving in the city, i used to pull to the side and then answer the call. Very rarely i travel on the highways but when i travel, i answer the call on the move with one hand on the steering and the other holding the phone.

Last weekend i bought myself a Bluetooth headset. Though it has it's own conveniences, still there are drawbacks to it.
You should always wear the BT headset when driving or quickly put it on the ear when there is a call. And doing that on the move in a split of second is impossible. It takes minimum 5 seconds to the put the headset on the ear and switch it on.

Although you create a permanent pairing between the phone and headset and BT is on in both of them, still you have to switch the headset off and on everytime you enter the car. My Nokia headset requires two long presses. This takes longer than switching on the engine, wearing the seat belt, engage the gear and move forward.

If you have to make a call, you need to pick the phone. Voice dialing is pretty much useless on most of the phones. You need to train the voice tag for each contact. My nokia doesn't require any training but 90% of the times it picks wrong contact. Windows Mobile users are at advantage here. MS Voice Command (US$ 40) works pretty accurately even with Indian names and accent. I had 90% success rate with that.

Remembering to recharge the headset.
There should be better solutions. The headset should be easier to wear in the split of a second. Phone and headset should automatically pair when you enter the car.

So can everybody, please post your experiences too?

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I use a Parrot CK-3100 universal Bluetooth hands free Car Kit setup in my car. Works great for me as I am constantly on the move. It works with all Bluetooth phones and also pairs automatically without having to press any buttons and comes with a Caller ID display.

Calls be answered/rejected at the press of a button or via voice operation and since it is connected to the vehicle power supply does not need any kind of recharging.


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Originally Posted by satish_appasani View Post
So can everybody, please post your experiences too?
I usually stop the car. If i'm not able to park the car, i'll ignore the call. Stop it somewhere and call back.

But then, I'm just in college, and most of the calls are from friends. No emergencies or business calls.

Taking calls can be dangerous. Even with bluetooth headset, attention gets diverted. I am not eligible to advice. Anyways, all the guys be careful when managing calls while driving.
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I'm currently using a Nokia BT handsfree. Looking to get a BT car kit.
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Never talk when driving. No matter whether you have a hands free or, hook-up your phone via BT to your HU, talking requires lot more attention (and hence are more distracted) than when just listening. Even listening alone is a sufficiently big distraction.

That said, I keep the calls very short - about 10-15 seconds. I say I am driving, ask what's the call about, and hang-up to call back later.
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My mobile is almost always on silence mode.
It remains in my laptop bag.

The bag is on the rear seat of the Car, or its strapped to the pillion seat of my bike using a bungee net.

In a good week, I get one call (yes its true) once every two days.

If someone wants to speak to me, they either send an SMS or give a minimun of 2 missed calls, I call them back when I feel like talking to them.

yes I am a mean and very selfish guy when it comes to my time, because it is MY TIME.
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I do have a Blue tooth device and also a hands free and it solely depends on my mood as to use which one. Being a very strong advocate of against using the cell phone while driving, even if i aint with the above two, i pull over ,put down the parking lights and talk if someone is really nagging and persistent by constant calls which means its urgent.

I simply loathe people who flaunt driving along with talking on the cell and i do spare a moment of showing my displeasure, because one is not only risking one's own life , he is also putting others life @ stake which is totally unacceptable.
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When i am travelling along with my wife, and i get a call on my mobile, i ask her to answer, and inform the caller i am currently driving.

If i am alone, wait to hit a traffic jam to answer (we get them pretty often in Bangalore), else ignore. Sometimes, i stop the car, answer the call, put it on speaker mode with the phone on the pasenger seat, and then carry on with driving.

On a bike, i ALWAYS stop.
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i use the BT while i'm driving which includes 2 mandatory 3-4 hrs trips every week.

if the call is urgent and bound to take time then i stop the car and talk

cos whatever device u use it still deviates the mind and i'm talking about the bumper to bumper traffic in delhi

on highways i can still go on talking while driving,but driving a safari in chaotic traffic and talking on phone doesnt really work out well.
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I just ignore the calls while driving. I don't think in bangalore traffic its going to be safe to concentrate on the call than driving. If its something urgent, I try to stop and call back.

I hope the authorities ban this activity strictly. I have seen bikers and auto drivers attending calls, just ignoring the traffic that's following them. Its so irritating.

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I usually take the call and inform the caller i'am driving and inform them "i'am driving and will call you later". If the call is very important, then I will pull the car to curb and finish the discussions. If i'am travelling with my family, I will give the handset to my wife and ask her to take the message and I will call them later.

On a bike, I will never the take the call / sometimes I stop the bike and take the call (if it is urgent).
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i have a bluetooth headunit, which allows me to make and receive calls. there is a microphone provided, whenever there is a phone call, the music switches off and i am able to hear the voice through the speakers as soon as i take the call and speak through the microphone.
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when i am driving - usually ETC answers the calls for me - if its an important call i usually stop the car and answer.

if i am driving alone - i usually use the speaker
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I have a nokia headset that comes with two options. You can hang it around your neck with a strap and just plug it in like an earphone. This will not take 5 secs and can be done while driving.

Also, I think th ephone can be programmed to pickup the call automatically so that you dont need to explicitly press any buttons. For my nokia, I found the nokia headset extremely useful.

Voice dialing was better when you could train the phone with your voice. The newer ones, especially the N series have a newer voice recognition software that sucks. So making calls is an issue. However, you can redial easily with the headset.
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BlueTooth to the core. Charge it Twice a week... keeps it going.

Get in the car, BT goes to its place before the ignition is turned on.
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