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View Poll Results: Which compact SUV would you pick?
Tata Nexon 265 53.75%
Maruti Vitara Brezza 27 5.48%
Ford EcoSport 163 33.06%
Honda WR-V 18 3.65%
Hyundai i20 Active 2 0.41%
Mahindra TUV300 7 1.42%
Other 11 2.23%
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Originally Posted by SoumenD View Post
I am in a similar situation though not in a hurry to upgrade. Running around 35-40kms a day and maybe once a month 200-300kms highway trip. Overall 1000-1200kms a month. Budget strictly <10L OTR

Looking for a premium petrol hatch with higher ground clearance (top most criteria, thanks to Bangalore roads ), to upgrade from my 2010 Estilo. One thing I like about my current car is the mileage (16.5-17kmpl) in Bangalore outskirts (Begur road-Jigani-EC) and ease of chucking it around the traffic. But surprise potholes spawning every other day keeps reminding me of the low ground clearance. Have to be very careful all the time.

May i suggest you the Tata Tigor XZA (AMT).

It ticks most of your requirements:

1. High ground clearance of 170mm.
2. Soaks up bad bumps better than many proper sedans out there.
3. XZA comes with decent set of equipment including dual Airbags, ABS, EBD, CSC. Although it misses out on climate control - if you can live with that.
4. Interiors have a premium feel to it (trust my words, i had an Xcent before i did lateral upgrade to Tigor AMT myself).
5. Mammoth boot space of 419 Ltrs. No premium hatchback/crossover/compact SUV even comes close !

You can even look at XZ(O) in MT, but i suggest AMT just for the sake of ease of driving in the maddening city traffic.
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
May i suggest you the Tata Tigor XZA (AMT)...
Thanks for the suggestion DCEite. Appreciate it. But 2 factors stop me from considering it :

1. I just cant digest the whole concept of these compact-sedans(purely personal view). For me sedan starts from atleast ETIOS or the erstwhile Chevy SAIL(atleast they looked proportionate). I would anyday prefer their hatch siblings. Tigor though looks better than the rest, still doesn't appeal to me lookwise after having seen it in flesh. If I had to go that way will anyday pick up the TIAGO.

Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
1. High ground clearance of 170mm.
2. I reside in the outskirts of bangalore. Begur-Jigani-EC is my daily route which has wonderful craters in the name of potholes and specifically the edges of the speed-breakers are carefully dug up even further to make sue any normal hatch/sedan lands in such a way that it gets a proper feel of the tarmac below .

My current ride(Estilo) has around 165mm of GC and we are usually 2 of us(wifey and me office commuting). Still we manage to bottom-out atleast once a couple of months in a new-born pothole/dug-up speedbreaker edges(they keep popping up) , so 170mm I doubt would make much of a difference. Spacewise estilo is more than enough for us. Just that its 7 years old now and the itch to get a new, better & safer hatch is creeping in.

So looking at these raised hatches(Ecosport/Nexon/i20 Active) as the next possible upgrade sometime around 2018 mid.

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Default TATA Nexon xz+ or Hyundai Elite i20 2018 ?


I have booked a TATA Nexon XZ+ petrol in last week of January'18 and waiting for delivery.

However, I visited Auto expo 2018 in Greater Noida to see the new Elite i20 launched by Hyundai. Post this I am in a state of confusion whether to consider Nexon as my next car or not. Prior to booking of this new mini SUV of Tata, I was told by few of my friends that although the car's specification is good including its drive-ability, but the service level of Tata still requires major improvement and I will have to face issues later on.

On the other hand, the i20 has been a great car and now Hyundai have launched a new face-lift with addition of few new features once again including a 7" touch screen inside. The overall looks of car from front and rear has also been made aggressive. Against #2 airbags of Tata, the Elite i20 has minimum 4 and seems to be much more safer. Moreover the after sales services of Hyundai is supposed to be far better than Tata.

But looks wise, Nexon still impresses me a lot. I am therefore confused and unable to analyse my decision on opting Tata car against an i20.

Please guide me.

Mod Note: Please proofread your post before posting.

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Default Re: TATA Nexon xz+ or Hyundai Elite i20 2018 ?

I can understand if you are confused over nexon v brezza v EcoSport... Or other mini SUVs. You are comparing cars from different segments here. This could easily lead to more confusions like why the i20? Why not Baleno? Which is VFM? Etc., Ideally picking the segment you want to choose from by looking at each one's traits first , will make your decisions easier and more fulfilling.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck on your new purchase!
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Default Re: TATA Nexon xz+ or Hyundai Elite i20 2018 ?

