9 points about my Hector Plus that might prove useful for other buyers

The fuel efficiency in the city is around 10 km/l whereas on the highways it's 15-16 km/l when driven at 90 km/h.

BHPian TSEA recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

10,000 Kms Update

The car is about to reach the 10,000 kms mark. Here is a summary of some points that might be useful for others thinking about getting this vehicle.

  1. Interior quality is the same as it was on day 1. Nothing has faded or given away.
  2. The steering feel is excellent, especially the way the steering returns.
  3. Mileage in Bangalore city traffic hovers around 10 kms to a litre for shorter runs.
  4. Mileage for highway runs stays at 16-15 if one drives at 90. It drops to 14-13 if we go faster than that. Fuel efficiency can be improved further by using Cruise Control.
  5. There is zero rattling sound (so far so food), though Bangalore roads have not been kind.
  6. The screen needs improvement in response. It also needs better usage of screen space. For eg - In the Gaana app, the frequently used icons (play, pause, search etc.) should have been larger.
  7. Soft suspension is a blessing on Bangalore roads.
  8. Burgundy Red color is a pain to maintain. Would not advise it for folks who do not have covered parking.
  9. Due to the additional boost from the hybrid setup, acceleration at lower speeds is good for a vehicle of this size/weight.

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