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View Poll Results: Which Rs. 25 lakh SUV would you choose?
Toyota Fortuner 173 29.73%
Ford Endeavour 378 64.95%
Chevrolet Trailblazer 3 0.52%
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 24 4.12%
Hyundai Santa Fe 4 0.69%
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Old 9th February 2017, 20:48   #16
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Toyota Fortuner will still dominate the segment, but I think the Ford Endeavour is better. I think the interiors and the features in the Ford make it a superior package, although the Toyota is not too far behind.

If there's a Fortuner with a 2.4 and a I had a budget constraint, that would be my pick. I've heard from an owner of a Innova Crysta that the 2.2 diesel AT on the Endeavour was not satisfying as the 2.8 Crysta. Note: I do expect the 2.4 to produce more torque if it finds itself in the Fortuners engine bay.

Chevy needs to get its act together to compete in this segment. Or rather, compete in the segment.

I've heard wonderful things about the Pajero, but service backup remains a deterrent for potential owners.

I think Hyundai hasn't had a great time in the segment. Perhaps they should have launched the LWB Sante Fe?
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Is the Pajero section missing what you like and what you won't bit in the OP?

I wish Mitsubishi would get off their lazy behinds and give us the new Pajero Sport that's on sale in Australia right now.

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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

I know it all started with the Endeavour in India but it was the Fortuner which brought revolution to the segment.

With the equipment list, Ford has got everything to sell a better SUV which appears absolute VFM. Endeavour sells as Ranger pick up(premium class) in many countries so there shouldn't be any questions about its off road credentials. With Endeavour, Fortuner NOW has a worthy rival.

A two hour read on Team-BHP will show Endeavour as a better product than Fortuner, but..Ford loses out on the butch factor which is aplenty in Toyota. Fortuner has got the looks of baby Land Cruiser(with Lexus botox). It will definitely grab more eyes, provide better resale and let the owners blabber about it.

I feel Toyota is more equipped to provide customers get a feel of buying better product than a Ford. Add to that Toyota's brand image(atleast in India) which someone might not get while buying an Endeavour. So if I were to get one, I'll get Fortuner for overall experience.

I would not even think about the ugly Trailblazer and the old Pajero. Both of which have either facelift or new generation available outside our market. Shame on these companies for offering obsolete junk to us.

Toyota and Ford. This is for you -
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Endy it is for me after a month of dilemma and multiple drives of the fortuner and the Endy back to back . The endy has good it all right on this one as rives better feels better behaves better and just to experience costs on it to maintain now. Does not bounce around much like Fortuner and the cabin is an excellent place to be in . The only dislike is the headlamps which appear poor for a vehicle this size and also feel the brake pedal travel is much longer than usual on the Endy and does not inspire much confidence
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

I voted for the Endeavour. I was in the market for a SUV and had test driven both (top end AT variants) back to back. A brief summary of my assessment (listing only the ones that were key for me)

+ Liked the styling but thought it compromised rear visibility
+ Loved the paddle shifts. Have been using them a lot on my Outlander and have developed a liking for it.
+ Key less start/ stop. I don't recollect now whether it had comfort access too.
+ Cooled glove box
+ All the other good things going for it such as badge value, reliability etc. etc.

- A huge car has just two parking sensors
- No option for front fender mirrors (the ones that a lot of old Fortuners have which as per the sales person is not possible on this due to the sloping design)
- Front and rear skid plates don't come standard
- Spare wheel is exposed and visible
- Steering felt a bit light even at speed
- Felt the turning radius to be an issue too. Couldn't make a U turn that the Endeavour could
- Didn't like that the third row seats had to be manually lifted and latched to the sides. To me it compromised on boot usability as well as rear visibility.
- Didn't like the stock speaker quality

+ Front and Rear parking sensors (there are 12 in all)
+ Front and Rear skid plates are standard
+ Steering felt better weighted, light in city conditions but firms up a bit at speed
+ Turning radius was good for a huge car
+ Third row seats could be electrically folded flat. Gives a large usable boot.
+ Interiors looked richer and more loaded with features
+ Audio system felt good enough to live with the stock set up

- No paddle shifts. Also the manual shifts on gear lever was in opposite direction
- No cooled glove box
- No key less access, start/ stop
- Didn't like the placement of ORVM controls
- Overall experience with the dealership was not great (but this is more of a dealership issue, maybe, but it did come up in my consideration)

Other than this liked the overall drive in the Endeavour better compared to the Fortuner. The power mode in the Fortuner was good but felt a bit rough for me. However, that was not a big factor since I could live with either as far general performance was concerned.

Now, though I had shortlisted Endeavour in my buying decision, I finally decided to drop it mainly due to size. Both my wife and I couldn't feel right about buying a huge 7 seater for just the two of us.
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Has to be Ford for me with the 3.2 liter diesel engine paired with the automatic transmission. As a brand Ford has above average long term reliability but it looks, feels and drives better than the Fortuner. I can also understand why someone would go with Fortuner as it is basically a Hilux with a different body on top and therefore almost indestructible.
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Well....I am the type who would buy a CAR with my heart and a SUV with my head. The Toyota is what my head says. Both these SUVs are in their latest avatars, but the Fortuner wins my vote because of : 1. Less maintenance, 2. Long term durability of Toyota engines, 3. Lends itself better for chauffeur driving, 4. Better resale.

The Endy does 'drive better', but why at all buy a SUV if you love to drive ?

