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Old 20th May 2008, 14:36   #136
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I think they just make use of that fact that most of the ppl are plain "afraid/scared" of them.

The only reason why they would touch you if you dont pay money IS because htye know ppl get jumpy, and they would pay to fend them off.
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Old 21st May 2008, 15:24   #137
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Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
You may laugh at me, but till date I've NEVER had a bad experience with enuchs and I do not give them any money.
Try it.
Ditto !!

There used to be a time when I used to travel quite a lot in Trains - and there were Eunuchs all over the train, never did I once ignore them or turn away my face or shooed them away. In fact I used to have a small chat with them, just for the sake of it.

I used to give them 20 - 30 rs every now & then. They used to call me ' Aye Chikne '. Infact even on my wedding I danced with them

I do not dislike Eunuchs. It is sad that in our country these people are looked down upon, whereas in America & UK they are living like normal people and probably more famous - running salons, Boutiques etc.
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Old 29th May 2008, 15:58   #138
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Originally Posted by mjothi View Post
2. Till this govt recognize them as a normal beings, and provide reservations for jobs etc, they too need to live themselves. (When they can do that for caste, certainly they can do for them)

Agreed, there are fake, but once the recog comes from govt, and issuance of certificate something like what happens now for the handicapped, the fake ones will slowly disappear.

yes it is really not a good sign especially when you are waiting desperately for the signals to turn green. What to do, good and bad lives side by side in my country.
I dont understand why we Indians have this thing to jump into reservations gear at the slightest provocation.

They are perfectly able to hold a job/ start an entrepreneurship etc. Agreed, they may have to look hard for a good job and there are people willing to give them jobs.

The reason they prefer harass some people is because of this...
Originally Posted by kaynmantis View Post
One thing I have noticed with eunuchs. They seem to target people who reacts to their presence. I encounter them a lot on the street.

My cousin always reacts in disgust whenever eunuchs approaches and they always target him. You see, people pay to get rid of them. They've learned the trade well.
Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
I've never had even one bad experience with eunuchs. I always say no with a smile, I never give money to them.

Sometimes when they come and say "Ay raja" I smile and say "Kaisa hai?" they say "achcha hai, paisa de na" I say "aaj nahi hai, phir kabhi" and the eunuchs laugh and say "hamesha aisa bolta hai- bye"

Sometimes they say funny things like "Tu mera Hero hai" but I always smile and laugh when they say that. I never shrink from them and I never roll up the window or look away. I look back and them, smile and say "Nahi hai" and the smile completely disarms them.

You may laugh at me, but till date I've NEVER had a bad experience with enuchs and I do not give them any money.
Try it.
The Yeti and I are on the same page on this. I somehow cannot stop myself from smiling (not laughing) when I see them. I know that they should have immense guts to go up to someone and harass them. When they see me smiling away, trying to find some change, all they do is ask and go away when I dont have any to give.

I actually learnt the hard way. On a train about 8 years back I tried to ignore a eunuch and (s)he abused me saying something to the effect 'you think you are better than me' and then came some more usual flowery language. But that line got me thinking.

Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
It is sad that in our country these people are looked down upon, whereas in America & UK they are living like normal people and probably more famous - running salons, Boutiques etc.
I agree and I think in our country its partly because of their own doing.
Its upto them to start some change.

Recently on NDTV (Just saw bits of it) there was a report of a eunuch who started some business (I think Chennai) and is being supported and given respect for doing so.
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Old 30th May 2008, 22:01   #139
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Yes as Sam said, A smile can do a lot of things (and save some money too). But thats not the issue . Giving money to one person once in a while is ok. But they are too demanding (in bangalore, dont know how they are elsewhere) they some times dont accept a rupee or even a fiver. we dont have any written agreement with them saying we will have to give some money everyday that too above 10/-. We give it out of sympathy* or can we say, we think they might be leading a troubled life (with no income). But till sympathy its ok, *but thats where the opportunity lies for them (am sorry to say this, but thats the fact). I know some eunuchs (profession - begging or rather say snatching) believe it or not lend money to people on daily interest basis. I am not saying not too give money, but doesnt the sympathy factor vanish when they start demanding?
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Old 24th June 2008, 23:14   #140
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And this is what I get in mail just now.

*Gender-Sexual Choice * *Gender-Sexual
Freedom * * Repeal IPC 377*

Bengaluru Pride 2008

*Bengaluru's First pride rally to commemorate Stonewall Riots Day*
For the Visibility and Liberation of Hijra, Kothi, DoubleDekker, Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex people...*

On 29th June, 1969, police raided Stonewall Inn, a bar in Greenwich Village,
New York City, USA frequented by sexual minorities. Enraged by the police
raid and fed up with routine harassment by the police, sexual minorities
rioted after the police raid. The Stonewall riots are generally seen as the
birth of the sexual minorities movement internationally. Each year sexual
minorities and their allies organize pride events and march on the streets
of cities across the globe to observe Stonewall riots day and is a
celebration of diverse sexuality and gender identities. This year pride
events are being organized not only in Bangalore but also in Kolkata and

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalizes consensual sex between
adults by terming all sexual acts other than penile-vaginal intercourse as
'against the order of nature'. This archaic statute was introduced in India
by the British in 1860. Through Britain got rid of their anti-sodomy law a
long time ago, India continues to carry forward this colonial legacy.
Criminalization of sexual minorities through this law acts as the main
structural reason for the horrendous human rights violations against sexual
minorities. Police and goondas take advantage of this law and harass, abuse
(verbally, physically and sexually), blackmail and extort money and other
valuables from sexual minorities.

