2013 Mahindra Thar: Repairs & maintenance done at 1,50,000 km

I changed the turbo with a used one for Rs. 4K.

BHPian DirtyDan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

At 150,000 kilometers I just took my 2013 CRDe in for work. I did the following:

  • Changed the turbo with one taken off a recent wreck. Mine was running okay but leaking a little oil so....4000 rupees. Runs great.
  • Changed motor oil, oil filter, fuel filter.
  • Changed power steering belt. Belt was original and was slipping a bit under stationary hard turns. Old belt looked pretty geriatric. This fixed the slipping immediately.
  • Fixed a small coolant leak and fixed a small fuel leak simply by reseating the hoses and tightening up the clamps. Left old hoses alone for now. Sometimes I change them on a vehicle, sometimes I don't. Not a bad idea. I don't worry about part numbers. I have an independent parts guy I can trust and I tell him what I want, he gets quality parts with no larceny or drama. Sometimes you luck out and find the right fellow.
  • Changed the plastic radiator overflow bottle. It was leaking. Vibration can make it chafe against metal and eventually leak.
  • Lubed front hubs and all wheel bearings.
  • Checked gear oil in the transfer case and tranny.
  • Checked brakes and suspension stuff. Greased rear springs and replaced a couple of those pancake bushing discs.
  • Flushed the radiator, put in new coolant.

Next will be a preemptive rebuild of the alternator and starter. It's about time. I do them before they go bad. Needs paint bad. Gonna do that very soon. The steel half cap you see I fabbed seven years back. It is VERY handy, makes the vehicle more secure, cleaner inside, quieter. A gamble that paid off big time.

Runs like a scalded goose, rusty top and all! Burns no oil. "Cheaper to Keep her"...mebbee. And, no, I am not about to ford that river.

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