Just test drive both and buy the one you like. Nexon is fresher and has a more powerful engine and while it may not match the interior quality of the i20, its not that bad either.
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Voted for the WR-V simply because that is the one I'd have since I don't want to deal with a Diesel engine. If fuel was not a problem I'd vote for the Nexon happily.

The Nexon Petrol engine is no match for its Diesel especially when driven immediately after the Diesel.

I drove the WR-V and found it quite good to drive and the prices today mean that it would fit my budget even with the top end model.

I really wish Tata had a better petrol engine and preferably with 4 cylinders, I'd vote for the Nexon any day.

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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Voted for Ford Ecosport. Some how the Nexon reminds me of my old Indica and the silver and blue combination of a cool cab. The rear and ceramic inserts are too loud for me. Not a mature design. Don't know if it would age well.

Ecosport is timeless design and still a head turner.
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

What is surprising is that, the Brezza, inspite of getting very low votes on this poll, sells almost double than No 1 + No 2 combined!!
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

I booked the WR-V. Simply loved the car, the space inside is unbelievable and after my Manza very welcome. Test Drove it and did not feel any issue. The Petrol variant is super silent and refined and pulls cleanly. Had only good feelings after my test drive. Booked it immediately. Hopefully will get delivery by Mid May. My Vote goes to WR-V. Cheers!

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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Bhpians, I am looking for a Diesel automatic for commuting + Highway runs, budget is less than 13L on-road.

Currently Nexon AMT Diesel is the first option, price is very close to my budget and I just want to make sure I am not missing any alternatives in this price band.

Other contenders:
  • Amaze CVT diesel, have to look at the price, kerb weight seems to be low, hence second on the list, my Swift gets dents way too often thanks to not so great build quality, hence a deciding factor.
  • Used fortuner was in my mind, but price being quoted is just ridiculous, around 18L for the ones run close to 1L km! some even ask close to the original sticker price since the new one is more expensive.
  • Maruti's AMT diesels have negative reviews, hence not considered!
  • Even with good deals, Creta would never fit my budget.

Am I missing any good cars?

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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Cross posting another thread.
Nexon makes Maruti to rush the launch of Brezza AMT
MSIL simply copied the color / dual tone combo from Nexon AMT.
Soft launched now.
Have to see if it has any add on features which Nexon has e.g. Hill hold assist etc.
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Originally Posted by giri1.8 View Post
Bhpians, I am looking for a Diesel automatic for commuting + Highway runs, budget is less than 13L on-road.

Am I missing any good cars?
Exactly in the same bucket as you. Tried the Brezza, Amaze & Creta (Non - Auto). Will try the Nexon today.

My perceptions :

Brezza : The lack of response below 2000 RPM and non linear jump to 4000 RPM + confused AMT is the recipe for the poor NVH / Harsh note inside the cabin.. it is vert Jekyll & Hyde and not in a good way.

Amaze : Very good package. Minimal lag from CVT and can take care of most potholes, tried it on the Sarjapura Village roads with jumbo size craters. did not scrape..

Nexon : On paper looks good trying out today.
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

How bad is Ecosport ride quality (with 17 inch wheels) when compared to nexon?

Is it a really big difference?
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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Why the team-bhp poll results never reflect (ever) the actual market sales figures? I believe, a market is always right in medium and long term, then where is the fault, where is the inconsistency?. Do we represent an elite group or our polls are only reflective of our community and not a representative sample?

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Default Re: Tata Nexon vs the others

We are planning to buy a new car and the need of the hour is AT transmission. The car will be replacing the Altis that we have ( already listed on the classifieds). The main criterion for the new car is the availability of AT transmission and we have shortlisted the Nexon and Creta ( both in AT variants only). The choice of fuel is flexible with the 10 year NGT rule in Delhi, it doesn't really make a difference. So I might as well buy a Petrol variant ( and hence lets keep the discussion limited to that).

I know the Nexon is a segment lower than the Creta but the car is indeed impressive, so much so that I am finding it hard to justify the close to 4L premium that Hyundai is asking for the Creta. The only advantages I get in Creta are:

1. Better AT transmission.
2. Better space ( but then at the cost of lesser FE too).
3. Better rear view camera : The one in Nexon is outright downmarket.
4. Better after sales and over all quality of the vehicle.

Now its the last point that I am worried about. The first 3 are easily compensated by the price difference between the two vehicles. But this being the primary car, it needs to be reliable with no real room for niggles, however small. So is it advisable to look at the Nexon AMT over the Creta?
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