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Old 24th December 2008, 09:28   #166
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Originally Posted by petrohead View Post
GTO. Imagining the rest gives me goosebumps.

I had a similar incident, the difference was that i was talking about my girlfriends and my mom listened to the whole thing.

One reason is i usually forget to turn my bluetooth on. Keeping it always on leads to
1. Unauthorised entry into phone.
2. Certain mobile viruses spread through BT.
3. Drains cell power.
The other reason why i dont pair it is that i dont really want my co- passengers to listen to my conversations.

Another fact is that i enjoy driving to a great extend that at times i dont even hear my phone ring.
LOlzz it happened to me once but as soon she said hello i switched back to the phone mode and told her to call laterz.

for bluetooth you can pair it with your headset/headunit etcc. and then switch it to invisible mode..
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Old 23rd January 2009, 01:01   #167
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Default Wired headset with autoanswer

I tend to get stuck in traffic a lot. I use a wired headset (Nokia - boom) and have configured the phone to autoanswer if the headset is on. The headset is fixed to a pouch for the phone that fits on to the seatbelt. It works wonderfully for me, it is safer than talking to a co-passenger, does not drain the battery, protects privacy and is immune to virus attack. The only drawback is that I cannot see who is calling, a small price to pay.
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Old 6th February 2009, 11:10   #168
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I have read some place that the centre in brain that controls the limbs and speech is same. So it is difficult to negotiate tricky stairs, un-even floors, sudden change in levels, thread a needle, and similar high concentration jobs and talk simultaneously. Talking while driving is ok, we all do that with our co-passengers. The difference in talking on phone is that while your co-passenger know the driving conditions around you, the caller on phone doesn't know that. Your co-passenger will go quiet and let you negotiate the traffic in difficult situations but the caller on the phone will go on talking oblivious of the fact that you need to concentrate on the road.

This is the big cause in lapse of concentration while talking on the phone. the biggest of course is the physical distraction of trying to find the right button and connecting the handsfree cable, etc.

I try and not talk while driving. Only out going calls for me and that too to people who know I can go silent while driving so they don't keep shouting in my ears - where are you?!! Are you listening?!!

This has worked very well for me.
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I normally turn my mobile to vibration mode...

its my (most of us) intention to look at my phone and see the incoming call number when it rings, so i simply put it in vibration and drop it in the console, as this does not distract my attention while on drive...

after all whats important is me, my family (Wife and my Baby girl just 2 months old named Piyusha, mycar and oops forgot ... the RULES....

I don't want to fine myself with accidents or challans from traffic cops for the calls from BPO for a free credit card that would land up being a burden to me or a call offering free holiday trip if i visited their office with my wife on a weekend to collect some coupons or a phone call from office asking my whereabouts. I prefer to call them all back to check what the call was regarding and shout for the rupee spent to call them back if the call was of no use to me..... What to do.. I am an Indian who values every rupee earned by self and would only shout back at those calls which were of no purpose but to market....

Nothing is important for me than me, my family and my car...oops the traffic rules for sure and with an indian Heart the public

My suggestion

1) To General Public: Ignore that you ever had a mobile with you while you are driving...

2) Guys capturing SPY Shots... appreciate your efforts but do not risk for something thats going to be revealed soon.. be on the safe side... try to follow the car to a stand still and grab sme posts... I am an enthusiats of SPY Shots but cannot resits giving you some tips.. you are the ones who make T-BHP stand still in the croud

Guys we cannot afford to loose or see T-Bhpians Hurt... for simple reason of using mobile while driving....

Love the community I Belong -T-BHP
Love the nation I Belong - India
Love the ones who gave my birth - May Parents
Love the one who lives for me - My Wife
Love the one Whome I gave Birth - My Daughter
Love the
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I have Blaupunkt Hamburg in my i10. Handset gets automatically paired with HU whenever I am in the car. I can see the phone number displayed on HU for an incoming call. Mic is on the driver side visor, but picks up voice from anywhere in the car. Good noise cancelling capability.

I normally don't make a call while driving.

I use Motorola Bluetooth headset while driving Indica. Again no calls outing while driving. Incoming is fine.

take care and drive safely
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I have a company fitted bluetooth connectivity system in my Indica Vista Anniversary as well as Fiat Linea Emotion Pack which takes care of all calls. The linea even has function to read out SMS which is 'handy'.

In any case, I still try to avoid talking while driving...
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

Let me shake up an old thread

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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

My car is equipped with Bluetooth, so all the incoming calls are answered nicely. However, for outgoing calls during the drive, I use, google search app's voice command feature " Ok Google". I always avoid SMS and Whatsapp during the drive. I observed that my wife's Iphone's Siri is more responsive than " ok google".

PS: My car doesn't have "Android Auto" or "Apple car Play".

Here are some tips for friends who don't have "Android Auto" or "Apple car Play' in their car.

Enable voice controls
Name:  1.jpg
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Size:  63.5 KB

On an Android phone, you must first switch on "OK Google" recognition. Make sure you have the Google search app installed, then head into Settings from the app menu, tap Voice, and tap 'OK Google' detection. On some phones, the the voice commands will work no matter what app you're in, or even if the phone is locked. On others, you actually have to launch the Google search app before using "OK Google."

