3 issues in my Honda CB300R that I bought last week

I have made no changes to the motorcycle. In fact, it hasn't been even washed or cleaned.

BHPian shokedm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I bought my Honda CB300R last week from Pune Big Wing East. Ever since the start, I've noticed a few problems with it. So far, the bike has clocked 300 kms. Nothing has been changed on the bike (all stock) and I've followed the user manual's instructions on proper engine, brakes, and tire break-in. The bike has not been washed or cleaned at all, and definitely not used by anyone else but me.

I've listed the issues below, and I hope that Honda really takes their quality checks seriously:

Handlebar is bent, or the fork is out

While riding in a straight line, the bike leans to the left on its own. Even if I completely let go of the handlebar, the bike leans to the left immediately.

While riding in traffic for more than five minutes, my left hand begins to hurt due to this imbalance.

Loud Chain Noise

The chain started to make a sound within the first 200 kms. It sounds like it's brushing against something each time I drop a gear.

Defective RHS RVM

The bike was given to me with a defective RHS RVM. The mirror on the right is shaped like a left-hand side mirror, i.e. it is inverted. I've included a picture of this below. The first picture is of my bike with the inverted RHS RVM and the second picture is of my friend's bike who bought the bike with me. My question is, how in the world did this get through quality checks or even past the dealer?

I will be taking the bike to the dealer at the end of the week to see what solutions can be offered, but I'm looking forward to getting some guidance on these issues from fellow members.

I love Honda and have owned a Honda Unicorn (CB150) since 2006. The bike has done more than 1,50,000 kms and that in itself is a testament to Honda. That said, has Honda's quality gone down since? Is it worth investing Rs. 3,00,000 on a bike that may or may not be in perfect condition? Or did I just get a lemon?

Here's what BHPian hikozaru had to say about the matter:

It is eerily similar to what I faced in my long test ride. Really, it is unfortunate considering these are things you cannot identify in a PDI without putting miles on the odo.

Check your tyre pressures. I've found that my bike tends to tip in quite suddenly and goes into tank slapper mode quite easily on bumps (taking them both in a straight line as well as during lean) with low pressure. Hope it's an easy fix.

Here's what BHPian shokedm replied:

Thank you for the advice. I've filled up the tyres to the recommended 29 psi. I've noticed the wobble and it going into the tank slapper mode as well. Quite disheartening to say the least. I've also emailed HMSI to see how they propose to address these issues. I will keep our fellow BHPians posted.

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