Buying a used luxury SUV for Rs 25 lakh

I am leaning towards 2014/15 ML or a BMW X5. Not sure if I should go for such an old car.

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I am looking to buy a used SUV around the price of Rs 25 lakh. This will not be a replacement but an addition to my garage. There are 2 purposes of this car and that would be to travel through extremely bad road conditions when I am visiting my warehouse (this would be once in a month at max), and the other would be to just cruise around in Mumbai.

I currently drive a 2.0 TDI Octavia, I love how powerful and fast it is. Also this is a 2015 model, so I may sell it, if the SUV is able to completely replace it or else I might keep them both. I would prefer the SUV also to be powerful and fast.

I am leaning towards 2014/15 ML or a X5. Not sure if I should go for such an old car. I have never bought a used car so I would appreciate some feedback on the same.

Also if used car is not that big of a deal, then if I could get some options in the Mumbai region would be great.

Here's what BHPian Shreyfiesta had to say on the matter:

Under a budget of ₹ 25lakhs, it is not possible to get a well-maintained F15 X5 from anywhere. You may see some examples being listed in ₹ 25-30lakhs price bracket in the used car market for sure, but those will not be in good shape for the truth to be said. As a car, the W166 ML250 CDI is a good option, it still looks clean and understated as all the last generation Mercedes were. If you think that reliability issues are a thing of early-2000s for Mercedes, that isn't the case with W166 M-Class. This particular generation of M-Class is known for issues related with suspension, wheel speed sensors, door locks, air-con, etc.

The first-gen Q7 is not a bad option to consider, but it is terribly outdated now, especially the interiors. You'll definitely found it to be cramped compared to its huge exterior dimensions and road presence. Like the W166 M-Class, this one also has some known issues which may cost you a bomb to repair. I would recommend you to choose something like a Kodiaq, so that it'll tick all boxes rightly. It offers 75% of a F15 X5/ W166 M-Class/ Q7 luxury at almost same price when it comes to used car market. Not only the Kodiaq, it is also possible to get decently-maintained 2015-16 F25 X3s under your budget.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

You've never bought a used car before, want one for 'extremely bad' road conditions and have a budget of 25-lakhs which really isn't that much for a luxury SUV. In my opinion, you shouldn't burn your money. A pre-owned Endeavour / Fortuner / Alturas G4 will be far better suited to the intended purpose. You'll get a newer model, it'll be more reliable and way more rough-road friendly. I would prefer to complete a rough road in an Alturas & come back home, than be stranded on it in an old Benz.

Additionally, these 3 have greatly bridged the gap to luxury SUVs. Drive the Endeavour 3.2L and you'll realise its giving you 75% of what the 60-70 lakh Germans do (much like your Octavia versus a C-Class).

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

With your budget, I would not recommend a luxo barge SUV. While a Fortuner may be a perfect companion it's definitely not made for “FAST” driving even though it is powerful. I would actually prefer the 3.2 Endeavour for a relatively more luxurious experience.

I would suggest some of the following options, which will be genuinely rough road friendly as well as pretty luxurious in a relative sense. And you won’t have your heart in your mouth driving a super luxury German in one of these steeds.

  • 3.2 litre Endeavour (you can capitalise on the recent massive depreciation hit from Ford’s exit). I read one BHPian planning to sell his in fact on another forum - not sure if you’re in the same State.
  • Fortuner. Bullet proof reliability and super resale value even when you go to sell. For ultimate peace of mind you need look no further.
  • Brand new XUV 7OO. I think it's a great car and if it’ll give you a new car with a very capable engine and perhaps better ride quality than the ladder on frame alternatives. You have to deal with 1st gen niggles and a potential wait period but these are factors you might be able to take a call on.

If you can stretch the budget a little bit:

  • New Jeep Compass diesel. It’s luxurious, compact but comfortable and 4x4 capable. The manual will be the more fun to drive option although I would personally only always pick automatics.
  • Citroen C5: An outside candidate, badly priced but great ride quality and should make a comfortable companion for rough use once in a way.
  • I would not recommend the Kodiaq / Tiguan because of their bad ride quality. Else they would have been fun to drive soft roaders too if you could get some used ones.

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