Start with an "OK Google" command, and you can tell your phone to "play some music" or "show me the way to Baroda." You can also make it call or text one of your contacts. This lets you do a lot more with your phone without having to look at the screen, which means your eyes can stay safely fixed on the road. Just make sure your mind is concentrating on driving as well.

Name:  2.jpg
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To use voice control whenever and wherever you need to, go to Siri in Settings. Enable the Access When Locked and Allow "Hey Siri" features so you'll be able to call up Siri without touching your phone's screen. Once you've set this up, you can say, "Hey Siri, send a text to mom," and the assistant will take you through the process of dictating and sending an SMS—all without glancing at the screen.

The same voice control works with navigating: Say, "Hey Siri, drive to Ahmedabad City," and the navigation mode in Apple Maps will open up automatically. You can then follow the instructions on screen without having to lift your hands from the wheel, assuming you're happy with all the default route options that have been chosen. In this case, you do have to glance at your phone's screen, but try to spend minimal time on these looks. And before you get started, turn on voice directions (in the Maps section of iOS Settings) so you're not relying solely on looking at the display.
Source: popsci.com
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

The Storme has wiring to pair the HU with my phones. I did try it, but found it too distracting.

On a related note, I use a Plantronics BT for all my calls. The only times I dont use a BT is when either of my BT head-phones are out of charge.

So even though I avoid talking on the phone when driving, I just use the Plantronics when I have to answer a call - or make a call. In a way, it's just the same for me whether inside the car or outside. Bluetooth all the way ! Keep talking while still doing what ever I am doing. ( For the last 3-4 years, I have been using two Bluetooth headphones concurrently - one in use, one ready and charged)
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

Interesting and very relevant thread. Probably should be in the Road Safety section.

I keep my mobile phone on silent mode all through the day from 7AM to 7AM. Silent means no ring, no vibration no lights flashing and no everything else. Once in a while I check if there are missed calls which are then returned. That's what voice mail is for - to lead your life in peace and to call back when convenient to you. Only downside is that I end up returning calls to the tele-marketers too. So getting disturbed by a phone while driving or in a meeting is physically not possible. It helps that not many call me. It also helps that I don't have a boss. You see it is unlikely any one of great importance is going to call me and most people can wait 15 to 60 minutes for their call to be returned.

My wife finds my habit most irritating.
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

I don't touch my phone while driving. Period.

Most of the people who know me know this. If it is really urgent, they call a second time, in which case I find a safe place to park and then return the call. Otherwise, I return the calls after reaching home / office, if the caller is known to me. This is when I drive / ride alone.

If there is a passenger (mostly my wife or daughter) with me, the phone is with them. They take the call, and inform them that I am driving and take a message.

Talking on the phone while driving irritates me - even if it is via Android Auto / Bluetooth / et al.

In fact, as I grow older, I find it more enjoyable if I drive alone or having minimum conversation with co-passengers. My wife and daughter used to complain initially, now they have got used to it now (after I kept telling them to enjoy the scenery outside and enjoy the ride).... it is a different story with friends, and hopefully I can make (some of) them understand the pleasure of talking less and enjoying the drive more.
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

I too don't touch my phone while driving.

The only calls I answer on bluetooth (connected to my car's AVN) are from my parents and wife and unless its something very urgent, I tell them to call back or I will call them back when I'm done driving.

Just like mentioned above, if there is a passenger (usually my wife or parents) with me, they take the call, and inform them that I am driving and that I'll call back later.

I can't stand people who are on the phone while driving/riding. Irritates me to the core.

Had one funny experience talking on the car's bluetooth, never again!
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

I never answering calls using the handset whilst driving. Always through the audio system or a BT handsfree. The conversation is very short about 10-20 seconds as I do not like being distracted when driving no matter at the speed or location.

If it is really urgent then I stop the vehicle on the road side or preferably a lay-by making sure it is safe before doing so.
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

During my initial driving days I used to think that I don't possess the required skill or focus to talk on my phone and drive at the same time. May be I do lack a bit of talent here, but what it has done is that it has totally prevented me from talking over phone while on the wheel. I simply can't do it and don't remember if I ever tried even once I realised it's not my cup of tea. I would pull over, that too rarely, finish my call, and then resume. I don't even like answering calls on bluetooth as my phone is usually not connected to the car's bluetooth.

Everyday I come across many drivers who are nonchalantly talking on their phones, in the city, and on the highways. These people make the most pathetic driving decisions/manoeuvres. They would simply cut you off at their own whims & fancy, and would never even bother to acknowledge that their actions could have caused an accident. This attention deficit is what taught me never to use mobile while driving. These people, i guess, did not get the message loud & clear.
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Default Re: How do you manage your phone calls while driving?

First of all, I hardly ever get calls from anyone
And even rarer when I am driving. On the rare occasion that I do get a phone call, it gets routed through the car's bluetooth.

However, that's not all that we use the phone for these days, do we? How about rerouting your destination on your phone's maps app? Or changing the music? Or, god forbid, responding to messages? How do you guys manage that?

For me, any time I have to pick up the phone, look at it and give some input, I look for a safe spot to pull over and do it, or throw it to my co passenger to take care of it.
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