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Old 21st July 2015, 18:22   #931
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by Shakensoul View Post
Does it makes sense to go for the 1.4 D base Model at around 10.5L OTR?
Why go for base Creta, go for i20 Active top trim SX as both have same 190mm Ground Clearance and same 1.4 Diesel with FWD. i20 Active will have better performance owing to lower kerb weight.

Creta has overshot into expensive category for what it offers. It has not generated the same positive price shock XUV did back in 2011 when W8 AWD was introduced at 12.88 L.

Only variant that can command premium is the diesel automatic as it has no competition in the market at this price point. I too was eagerly waiting for the automatic but as they have not launched it in SX(O) top trim, I would be waiting it out if they do it in the near future. I think, automatic buyers as a demographic do not mind paying a premium, so I am a bit perplexed as to why they didn't launch it. Maybe due to the negative price shock as GTO said. But I would be more perplexed if they do not launch it even in the future.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Most dealerships close at 8 pm and no test drive reports yet ? Eagerly waiting for a glimmer of hope after the disappointing pricing.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Lets look at this realistically, the bookings were done without official announcement of prices so there are 2 kinds of people who've booked - one group who expected the prices to be within their budget, this budget would've been calculated by comparing the vehicles of similar size and power of the competition. The other group who might've booked are those who just want the Creta for liking some aspect of it, say styling, features, safety, reliability etc. They would've booked fully knowing a variation in prices is possible, afterall nothing is official until the official announcement, thus they wont mind the change in prices.

Its completely ok to cancel the bookings if the prices are not found favourable, I hope in future no pre-bookings are ever done without an expectation of prices changing. In my view a 10% increase of prices from speculation to reality is quite acceptable, for a 5 lakh rupee car that works out to 50k, and likewise for a 12-13 lakh car that should work out to 1.2-1.3 lakhs. Also this is the first time I'm reading this thread in detail and a price of 16-17 lakhs on road is quite acceptable for a car with 6 airbags, unlimited running warranty, 1.6 litre diesel engine, touchscreen unit, well planned interiors etc. Now I'm in no way saying 16+ lakhs is small money, but in today's time when a Dzire costing about 7-8.5 lakhs based on variant, is the largest selling car of India, and when a basic hatch or compact sedan with much smaller engines breaches the 9-10 lakh mark when it comes to automatic transmission, I do feel the Creta is at the price point it should be. For people who like Hyundai and felt they skimped out on safety ever since the original i20 & Verna, this should be the car to go for as it carries the new European structural hive-design safety making the body more rigid + 6 airbags.

Those who cannot stretch their budget can surely book the next brand or car they prefer. Hyundai, if at all they have overpriced the car may not be off by more than 50-60k, but I don't think the Creta as a car is to be faulted for that.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

I got call from my dealer. Its 17.08 on road BLR for diesel automatic
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Dusters case was different, Renault were known to command a premium over the rest but they could do that with Duster because they had a first mover advantage in the segment. While Hyundai has a fan following of its own, those peeps would not lament Hyundai for over-the-board pricing.

Whereas now XUV has a whole new meaning attached to it, thanks to Creta, XUV now falls in the VFM category. Indians typically do not like spending more over the standard segment prices, I mean they have to weigh what extra do they get for that extra buck & a relatively modern design or a shade better interiors may not be able to swing them on its side.

So this is the time for Mahindra, Maruti, Renault/Nissan & Ford to push the case for their respective offerings. If they intend to compete with Hyundai, they better launch some great schemes on their vehicles to sway the already heart-broken with the pricing consumers to their showrooms.

If Hyundai had priced their vehicle s was expected here, Maruti would have downcut it anyway. So the Consumer would have stayed the King. Now what Hyundai has done is they have taken the segment prices up, this is only bad in Consumers interest, this is how segment prices move upwards rather than staying put or having a meek chance of reduction.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Is there a spec sheet of which variant gets what? Going by some other sources, it seems only the top end (only talking about petrols here, don't know about diesel versions) gets airbags? Seriously?
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Mod Note : There are several spelling & grammatical errors in your posts. This negatively affects the forum experience for other readers.

Kindly ensure that you proof-read your posts prior to submission. Also, it would be a good idea to use a spell-checker.

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Though it is disappointing to see such a bad pricing, it is also foolish enough to do the same mistake and think S-cross would be priced southward of 15L. 1.6 DDIS is imported and first in class in india and just because it is plonked in a Maruti, it doesn't mean it is going to be Value for money
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

The anticipated orgasmic launch took a U Turn!
The pre conceived vfm pricing is the only reason which is taking the sentiments all time low.
Yes, Hyundai was indeed serious about the 'shocking' thing.

Otoh, this pricing would certainly help in maintaining 'exclusivity'! (Dude, I have a premium SUV!)
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Hyundai site updated with prices for Creta. You can check ex-showroom price for your respective city at

Prices for Pune
Preview: Hyundai Creta-hyundai-creta-pune-price.png
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by Shakensoul View Post
Does it makes sense to go for the 1.4 D base Model at around 10.5L OTR?
You could go with the i20 Active as suggested

Originally Posted by sidhu_hs View Post
Why go for base Creta, go for i20 Active top trim SX as both have same 190mm Ground Clearance and same 1.4 Diesel with FWD.
Or you could look at the Creta S petrol at a slightly lower price, unless your running requires a diesel.
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Post re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Just went with a colleague and checked out the Creta at Trident Hyundai nearby. My opinion from observing the vehicle inside and out for over 15 minutes:

