Buying a used Mahindra Thar : Pre-worshipped car of the week

With the new Thar unveil on 15/8, we feel it's an opportune time to take a look at the outgoing model. The Mahindra Thar was launched in 2010 & has enjoyed a decade-long run in India. It was a revelation because here was a Jeep that looked like an MM550, but offered highway cruiseability & a comfier suspension. Of course, solid-axle lovers scoffed at the Thar's (on-road oriented) independent front suspension. Regardless, this no nonsense 4x4 has a strong fan following and sold 600 - 700 units in several months.

• Retro Jeep styling. Butch design & image
• Solid combination of engine, gearbox & chassis
• Enough power & torque for effortless highway cruising (unlike older Jeeps & Gypsys)
• Nippy power steering, zero turbo-lag & air-conditioning make light work of driving in the city
• Comfy & livable ride quality (again, unlike the bumpy old Jeeps & Gypsys)
• Offroad competency will exceed the needs of most owners. 2015+ models got a lockable rear diff too
• An oldschool Jeep with spare part & labour support from authorised service stations
• Maintenance & part costs are either cheap or reasonable

• Cheap, appalling interior quality. Fit, finish and rough edges are a letdown
• Niggles, issues & rust are a given. You have to live with them
• Absence of lockable hardtop makes the Thar impractical for daily use
• Complicated front IFS has offroad limitations. Expensive to repair if damaged
• Driver ergonomics are messed up (pedal position, off-center steering etc.)
• Nervous steering feel over 100 kph
• Inconsistent M&M service support
• Next-gen Thar is being unveiled in a week

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Mod Potential:

Superb! With endless customization options available, no two enthusiast-owned Thars are the same. Lots of functional, aesthetic & offroad upgrades possible. Hardtop conversion too.

Image Source: RedFox Autocare via 4x4India


Excellent. Because it sold well (for a 4x4) and many owners tire of it within 3 years (just like Harley-Davidsons), you'll see several examples in your budget. $$$ ranges from 4 lakhs to highly customized ones going for 8 lakhs (or more). Note that the Thar was also sold with an MDI engine ([URL=""]link to review[/URL]), but it wouldn't be our pick as it is slower & less urban India-friendly. Also avoid earlier models without the factory-fitted air conditioner. 2015 facelift models brought loads of improvements and as is the case with all Mahindras, the later the model, the better it is engineered (as customers are part of their R&D department).

Check out the many examples on sale - link.

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