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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Fortuner is good but Endeavour is a more complete package. Add to that the fact that Fords have always been drivers' cars. Handling has always been a Ford trait coupled with decent quality of parts.
The only let down is the dealership experience. With Toyota, across dealerships, you'll get an experience ranging from 8 to 10 on a 10 point scale but with Ford i have experienced dealerships ranging from 5 to 10.
Also, Ford is slow to react to feedback.
Must be a corporate thing right from the headoffice! They could not handle JLR which turned out to be the cash cow for Tata Motors.
So Ford manufactures great cars but the marketing chain is not being handled properly.
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

I voted for the Endeavour.


1) Ride quality
2) Interiors are upmarket - though i hate beige to the core.
3) Sweet Engine note
4) Overall value for money with some of the features that match with the high end germans.
5) I like the Automatic transmission and Terrain management system.


1) Spoils you with so much comfort. The steering is accurate and is a driver's car.
2) Masks speed very well. You feel you are at 80kmph but the car will be at 120kmph (like the weather reports, 16 degrees but feels 8 degrees type)


Will not be as good as the Toyota (as of today) but will not disappoint either. Overall cost of ownership is similar to that of Toyota and service experience is good so far.
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

I recently got to experience the Fortuner 2.8 Auto, Endeavour 2.2 Trend 4x4, Endeavour 3.2 Titanium 4x4 and Pajero Sports Manual.

The Pajero drives very well but doesn't feels special enough when compared to the competition. Mitsubishi's lacklustre attitude in India is also a downer. But I personally feel the Pajero is the best driver's car from this lot.

Endeavour 2.2 has the muscular looks but the powertrain lacks muscle. The motor feels lethargic on the open highways.

Endeavour 3.2 is one hell of a package. It ticks every box - wonderful engine, terrific road presence, functional interiors and it has all the bells & whistles.

Fortuner 2.8 Auto is also a great package, much better than Pajero and Endy 2.2 but clearly not as good as the Endy 3.2 IMO. The manual version may feel better but with the auto tranny, the engine felt sluggish slotted in D unless on Power mode.

Endy 3.2 clearly appeals to the heart more than anything else in this segment. I would have preferred a better, more roomy interior packaging though.
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Voted for the Ford, knew that it'll win the poll hands down.
Having said that, surprised to find that the Toyota has secured this much of votes and by the dismal show of Pajero.

I voted for:
- driver's SUV
- neutral and almost classic looks
- list of equipment in the 3.2L trim
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

Voted for the Fortuner. Because that is what I would pick between the Endeavour and the Fortuner, the rest don't even qualify to be considered.

Although the heart knows that the Endeavour is the better product, the Fortuner makes more sense, because for me, an SUV has to be reliable, rugged and well engineered first, feature rich later. If I was keen on creature comforts I might as well buy a BMW for the same amount of money.

Long term reliability of the Endeavour is still unknown, dealership network is thin(in comparison to Toyota) and Ford horror stories are abundant. Add to it a miss-aligned front bumper, recent reports of headlamp malfunction, low ratio GB issues and ICE noise, little things but speak volumes about the carelessness of a manufacturer. No such things being reported for the Fortuner, in line with most Toyotas.

About the Fortuner, the 2.8 is a good engine, unrefined nature being the only downer, the gearbox is again nothing to talk about but it does its job, and not that the Endy gets a DCT anyway, interior quality and finish doesn't feel as premium as the Endy but it definitely feels well put together, enough to last a decade and half a million kilometers.

Also so much have been spoken about the Ford being the more value for money option, but the minute you bring resale value to the equation, Ford's VFM advantage will go for a toss. Parts will more or less cost the same, but going by the past, the Toyota will be much easier on the pocket when it comes to regular upkeep.

All said and done, the invincibility factor that comes free with every Toyota is irreplaceable. To put things into perspective, if I ever have to go to a place which is a few 100 kms away from the closest town, I would rather be in a Toyota than being in a Ford.

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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

My Vote goes to Endeavour, because of following reasons:
1. More Features
2. Ford have been working relentlessly to bring the Service costs down (and they have succeeded to an extent, with those predefined service costs, which are being told upfront, looking quite nominal) and also to address the perception of higher cost of ownership
3. 3.2 L Engine
4. Sun-Roof
What can improve in Endeavour?
1. Ford Should bring in all black interiors
2. Reach Adjustment for steering wheel
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

As I write this, Ford is winning over Toyota, 3 to 1. But actual market sales figures for last 3 months show Toyota winning over Ford 3 to 1 !! People buy for just resale value and vote for the better of the two

I voted Ford. I will buy a Ford
  1. Better package. Ford wins
  2. Dealer service. Toyota wins, but Ford has improved considerably and a close 2nd
  3. My rule is, if you buy a 35+ lac 7-seater, then you should keep it for 8+ years. So buy a comfortable, durable, up to date featured vehicle. Ford wins, Toyota ride is still a lorry and has poor features
  4. Lifecycle cost, Toyota is more expensive with half the maintenance duration of Ford and also more expensive upfront. So any gain on resale value is more or less a wash. Ford wins
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Default Re: Toyota Fortuner vs the competition

If you notice its becoming a trend now. Whatever gets the votes from BHPians isn't the preferred choice in our market. Infact absolutely opposite at times. Zest, Tiago, Hexa and some more being glaring examples

And more often than not the reason is resale and peace-of-mind ownership. Maruti and Toyota have aced this art in India atleast.

Coming back to the polls its pretty evident now that most of the BHPian hearts would prefer the Endy but when it comes to signing the dotted line(actual sales) Toyota would take the cake. Doubt I will ever venture into this segment and havent driven either of them but going by the ownership reviews and the discussions Ford looks like a better value proposition

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