3 key updates on my BMW 3GT after 60,000 km on the odo

Our Jeep Meridian by default does most of the long drives since it usually involves family members.

BHPian Axe77 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I just realised it's Feb 2023 and my odometer still hasn’t crossed the 62k kms mark. It had crossed 60k clicks as far back as the end of June 2022. The Meridian has clearly been taking the lion's share of miles, especially since I had a driver for the better part of this period (I’m again without a driver - another story getting a decent hand in Mumbai) and I really just feel better making the Meridian the chauffeur driven car.

Off late, the BMW has seen a bit more running since I’m again self-driven mostly but even there it tends to be an even split since I tend to use both cars. Long drives are almost by default in the Jeep, especially since they’re often done by family members using a hired driver or our own driver (when we had one).

Key recent updates:

  1. One headlight bulb went bust. One fine day one of my headlight bulbs had gone kaput. Got both bulbs changed (to ensure they look the same visually) from my usual go-to FNG instead of BMW authorised.
  2. Scraped a compound wall. This happened literally a few weeks later. I was on the phone distracted - a family member had suddenly been taken to the ICU and I was coordinating on call for picking up some relatives and rushing to the hospital. I was in a relative’s building and on a very tight turn scraped the front left rather badly. Had no choice but to repaint the entire bumper - again done at the same friendly FNG.
  3. General annual service. While the car had gone for repainting I realised the service was also due. It's a fairly basic service so got that done also at the FNG since the car was already there.

All in all these must-haves collectively worked out significantly cheaper than if I had visited official BMW A.S.S. All of this is fairly basic work and honestly doesn’t really need an official BMW stamp as long as you have a reliable and trustworthy FNG (which fortunately, I do).

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