Brought home a 2022 Maruti Brezza ZXI in silver: 7 likes & 3 dislikes

I got 18.9 KM/L on highway with an average speed of 75 to 80 kmhr.

BHPian sunbaj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here I am starting the ownership thread of my Dual Tone Splendid Silver Brezza 2022 ZXi. Will be providing regular updates of the car hoping that it would help some prospect buyer to make a decision and also we can discuss on any queries that we Brezza owners might have. Will not go in as to how the buying exp. was as the car was booked at a known dealer so overall experience was very good. I eventually ended up in an odd situation where I had got\fitment of accessories for approx. 12K and the owner was not willing to bill me for that however I insisted and paid the amount but in return he did a tankful as a good will gesture.

Before I share more details about Brezza would like to mention the ownership experience of my previous car which is (A relative of mine has agreed to purchase it at 3 Lakhs) Swift Dzire ZDi 2012. Boy what a dependable car Swift Dzire is. In my 10 years of ownership experience and with 93K on the odo, only once did I have to go in for a part replacement which was if I remember correctly was coolant pump as coolant was dripping. Other than that, I had a niggle free ownership experience. The car on an average gave me a mileage of 16+ in city and 23+ on highways. The current mileage as displayed on MID is 23.1 km/liter. Had it not been for the shitty NGT ruling (since I work in NCR) I would have carried on with Dzire for another 5 years and would have bought an EV which would have suited my requirements.

Below are some of the screen shots from acar app where I have been maintaining all the expenses on the car since the day I owned it along with some latest pictures of the car. It is so cold out here in Northern part of India
that I have not washed the car for some days now so please pardon me for the dirty car.

Now for some data which I have maintained over a period of 10 years. The data is fairly accurate.

Now moving over to Brezza, I have driven it for approx. 320 KM till date. Most of my drive has been on highway as I had to get the car back home from the showroom which was close to 280+ KM from my home.

The car really impressed me with the driving dynamics. Overall, it was very very comfortable to drive and the seating position was just fantastic. The seats are well cushioned and provides good support. Was dead tired when we started the drive back to home at 3:00 PM. Had to leave early morning at 4:00 AM from home on bus to the dealership where the car was to be delivered but even then drive back to home was not that tiring thanks to the comfortable seats and the driving position. The car is fairly fully loaded but still had to install the below accessories amounting to approx. 30K.

  • Floor Mats (7D)- 2800
  • Key Cover - 200
  • Steering wrap - 700
  • Seat Covers - 8500
  • Bowl - 300 (This is a plastic to prevent nails from scratching the paint where the door pull handle is present.)
  • Fog Lights - 5990 (MGP)
  • Side Beading - 2230(MGP).Installed it to reduce the black side cladding. Main reason for going for dual tone was to get some symmetry on black side cladding. With black roof, black side cladding is less obvious.
  • Chrome Front Grill - 650 (MGP)
  • Body Cover - 1600 (MGP)
  • Door Visor - 1500 (MGP)

Few positives about the car:

  • Fuel efficiency. Blown away with what I achieved on MID on the first highway drive. Got 18.9 KM/L on highway. Average speed was between 75 to 80KM/H. This could even have been better and I would explain later on as to why.
  • Very happy with the suspension. Could not feel small to medium potholes on my highway ride. Body roll was also minimum. Probably when I drive at higher speeds would have a better feel of the same.
  • Very very light and responsive steering.
  • Probably the best headlights Maruti has ever installed on it's car.
  • Seat belt reminder for the front passengers. This is of great help as it would keep on reminding you till you wear it.
  • Overall liked the design and the way the car has been built. Again, probably the best built car by Maruti for India.
  • Extensively used the cruise control on highway and really liked it's convenience. This is my first car with cruise.

Improvements/Negative -

  • Better touch screen infotainment system. Should have been more aesthetic. Too much plastic around the screens. Gives a cheap look.
  • Should have provided at least the armrest and fog lights. Second topmost variant not having fog lights is not acceptable.
  • Better overall finish. Having uneven gaps in light fittings and other places. I think this is a trademark of Maruti. Nothing much can be done about it.

Other Observations:

  • I believe that the car is too huge for a sub 4-meter size. The height of the car is on the higher side and also the overall breadth of the car. It seems they are trying to compete with the likes of Venue and Creata with one single car. The car gives you the feeling of driving a Creta but an upgrade for Venue. I am comparing to the likes of other brands also like Kia and others. Let me know what the other owners who drive Brezza feel about this.
  • For the overall size of the car the boot space is less.
  • Wish there were two modes where the pickup could have been slightly better. Overall, for normal driving the pickup is ok but in couple of scenarios when I was Driving on the highway and there was single lane wished that the pickup was slightly better.
  • I have a habit of using clutch extensively. However, I now need to change this habit of mine. While driving my car from the dealer I observed my Hybrid Battery was totally depleted as I was using clutch when I would foresee that I need to reduce my speed and eventually stop. After some observation concluded that I need to let the car stop using regen braking instead of using clutch. Since my battery was totally depleted the car would never go to Hybrid mode when picking up after a complete stop else mileage would have been even better. Read about the same in the user manual in coupe of days while I was going through it.
  • Wish there were couple of regen modes. Find the default to be too aggressive.
  • Wish there was more space specially on the right side of the driving seat to keep small items which would be handy while driving.

Now for some photoshoot of the car:

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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