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Originally Posted by theMAG View Post
Got me a Motorola IHF1000 car bluetooth kit.
lol. And a new cell phone to go with it as well.
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Originally Posted by akole View Post
I use a Nokia bluetooth car kit CK-7W which I picked up from Nokia's show room in Church Street in Bangalore. Deatils of CK-7W are given in
Nokia India - Overview - Car kits - Car solutions - All accessories - Accessories - Find products

The kit needs professional installation - in my case, TAFE (the dealers for Skoda) installed it for me and did a very neat job.

The kit comes with an external mic, that is mounted on the driver side A-pillar.
The remote control button (which can be used to connect / disconnect calls as well as increase / decrease volume) is mounted between the steering wheel and the dashbord (just below the speedometer).
The external speaker is mounted below the dashboard.
The car kit - phone pairing is a one time simple affair, after which the car kit pairs with the phone whenever it comes into range.
When a call comes in, the external speaker gives a "ring" tone, the sound system mutes, and the sound system display shows "Phone".
One picks up the call by pressing the remote control button.
The conversation can be heard on the external speaker and the volume turned up / down with the remote control button.
Once the call is over, one can disconnect by pressing the remote control button.
The car kit supports voice-dialling and does a fairly decent job of it (I beleive this feature also needs support from the hand set and so the performance of the voice dialing feature is dependent on the handset. I use a Nokia 6021 and am very happy with the voice dialing.

Hope that helps.
I have actually had this carkit with me for the last 2 years and never landed up installling it.
Will it now be compatible with the newer nokia handsets? What HU do you have since it sync so well to the carkit.
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Bluetooth headsets. a must while driving. Both the cars have one each.
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I have always felt the Bluetooth headset is the best option for you have your privacy of the conversation when compared to the regular car kit !!! I am not quiet sure about the radiation theory on Mobiles but prefer to use the headset whilst stationery too (no intentions of losing my sanity - for a i have little left) !! My Nokia headset work pretty fine most of the time.
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Old 12th February 2008, 00:24   #80
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Depends....While diving the car, it impossible to remove from the pocket while sitting, if its on the dash i keep to to a one word answer convo, and if not important i dont pick it up at all.
On the bike i have the half helmet, so i answer it and stick it into the helmet, it stays there, even after i finish the convo, the cops dont find out nor does it hamper my driving.
But guys driving beside me think i've gone mad....coz im speaking to myself....
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Guys Please Try To Avoid Calls. Park Your car or else attend it later. If with someone, ask him/her to attend it for you.

Life Is a gift , dont play with it.
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Smile Use a BT headset !!

I generally use a bluetooth headset (Nokia HS-11W). This is far better than the old wired headset which came with the phone - it was messy & wires got tangled every time, hated untangling everytime I got into the car. BT is great, but it does add a few seconds to the start-up time after getting into the car, but it's worth it.I have the ability to accept or reject calls, or dial the last number dialled from my mobile. But since I cannot see the caller id, I generally accept the call and tell them to call later as I am driving. I seldom make calls when driving but I do receive a good number of business calls.
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Old 18th February 2008, 23:57   #83
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I use the Parrot CK3200 LS colour plus.
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I don't answer calls on my mobile phone while driving. If the caller keeps calling me 2-3 times in a very short period then I'll stop on the side (only if it does not hinder traffic flow), and respond to the caller. If the call is urgent then caller will try several times. Otherwise, the call can wait. That is one of the reasons I've purchased the most base (no-frills) mobile phone.

The traffic situation is already too bad without talking on the mobile phone. I don't want to add another dimension to this problem.

I'm already scared to see a two-wheeler driver with his neck bent to the side trying to manage both driving and talking at the same time. Wonder what happens if the truck/bus guys and the auto guys do talking on a mobile while driving

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I do lot of official calls while driving to and from work. My commute is over 2.5 hrs. I use Jabra bluetooth or wired headset if the bluetooth dies of charge. For me attending calls while driving is similar to listening to music while driving if you have a headset. I see no difference between the two.
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Old 20th February 2008, 19:53   #86
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I use the loudspeaker utility on my Nokia E90 and just keep the phone on the dash.
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I place my phone in the cradle stuck on the windshield so I get a view of road too. When a call comes I will slow down a bit and take a look of both the phone and road alternatively and put the phone in speaker mode. Since I have a touch phone, it is easy to handle without taking the phone.
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simple problem, simple suggestion
either pull over and take the call, or ignore the call and call back later.
I do this
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guys i have a query!
I am using a motorola razr2,and looking to buy a bluetooth car kit.Which one should i opt for: parrot,motorola or nokia kit?And prices for the models if possible.Thanks.
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All depends on your budget and the features you want. My suggestion would be to buy a unit that is compatible with all bluetooth phones and not brand specific.


PS - Parrot prices range from Rs5.5k for the basic one to Rs17.5k for the Bluetooth CD/MP3/FM Player.
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