1. There is good passenger space and knee room inside, at the front and back. Generous headroom too (folks upto 6 foot and a bit more should not have any issue).
2. Overall vehicle size, to me, looks same as Duster. Length may be a little longer than Duster. Vehicle looks lovely in White.
3. Compared to Terrano and Duster, the cabin definitely is more premium. Otherwise, it is standard fare that we've come to expect from Hyundai, feeling good just like in Elite i20. But very objectively, I wouldn't even try to compare the interior to that of Audi Q3 and such. No way!
4. Leatherette seats feel good to the touch. Will do the job.
5. Rear ac vents can only be positioned horizontally ; they cannot be moved vertically. 1 12v power socket is provisioned at the bottom of this rear ac vent console. Thoughtful.
6. Glove box does not have damped release function. If I'm not wrong, Elite i20 has this damped release feature on its glove box. That's a regressive step, Hyundai. Why?
7. No mirror on driver side sun visor. One is there on passenger side though. No additional sun visor lights. Sunglass holder also provisioned. Rear seat lights are not exactly over the rear seat. They're in between front seats and rear seat space.
8. There are bottle holders on rear doors too. Probably can fit 500ml bottles, 1ltr bottles may be a tight fit or the bottle should be lean shaped.
9. Supervision cluster (fancy name) shows exactly which door is open. I think this feature is coming in most new gen cars and is not exactly premium anymore (?).
10. Boot space is good at 400 ltrs (as confirmed by Hyundai sales exec). But load lip seemed high to me. Good space though.
11. As many have commented here prior, the roof rails look a bit out of place. Not even sure if they're functional (sales exec didn't know).
12. Good ground clearance. I didn't measure but definitely looks adequate and I'm kind of positive it should be 200mm, if not more. This shouldn't be an issue.
13. SX(O) 17" alloys diamond-cut look good and very glossy. Should be easier to maintain than clean silver (From my experience). Tyres are Bridgestone Dueller H/T (or something like that). 215/60/17.
14. From my observation and what I tried along with my colleague, 3 medium built individuals can sit next to each other in the rear seat. It's not too cramped as I found Ecosport to be.

From the limited time I got, this is all I was able to check and observe. Sorry I don't have more details. I may go back on Friday morning to see it again for another colleague, so if anyone has questions (and who can't see prior to Friday am, let me know and I can try to find out).

Price list for Bangalore and a snap below. Again, white is the color to go for. Passion Red was also on display and looked nice.

Edit: Worth mentioning. The foot fall in the showroom was very less. I was expecting it to be pretty crowded. It paled in comparison to the EcoSport launch madness I witnessed in Elite Ford, way back then. It can only be a baseless guess that the pricing could have indeed reduced or dampened the interests of some folks.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-image.jpg

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

A little off topic here, what should I feel for buying Elantra AT petrol top variant at 19 Lakhs on road?

Looking at the prices,

1. Creta is positioned between C2 and D1 segment as C2+. (OR)
2. C2 segment prices just moved up a little as mentioned in one of the above posts.

With the German trio moving up the ladder in terms of prices, slowly I think there is an up shift in terms of segment vs. price division in the below segments as well. The revival in auto sales is helping the manufacturers as well.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

The price is definitely on the higher side but it's not that big a shock. This was something I was personally expecting. There are a few reasons:

1. This is the perfect size crossover. The Ecosport was a compromise as they tried to squeeze it under 4m.
2. Vs the Duster the interiors are a league ahead. People were rejecting the Duster vs the Ecosport even. You don't compromise on interior quality.
3. Features! It's properly loaded especially the SX (O). These days manufacturers are cutting features. Heck even Hyundai dropped the rear disc brakes, 6 air bags and sunroof in Elite i20 and Verna facelift. With the Creta there is nothing glaring missing. Sat-nav, start/stop button, rear camera with parking sensors, leather and much more.
4. Safety. Applies only on the top end. 6 airbags, with ESP, hill hold.

Basically where as every other car/suv has a compromise, the Creta is near perfect. We need to see how it drives but going by initial preview from Anshuman there's no glaring show stopper here.

The XUV comes as a very very close alternative but a person looking for finesse and attention to detail will not prefer the XUV. Also many out there don't want a huge 7 seater for the hassle of driving in city traffic. That's why the Ecosport and Duster actually worked vs the Scorpio.

The Creta is basically recreating this segment giving exactly what a buyer wanted. Till now the Ecosport was catering to those who didn't mind the compact dimensions and the Duster was catering those who wanted the additional space/size but were ok to lose out on interior quality and design. They didn't want the traditional Scorpio, Safari cumbersome SUV's so settled for the Duster. The Duster got the first mover advantage and the Ecosport followed up with better interiors, funky styling and more features but lost out on space, performance and ride quality. The real games start now. This is the proper competition that Renault were probably wishing against.

This is where the Creta comes in. Not only will it tempt buyers of Honda City, Verna and Vento/Rapid to stretch but will take away from larger D segment sedans like Elantra, Altis, cruze. Duster will have the biggest problem now. Ecosport will also be impacted with lower variants of Creta but the price difference is quite large to get a guy to jump from Ecosport to Creta.

Basically, Hyundai are charging a premium because they know this. The Creta has the potential to straddle three segments and is a game changer. That's what they are making you pay for.

Anyone who spends that much for the Creta will not be disappointed as well. He is getting every damn thing that a car in this segment offers.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by sidhu_hs View Post
Why go for base Creta, go for i20 Active top trim SX as both have same 190mm Ground Clearance and same 1.4 Diesel with FWD. i20 Active will have better performance owing to lower kerb weight.
i20 Active still feels like a hatch. Atleast Creta's presence is SUV like and hopefully will offer better space than the i20 active.

Instead of spending 9-10 lakh on i20 Active hatch, will prefer to go for Ertiga
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