Unfavourable laws coupled with stigma, discrimination and social rejection
block most sexual minorities from accessing various social entitlements
including voter ID, ration card, passport, driving license, housing,
education, employment, savings and credit facilities, insurance, old age
pension and old age shelter homes.

One of the major issues that hijras and other transsexuals face is that sex
change is not legally recognized in India and there are no procedures for
legal change of a person's sex after going through sex change. As a result.
Hijras and other transsexuals cannot prove their identity as their bodies
and gender expression do not match their 'sex' on official documents. Unable
to prove their identity, hijras and other transsexuals have been completely
marginalized vis- -vis employment, education, inheritance, ration cards,
savings and credit facilities and housing.

In this context, we demand that:

1. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code should be amended to exclude all
forms of sex between consenting adults from the definition of the offence.
2. State should accord choice of gender/sex to people who have undergone
sex reassignment surgery, including persons who have undergone male
castration or bilateral mastectomy (surgical removal of both breasts) or
hormonal therapy as part of sex reassignment procedures.
3. State should take steps to prevent police/ goonda violence against
sexual minorities and take effective measures to punish those who perpetrate
offences against sexual minorities.
4. State should initiate special measures for the welfare of hijras and
other transsexuals (the most marginalized section of sexual minorities) E.g.
education, employment, savings-credit facilities, housing, skill development
5. Sexual minorities should get all social entitlements without any
discrimination. This includes voter ID, ration card, passport, driving
license, housing, education, employment, savings and credit facilities,
insurance, old age pension and old age shelter homes.

*PRIDE MARCH on 29th June, 2008 (Sunday)

STARTS from National College Grounds, Basavangudi at 2 PM

PUBLIC MEETING at Town Hall at 4 PM*

All are Welcome! Join us in large numbers!!

* Organizers*: Alternative Law Forum, Aneka, Good As You, Karnataka Sexual
Minorities Forum, Karnataka Sexworkers Union, LesBiT, Sadhane, Samara,
Sangama, Suraksha, and Swabhava.
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Originally Posted by SohailPistawala View Post
I always pay them, but never witnessed any such thing, or never came accross any such incident that happened with me, or anyone i know of.
In Bombay there are a lot of FAKE ones too hahaha, the ones who pretend to be but are not eunuchs!!
Next time, ignore them. Don't take any offensive action, just ignore them as if they don't exist. When enough people stop giving money, they will change their ways.

If you want to help the unfortunate, donate to a reliable, reputed charity organisation. Do not encourage beggars on the street, either due to pity or due to fear.
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Old 25th June 2008, 13:32   #142
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Noticed that there is an increase in the number of these people at the Deve Gowda petrol pump signal. Not paid them even once, even though it is on my daily commute route.

No smile, no anger, no emotions at all, just look at them and tell them 'No'. They walk off.
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Old 25th June 2008, 14:24   #143
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Showing no emotion has always worked for me with the Eunuchs. They are found at the Nagawara signal, Lumbini Garden signal & the BEL signal on the ring road which i frequent almost daily. When they are insistant that i pay, i politely say no and they go away. But i have seen them take money from people who laugh at them or show shyness when they come near you.
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I actually didn't understand what the eunuch wanted when he/she came up to my window ..on the very first encounter.

I realised it wanted some money only later and I still didnt understand why I should pay him/her/it. I said no and ignore but then the person started to touch me and poke me so I started to roll up the windows - and this person tried to hold the window down - they are power windows - so they just went up and closed causing this person to mouth off like I had just done some grave injustice to him/her !.

***? if a physically handicapped person or some of the kids/ women turn up begging I do give them money. ..but what the hell is this with eunuchs ..?
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Old 26th June 2008, 00:04   #145
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No one should have to put up with extortion, from enuchs or anyone else. All the folks that have paid them money have only served to help their extortion business.

As a matter of principle don't pay them. Don't folks understand that they are threating you with indecent behavior, indecent exposure, and verbal abuse if you don't pay them money? I don't mind someone asking me for charity, but if money is demanded from me under threat of nonsense, and crude behavior, they are going to get some physical violence coming at them.

I once had one of these characters walk straight into my living room in Delhi. So I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and forcibly walked him out. At that point he started to verbally abuse me, so I punched him in the stomach and knocked the wind out. After reeling back he walked away and started cursing, dropped his salwaar, exposing his groin, and yes he was just a regular male in a womans clothing. That was the last I saw of him.

If everyone treats them this way, I guarantee that they won't be harassing normal people at traffic intersections, etc. Maybe they will just dress normally and try to get regular paying jobs, and actually work for a living.
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Old 26th June 2008, 00:39   #146
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yuck ! dropping the salwaar.... too much.

God forbid that ever happen to anybody in a public place
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Old 26th June 2008, 15:02   #147
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Thankfully the Eunuch menace is not so proclaimed in Pune. Only regular signal beggars to be seen in abundance. Had a close encounter only once a few years back in a train. Me and Wifey were travelling. When I refused saying "Change nahin hai", the eunuch says to my wife "Ay Chikni, Is Gulab Jamun (referring to me) ke naam pe kkuch dena". My wife couldn't stop laughing and gave a few rupees to him/her for making us laugh our wits out.
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Normal men posing as eunuchs and begging at banglore!... never miss an oppurtunity?
Naked truth
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Old 16th July 2008, 23:17   #149
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See, its simple. In this country, no one would want to work when they are getting good money without working.
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Depends on my mood, traffic situation. Based on that, either ignore or give Rs. 10-20.
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