CEAT Safety Grip pepper spray launched for Honda Activa


Tyre manufacturer CEAT has introduced a novel self-defense solution. The CEAT Safety Grip is a handle grip with a concealed pepper spray. Currently, it is only compatible with the Honda Activa and is available online for Rs. 499.

The pepper spray bottle is made out of polypropylene CP materials and is designed to fit inside the handle grip, which uses PVC in its construction. It weighs 59 grams and is easy to install as the stock accelerator grip can be replaced with the CEAT Safety Grip and does not require any modifications. It can be deployed by twisting and pulling the end. While pepper sprays can be carried in pockets or purses, the CEAT Safety Grip allows for quick and easy access, especially while riding.

Pepper sprays are widely used for self-defense all over the world. It causes temporary but intense burning sensation which results in a non-lethal inflammation of the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs and can immobilize a person up to 1 hour. 

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