Bought a Bajaj Dominar D400, registered it myself!

Overall, the registration process was very smooth. Don't employ agents, and pay the extra tax if it's your second vehicle (it's to offset your carbon footprint).

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I bought a Dominar D400 in Hyderabad, and wanted to share some tips


I've been eyeing the D400 for a few years, and finally made a decision to buy it in April 2021. Initially, the showrooms were trying to sell off their 2020 stock, but I got a call from Varun Bajaj that they received a batch of 2021 model, and I decided to make the purchase.

On-road price

I visited a few Bajaj showrooms, and below is a sample of the break up:

  • Ex-Showroom price - Rs. 202755
  • RTO Tax (Road tax, smart card, service charge, etc.) - Rs-. 20250
  • 1 year insurance - Rs. 20320
  • Handling charges - Rs. 830
  • (Optional) Accessories Leg/Saree guard - Rs. 1000
  • (Optional) Agent service - Rs. 1000


  • When I finally calculated the total RTO tax, it was lesser than what they charged. However, I did not raise this with them, but maybe you can.
  • Don't go for their insurance package. You will get a much better deal on policy bazaar for a new bike including Zero Dep. I got it around Rs. 18,000.
  • Handling charges is bogus. I dropped a mail to Bajaj customer care that Varun Bajaj is charging handling charges, and within 24 hours Varun Bajaj sales head called me to say that handling charges is waived off.
  • Accessories like leg saree guard should not be charged extra. I told them to remove it from the bike, but when I took delivery they were installed and they told me they come factory fitted.
  • Agent is not required. The process is quite straightforward in Hyderabad, read below for details.
  • Some other showrooms will give you an extra charge for Temporary registration. TR is just Rs. 150 for a bike. Keep this in mind when you look closely at the breakup and it should be included in the RTO charges.

So, finally, I paid the ex-showroom + RTO charges to the showroom.

Registration process

  • Within a few days, the showroom will give you all the documents required for registration like Form 20, 21, 22, TR, Pollution certificate, invoice, insurance printout. Kudos to Varun Bajaj in being prompt about this.
  • All you need to add to the above documents is an address proof copy. Aadhar, etc. will do.
  • You need to book a slot online for Rangareddy RTO and show up with all the docs.
  • The first time I visited, the officer told me I need to pay 5% extra tax since it was my second vehicle (I already have a car). This is Rs. 10,200 for the Dominar, and it needs to be paid by Bank DD.
  • There are ways to avoid this by registering in someone else's name, but I did not want to do that, since this bike was really a luxury and I agree with the rule of extra tax for more than 1 vehicle per person. I re-booked a future slot and got my DD ready.
  • Next appointment, I showed up at the Kondapur RTO with all the docs and DD. Went to counter 2 to get the payment slip.
  • Went to Counter 3 with the slip to get the photo taken.
  • Finally, I went to the inspector in the field to submit the documents. Took a pencil to stencil the chassis number on the Form 20 (don't worry if its not proper, no one cares). Read out the chassis number loud in front of the inspector.
  • Carry your PAN and Aadhar original. The inspector asked to check those.
  • You are done. You get a receipt of the payment. Over the next few days, you should get the new registration number from the application status in the Telangana transport dept website. The plates will be delivered to the showroom, and the RC smartcard will be delivered to your residence.

Overall, the registration process was very smooth. Don't employ agents, and pay the extra tax if it's your second vehicle (it's to offset your carbon footprint).

Hope this is helpful for new buyers.

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