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I don't know why you're making it such a hush hush affair.I see it pass every day in front of my house.and its not a TD car.its owned by the owner of the skoda showroom here.its a light green car and the owner is all over the whole town with it.
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Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
and sidindica strikes again. nice review. maybe you shouldve gone to the posrche showroom in this car and seen their reaction.
Haha my sentiments exactly. Nice review sidindica. Dont much care for the exteriors but the interiors are rocking. Looks much more expensive and what a large boot. Impressive.
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You look at the cars that VW and Skoda bring out and it would be hard to say that VW is supposed to be a more up market brand, and with the Superb priced at the same or lower than the Passat, what is VW going to do for business?
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thats why they are releasing the superb with the petrol engine no diesel cause if the release the diesel now VW will have to shut down production in india
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Wonder how Skoda's going to jiggle their pricing for the rest of the range? This is almost priced in the same league as the Laura L&K and Jetta! It makes the Passat look like such a waste of money unless you're a sucker for the VW brand!
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"i like this car" wont justify my liking.
just love the looks and the interior is amazingly nice! gives such a plush feel just looking at it. and also the rear leg space looks more than decent. but would prefer a diesel motor instead of the 1.8 petrol.
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Interiors: really superb

The nicely reviewed article mentioned about short Wheelbase & low rear sitting, can you through some light on it???

After all, whats the price (its a skoda!!!)
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Awesome interiors. Exterior look was better in previous superb.
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A very well written review ...
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Great review Sid.
When I saw this car at the Autocar show I knew for one its gonna be a great car to drive and the most comfortable of many cars. What it offers is difficult to find in any other it its class. Surely looks more much more solid and better than the Accord, as per my likings.
Just love that engine. It is one of the best engines produced by VW group is recent times along with the 1.4 TSI motor which is both turbo and supercharged producing 170bhp. Instead of the borg warner turbo which are used in early 1.8tpi version this time they have chosen the IHI turbo, which is best to be found in any turbo petrol cars, peak torque at 1500 rpm that's a lot for a petrol car. Get a simple remap and you have car doing 220bhp with 370NM of torque and with 7 speed dsg and peddle shifters it's gonna be hell of a car to drive.
Simply Superb, as the name goes to say whether it's comfort, engine, ride, handling, luggage space, features and love that paint finish.

Definately a car worth going for.

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Saw one superb on delhi roads... thought share the pics with the fellow bhpians......
Attached Thumbnails
Test drive: Superbly equipped 7 star luxury on wheels. Skoda Superb!-09032009072.jpg  

Test drive: Superbly equipped 7 star luxury on wheels. Skoda Superb!-09032009073.jpg  

Test drive: Superbly equipped 7 star luxury on wheels. Skoda Superb!-09032009074.jpg  

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just got a call from one of the dealer here, they have the car on display and for the test drive will be going in the evening for it.
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Hey amit arya---a bit OT--but why are those sign-boards pointing downwards---does one need to go underground to visit Moolchand Hospital?
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If I was driving in Delhi I would think that I need to be in the specific lane to get to AIIMS. The assumption would be that the road would branch out ahead into different directions and hence drivers need to stick to the lanes marked. Is that correct? If not, then the direction signboards are all wrongly marked.
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
all skoda needs to do is to ramp up their marketing efforts, revamp their dealer and service network and launch a diesel version soon, which will only add icing to the cake.
pics added, enjoy!
re-vamp is not needed. They have to de-vamp. (read vampier).
Skoda dealers suck the customers money out.

That's right. These down arrows shows which lane to follow.

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